Tuesday, September 29, 2009

P is for . . .

Pretty packages that arrive in the mail

This beautiful collection of treats was sent to me by the amazingly talented Sonia for being one of the winners of her giveaway. Visit Sonia and you will find that she is very excited about her own wonderful "P is for ..."

P is for . . .

Pottery Barn Kids catalogs because they are always filled with brilliant ideas like this wreath, woven with flowers and suspended by ribbons

or this vase of flowers hanging from a curtain rod. Positively perfect!

P is for . . .

Printing new business cards and thank-you tags for my Etsy shop customers

P is for . . .

Pay it Forward

This purposeful collection of pink was sent to me by sweetie pie Lisa over at PupyLov. According to Lisa, I am to ask the first 3 commentors of this post if they would like to participate. If so, I send each a handmade gift (Lisa called this gift to me "cheating" but I love it!) and then they do the same. So, if you are one of the first 3 to leave a comment, please send me your address to play (or "pay") along. My email address can be found at my profile.


Friday, September 25, 2009

everything is special

When I was little, I saved every tiny thing: pressed flowers, mini fashion booklets that came packaged with dolls, the small plastic containers from rain bonnets, plastic swords from sandwiches.

Everything was special.

Blogging has reawakened that part of me.

When I buy something from an online seller or receive a gift or swap goodies from a blogging friend, I save and savor all of the details.

If you notice anything familiar, please feel free to share a "that's from me!" comment!

Or a "gee, where's that from?"

• • • • •

The other day I was rearranging some things and placed this mirror on the wall in place of a plate that was there. I really like the contrast of rough and delicate. The mirror's frame is made from chunky, reclaimed wood.

Click to enlarge

Sometimes the smallest change can make you SWOON all over again!


Monday, September 21, 2009

come on get happy

Today is Autumn Eve and what better way to celebrate than with sharing news of the opening of a very cool online shop: Terrain.

Terrain is part of the same family that brings you Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. I visited Terrain at Styers last spring with my sisters during a trip to New Jersey. The wonderfully rustic shop features a greenhouse cafè, plants, stacks of containers, shelves filled with bottles, and more. Their online version offers much of the same:

Like this wire (SWOON) clam basket ...

or this charming pillow

I have also been busy with my own online shop. Here are a few newly listed items:

This Pretty Organized set where I used vintage wallpaper and trim received from the talented Debi

It's always fun to add glitter

To see more, please visit my shop, Tinkered Treasures.

Happy Autumn Eve to all!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

list: my many jobs

Cute brief case

Lately I have been reading posts where people create lists on topics about themselves. They are quite fun to read. Because I have held so many different types of jobs, I thought that would make an interesting list. At one point in my early twenties, I had four jobs at once. Ah, youth.

Hold on, here goes ... [This list includes paid positions only.]

Flea market vendor
People-counter at the Gap
McDonald’s crew person
Movie theater concession cashier

Cashier then assistant manager at a card and gift store
Sears portrait studio photographer
Cashier at a home décor shop
Disc jockey at night clubs playing before and after bands

Cocktail waitress (2 nights only)
Clerk at a food packing company
Secretary at a civil engineering firm
FUN FACT: Named a street after myself in Mansfield, MA: Elyse Road!

Work-study office help at the Anthropology department of my college
Telemarketer for a water purification company
Café worker (1 day only)

Caregiver at a group home for people with disabilities
Cashier at Pier 1
Instructor for a kids’ creative summer camp at a community college
Film and video production, various positions and locations

On this shoot I'm lurking behind the scenes, getting the director coffee and things of that nature

Advertising and Public Relations for a financial services company
Advertising sales person at the Brown Daily Herald newspaper
Freelance desktop publisher
Target sales floor team member
Cashier, merchandiser and event planner for a toy shop

Communications Consultant at a health plan

Phew! I consider myself a late bloomer but all of my varied experiences make me the person I am today!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

calling all cards

Tonight I am trying to catch up on replying to comments. When I popped over to visit Sherry's blog I was so touched by her post and can't stop thinking about it.

Please follow this link to Sherry's post and read why her niece could really use some pretty mail and lots of it. I hope you will join in on this little mailing effort and help to spread the word. I put a little image on my sidebar--please feel free to use it.


Monday, September 14, 2009

about groceries and gathering

I found the first changed and fallen leaf in my backyard the other day. It started me thinking that it would be fun to change a few colors inside, too. I don't have much seasonal dècor so for me decorating for the change of seasons usually means a trip to the grocery store or farm stand.

On the shopping list:


Fresh flowers in bright orange

Native corn

Then it is time to forage through the house like a squirrel to find things to add for personality.



Cookie cutters, tags, a cupcake pick and flower frogs, and a prized decoupaged bucket from Target from a few years ago

A jar (big surprise!) filled with "playground presents" from my boys, the faux cherries from Target that I move around constantly, an empty bucket. Hmmm? Any suggestions?

I won this lovely dish last November from sweetie pie Cynthia at Cynthia's Cottage Design. Winning her giveaway introduced me to so many wonderful bloggers and really changed blogging for me. I'll always be so thankful to Cynthia for that.

I have 2 very yummy apple recipes listed toward the bottom of my sidebar, if you're interested. I make both all apple season long and they are delicious!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

for me? (and a giveaway!)

LinkIllustration by Racey Helps

Today I am feeling a bit like this lucky little hedgehog because two parcels just arrived in the mail and I have a third I have been waiting to share.

• • • • •

The first is from my sister Betsy. I keep trying to convince her to start a blog. Betsy finds THE GREATEST shops, introduced me to dècor magazines and like me, GASPs uncontrollably at pretty little things.

Betsy lives in NJ and we take turns sending each other cards and little presents.

Click to enlarge for detail

GASP! Betsy's enclosed prediction was correct: I LOVE this! It is painted in the softest shades with some metal showing through and just glittered all over. It's perfect.

• • • • •

Next is an Etsy purchase I made from Tami at Pink Butter Creme. Tami's blog and shops are sooooo pretty. I bought some of her hand-painted and glittered cupcake picks.

Look at her packaging! Cellophane + ribbon + millinery flowers =

Even a little wrapped thank-you magnet. What is better than that? I find that most online sellers, including myself, really strive to make every purchase feel like a present.

• • • • •

And finally, my sweetie pie friend Sharon over at My Life at Pansy Cottage & Garden and I decided to send each other some little gifts ... just because. Here is what I received from Sharon:

LOVE this!

Even cookies!

And one of Sharon's adorable aprons. I love the coordinating fabrics and small pocket, and the colors make me think of Baskin-Robbins!

It's not too late to enter Sharon's apron giveaway so hop on over to her blog and this could be you ...

but with a reversable apron.