Friday, January 21, 2011

a banner day

Another snowfall has me craving a bit of bold, cheerful color so I gathered a few trusty supplies:

wallpaper scraps and samples, note cards, twine, scissors and glue.

I made a template from construction paper.

I folded and cut

and glued

and folded again and dabbed off excess glue;

then clamped

and let dry.

Then I admired

and hung

and then headed back outside to shovel.

This project was quick 'n easy to make and the perfect infusion of some British Country flavor into my dining area.

(And much more fun than shoveling snow)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

c&r giveaway winner announced

Thank you to everyone for entering my Cabbages & Roses giveaway. Thanks also to Cabbages & Roses for providing such a lovely giveaway prize.

Using the winning number came up for Diana at Nana Diana Takes a Break! In her entry comment Diane said she plans to use the Elgin blue fabric to make decorative throw pillows. How lovely!

Thanks again and congrats to Diana!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

cabbages & roses giveaway!

What would you do with Cabbages & Roses Elgin blue fabric?

In my recent post entitled linen indecision I discuss a lovely piece of fabric from Cabbages & Roses received as a gift from the Fabulous Fifi and my hesitation to use it. I was delighted with everyone's wonderful suggestions and of course noticed how so many of you are also smitten with the English company's pretty fabric. So you know what I did? I contacted Cabbages & Roses and asked to host one of their giveaways. They happily agreed and now you can have the chance to win some beautiful Cabbages & Roses fabric!

How does a meter of Elgin blue fabric sound? It is one of Cabbages & Roses' most recent prints.

To enter please leave a comment on this post describing what you would do with your own meter of Elgin blue fabric.

For additional entries share news of this giveaway on Twitter, your blog, and/or Facebook and leave a separate comment for each, letting me know you have done so.

A winner will be selected at random on January 20, 2011.

Can't get enough Cabbages & Roses? Visit their blog and website.

Good luck!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

"go to the mattresses"?

The Godfather is the I-ching. The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom. The Godfather is the answer to any question.

Well, in my book, You've Got Mail is the sum of all wisdom and I needed some when my heart sank a bit upon seeing a line called Treasures at Michaels, which features a line of floral clothespins. It might sound silly but I felt a bit like the film's The Shop Around the Corner after Fox Books opened its doors.

Their clothespin and my clothespin

Oh, I won't be going "to the mattresses" and as I walked around Michaels, I noticed many new versions of decorated clothespins.

Of course, the Treasures line is lovely and inexpensive. It's Shabby Chic! I did purchase a few things ... for my ... research and analysis.

My hanger and their hanger

My shop Tinkered Treasures is temporarily closed for organizing; it will re-open soon.

I am a lone reed.

Well, probably not.

I'm noticing lots of mass-produced stuff lately that resembles copies of handmade art; I suppose this is nothing new and ... nothing can take away the blissful enjoyment of creating.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

linen indecision

Happy New Year! A project list is beginning to form in my mind and blogging about projects is sometimes a better motivator for me than a Post-it note on the fridge. One project for 2011 is to finally do something with the seriously lovely fabric (pictured above) that I received from fabulous Fifi.

Here is the piece of fabric stretched across my bed

When Fifi was at my home in May (still feels unreal), my enthusiasm over Cabbages & Roses fabric and goods was apparent and generous Fifi offered to send me some fabric leftover from a shoot upon her return home ... and she did ... right away! I have treated this piece of Hatley, cerise like spun gold -- it's been folded, bagged and tucked away lovingly.

But it's time that the fabric gets used for something and appreciated every day. So I am borrowing the beautiful At Home with Country by Cabbages & Roses' Christina Strutt, from my library.

Fifi receives a giant thank you from Christina in the book's Author's Acknowledgements:
The entire idea was the brainchild of my dear friend Francoise O'Neill who, as creator of this project, has also encouraged us along the way, alongside editing magazines, filming television programs, and entertaining a million people on her blog.
Christina's book is filled with page after page of swoon-inducing ideas, most showcasing Cabbages & Roses' fabrics.

Okay, so back to my linen ...

Page 136

Should the fabric stay in the bedroom in the form of pillows or a quilt?

Page 9

Should it be draped over the dining room table (when the boys are not drinking chocolate milk)? Become a runner or lampshade covers? Used somehow in the living room?

Photo source: Fashion-Editor

Transformed into something I can wear or use?

Sure, I'd eventually figure something out myself but since I am fortunate enough to have some of the most creative minds visiting my blog, why not put the question out there? Oh, yeah, and Shellie, if you're reading this (and are willing) ... what do you think, my dear seamstress (treats! treats!)?



Check out your library system's interlibrary loan program. It rocks!