Sunday, July 26, 2020

let's make a cooking measurement magnet

Welcome to my Let's Make Sunday Series where I've resumed blogging to share easy projects using materials you are likely to already have at home. As much as we try to support our local restaurants, we are still doing most of the cooking at home. I used to have a magnet with liquid measurements on it that was always so helpful so I thought – let's make one for this week's project!

You will need:
Jar lid
Magnet (or low-tack tape)
I looked up the cooking measurements I wanted and typed them into a Word document. You may click and download the image above, then print, or create your own. You could also hand-write on to a piece of paper.

One one document, I tried two different type sizes (11 and 12) leaving plenty of space to cut around the text.

Instead of using a math compass, this time I flipped the jar over around the text, traced lightly with a pencil, and cut out the circle.

First I glued a plain white circle to act as a base, helping to make the circle with the text look brighter against a white background.

Finally, glue a magnet to the back and keep on the fridge! I couldn't find a stray magnet so my "kitchen helper" is stuck on with a loop of painter's tape (low-tack making it easy to remove anytime).

I'm terrible at remembering this pints-to-quart stuff so I think this is going to come in very handy!

Happy tinkering + please stay safe at home + well!


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