Wednesday, March 23, 2016

rose painting workshop with jo-anne coletti

Rose motifs are on my list of favorite things. Even more than real-life blooms, certain painted and printed floral patterns just cause my heart to race. The GASP factor! Imagine being able to paint roses? It would be like producing chocolate in your own home!

Source: Jo-Anne Coletti
When I began to notice Jo-Anne Coletti offering rose-painting workshops, I knew I had to sign-up! If you like roses, chances are you're familiar with Jo-Anne either from her monthly Say Ahh! feature in Romantic Homes magazine, or from her own romantic home being featured in publications.

Jo-Anne conducts her workshops in a variety of venues, including Mary Lou Sergi's Chanel's Shabby Rose in Norwood, an enchanting space housed in an old mill with sellers specializing in shabby/vintage/repurposed. I had always wanted to visit and now here was my perfect excuse!

At the workshop, there were probably a dozen of us seated, sipping white wine, giggling, excited to try our hands at painting roses. I was so busy concentrating on the lesson that I didn't take many pictures. 

Jo-Anne is wonderful instructor -- encouraging, patient, and helpful. She promised that we would all go home with a pretty picture. Even thought it was just a two-hour workshop, I left with many tips. And because Jo-Anne expertly worked my pink blob into a rose, I did go home with a pretty picture!

Back at home I'm excited to keep practicing. 

I admire the ethereal swirling rose-and-garland designs of artist Laurence Amelie and have been using her work as inspiration.

For some reason I have an easier time painting tiny roses. I suppose that makes sense as my handwriting is small and so are my drawings.

It's not always easy to find the time to paint but I want to be sure that I do because it's very enjoyable. At some point I'd like to paint roses on a piece of furniture.

If you're too far away to have a lesson with Jo-Anne, she has books filled with step-by-step instructions.

Visit Jo-Anne's website to swoon over roses in a variety of forms, from linens to vintage finds to photography, and of course, paintings!

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Note: The captions feature doesn't seem to be working properly. Please note that the window and chair with roses photographs are by Jo-Anne Coletti. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

crafting with mason jars by hester van overbeek

Ready to tinker along in the Girlie Office

Allow me to present the newest addition to my bookshelf:
Love this pic of the tea light holder project!
Crafting with Mason Jars is Hester van Overbeek's second book. With stunning photography by James Gardiner, it's another in CICO Books' lovely canon of how-tos featuring "over 35" projects.

When my review copy arrived complete with a canning jar, I couldn't wait to try some of Hester's clever ideas! If you're familiar with my own books, you know that I am right there with Hester in my adoration of tinkering with glass containers. 

Crafting with Mason Jars offers many fresh and inventive ideas, like these concrete place card holders which would also make nice balloon anchors.

I really like this hanging light complete with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

There's also sweet packaging projects like birthday in a jar ...

and picnic in a jar! 

Find behind-the-scenes peeks and more at Hester's Handmade Home, ordering information here, and the list of lovely participating blogs below:

Thank you for visiting and congrats, Hester!