Tuesday, July 16, 2013

book 2 news and a project!

Hello little neglected blog! It's me, your author. I feel like I'm walking into a closed room full of dusty furnishings and wilted plants but I'm here to draw the curtains, open the windows and let some light shine in! Like many, blogging lead to the reawakening of many interests of which in pursuit has kept me too busy to blog. {Did that make sense? I need lunch ...}
Book 1 -- Buy it today!
Long-story short, in February my first book, Tinkered Treasures was released by CICO Books. Just weeks after submitting all of the text and projects, I began working out ideas for a second book. All through the year I experimented with ideas, developed a proposal and got the green-light. The span between this contact signing and deadline was relatively brief so I've been tinkering and writing like crazy and just moments ago, sent the final piece off to my editor. Exhale. Sure, there will still be lots of proofing ahead but the big bulk of the work is done.

I've got lots of summer fun to catch-up on but first I want to share a project for Book 2 that just couldn't make the trip in one piece. You see, I'm in Rhode Island and my publisher is in London. The way our process works is that I make all of the projects and ship them in batches to their offices across the sea to be styled and photographed. I also email step-by-step photographs to be illustrated and all of the text. Despite careful packaging, both times this project split into four pieces. It just wasn't meant to be included, I suppose. So here it is, the Pasta Shell Wreath.

Using craft or school glue, affix small shell pasta to a Styrofoam wreath form. Work in sections that you allow to dry or noodles are likely to go rogue!

Spray-paint the entire wreath white (may need a few coats). Note the partially snow-covered ground.

Allow to dry and hang from a strip of fabric to welcome summer! Looks like actual sea shells, don't you think?

happy july!


Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...

Hello Elyse,

I know what you mean when talk about not having time to blog...mime has been neglected as well lately...
Love this project! You must be exhausted but feeling so GOOD.


Anonymous said...

The shells look so real! Clever job! Happy summering! ♥

Theresa said...

Beautiful:) Can't wait to get the 2nd book! I love my copy of the first one! I go to it often and the book itself is beautiful:) HUGS to you sweet Elyse! Have a blessed day!

Lorrie said...

Congrats on all your hard work and success!

permanent magenta said...

No way!! I can't believe how that came out, its beautiful Elyse. I am so excited and inspired by your second book-I like just writing that sentence! And here's to beginning again, as if for the first time, every day:) xo, Margaret

Anonymous said...

Book 2!!! My you are on a fantastic roll with your books!

Blogging has definitely taken a back seat in my life also- I do love to come and visit my favorite blogs every now and then when I can though!

Hope you are having a fantastic summer. I have been on bear watch for the past few weeks. We had a fire a few weeks ago which has caused bears to come into town and they are trying to get to my honey. Am hoping to harvest the large hive which has about 60 lbs. this weekend. I hope he doesn't get in to the hive before I have time to harvest!

bee blessed

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I have never thought of making a wreath out of a pasta shell. The idea is really awesome! I think it would be more great if you put a lot of colors on it, don’t you think? Anyway, goodluck on your book! I believe it will be a success.

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SLR said...

who would ever know those were pasta shells?! it's lovely! i am super excited for your second book...what a dream come true for you...2 books!!!

Christmas Debbie said...

I love your work Elyse!!
I'm wondering if you could tell me where you found the paper (brand name?)with the little tiny flower patterns, that you used for the decorating over the table in book 1? Thank you so much!