Sunday, September 26, 2010

are nests best?

Is it just me or does any shop with the word nest in its name turn out to be wonderful?

Shown with my Summer Treasure Box

Take for example Nest Pretty Things by Tamar, where I recently treated myself to this beautiful Genevieve necklace which has become an instant-favorite of mine (thank you to my Etsy customers for providing the funds). And, thank you to Jill at Little Nest Studio for reminding me about Tamar. {Jill recently treated herself, too!} Tamar also has a very cool blog about design goings-on in her shop and inspiring home -- which has been featured in Romantic Homes (I forget which issue).

The next nest is Nest of Mystic, Connecticut. I discovered this gem last month while my sister Dede was visiting.

The shop has opened in a new location but everything left at the old location is on sale. Big sale.

I took a ride to both locations last week. I was having a crummy day and needed a little "shop therapy." These sweet pots bursting with faux roses were a steal at just $6 for the complete set. If you're near Mystic, run to Nest's old location to see what's left of their Tag Sale (I believe through September 30th).

The final nest is actually the first nest for me, it's Nest of Cape May, New Jersey. A few summers ago, I saw this framed print, didn't buy it, but then couldn't get it out of my mind.

With a little encouragement from my sister Betsy, I quickly decided it was a must for the living room I was about to paint, ordered it by phone and picked it up on a Thanksgiving visit. Turns out it didn't work in the living room at all but is perfect in the Girlie Office.

Do you know of any great shops called Nest?


... am off to Tweet about nests!

Friday, September 24, 2010

charmed, i'm sure

Welcome to my post for Sonia's Show Your Vintage Charm party held to celebrate the launch of her new magazine, Creating Vintage Charm.

In Sonia's editor's note, she describes her venture as a lettera d'amore to the generous world of bloggers, talented artists and friends who have affected her in countless ways. For my post, I would like to echo that sentiment by sharing a few photos of charming vintage figures from a few (among many) of my charming and cherished vintage-loving blogging friends.

My mermaid from Lizzie, of Vintage Lizzie
This timid little figure that I named Millie came from Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage,

and this sweet Birthday Girl came from Debi at Life in My Studio.

To visit other charming participants or become one yourself, click here and enjoy the party!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

charming details

Lately, many blogging friends have been asking me what I know about the new magazine, Creating Vintage Charm. Here goes, but please bear with me because I am using some kind of new editing tool on Blogger which is very confusing; plus I am composing this post on my could-it-be-any-slower? iMac ...

Creating Vintage Charm is the inspired and ambitious project of Sonia Crouse. You may already know the multi-talented Sonia from her blog, Vintage Rose Designs. Somehow in between raising two young children and a baby, Sonia has managed to produce this beautiful magazine. {I am thinking that many espressos may be involved}

When Sonia asked if I would like to contribute an article I happily agreed and because I love to write, I also offered to help with editing. Sonia graciously gave me an editor credit, and an advance copy, but the most fun was that she liked and accepted many of my suggestions, like my playful subtitle for her own tutorial on crafting beautiful shoes: Turn worn shoes into objets d'art worthy of any fĂȘte. (Get it!? I'm goofy for the word-play.)

For my own article, I attempted to trace my path of shifting from being a Crate & Barrel to a Cabbages & Roses kind of girl.

Creating Vintage Charm is now available for purchase here.
Sonia is also hosting a launch party on September 25.
To join in, click here.

I mean, you can never have too many magazines.


I just realized that I have 901 followers! Thank you so much!

Friday, September 17, 2010

tinkering time

Much of my tinkering is done in small stages.

Like these clothespins, which I painted while in the basement late one afternoon, in between switching loads of laundry.

I'll be up in a minute!

I often snip paper and decoupage while supervising homework.

I treasure my found moments of tinkering (and my can of aqua paint).

Happy weekend!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

giveaway winner announced

Thank you so much to everyone for stopping by to wish me a
Happy Blogthday and enter my giveaway. This week I tinkered a few treasures for the prize.

Using, Sherry from Shanty Girl was selected as the winner. Congratulations, Sherry! {So nice to meet you!}

The cake featured in my belated blogthday post was made by
Rhode Island bakery The Pastry Gourmet, and yes, it was delicious. I'll be sending Sherry this little cake shown above, which is actually an eraser. All the pretty with none of the fat or calories!

Thanks again!


Friday, September 10, 2010

my belated blogthday giveaway

I got so busy with summertime, extra hours at my consulting job, and back-to-school, that I nearly forgot my own blogthday. My blog turned 2 on August 28, the date of my first post.

I also missed marking my 200th post (this post makes 242)!

Numbers aside, the wonderful inspiration and friendship that blogging brings to my world continues to be countless, and I thank every visitor and friend for that.

To celebrate my happy blogthday, I'm having a giveaway but because this little festivity is so last-minute, the prize will have to be a surprise since I haven't assembled or photographed anything yet. I will be sure to put together a fun sampling of tinkered treasures and treats.

To enter my belated blogthday giveaway simply leave a comment on this post by Wednesday (9/15) at midnight.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

in knots

Ever since I first read about how to make a ragamuffin garland, I have been wanting to make one and give it my own shabby-cottage spin.

I even bought my first pair of pinking shears and began to snip whenever I could find the time.

Many fabrics shown are from sweetie pie Lizzie, at Urban Gardens.

After cutting many strips I was ready for the next step of tying them onto something: I chose a heavy ribbon.

And I would cut and tie, cut and tie ...

until the garland seemed long enough to festoon a few places I had in mind. {Why does the word festoon make me chuckle?}

First I wove the garland through the arms of the Girlie Office chandelier. Since the gathered garland was looking very nest-like, I clipped a glittered bird onto a knot of fabric to complete a little vignette.


My second thought was to hang the garland from the closet. Also pretty.


Still kind of undecided because I like both options.

Chandelier ...

or door? Any festooning suggestions?

In other moments of spare time, I've been exploring the photo site Picnik. Very fun!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

final grade: A+

Photo credit: Cath Kidston

Okay ... well, maybe since discovering Cath Kidston right here in beautiful blogland, I have written a post or two (or three or four or five, or more ...) about my adoration of all things Cath. And further admittedly, her cheerful vintage-inspired patterns on everyday items have become my top Etsy shop-funded splurge.

I have also been known to GASP out-loud (GOL?) over finding
Cath Kidston products at places such as HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and book stores. So when my sister Dede recently visited, she got quite the crash-course in Cath 101.

Order here

This is the current syllabus for Cath 101: the FREE catalog, which is actually a 98-page quarterly magazine brimming with fashion, home, and regular features.

I knew that Dede had passed the course with brightly flying colors when during an after-dinner sisters-jaunt to HomeGoods she called over to me, "Is this some of that Cath Kid-something stuff?"

GOL! "Why yes, Dede. IT IS!"

"And look!" exclaimed Dede, "It's on the clearance shelf and each tea cup and saucer is $3.00! I'll buy them for you." {Hooray for sisters}

Attention Cath-crazies: You might want to start checking your local places!

{Thanks again, Dede!}