Sunday, November 5, 2017

celebrating 'end of daylight savings time' day

When people ask about my favorite holiday, I've started to answer, the End of Daylight Savings Time (let's refer to it as EDST). I'm almost giddy at the onset of winter. It's no wonder that I felt an immediate connection to the concept of hygge upon being introduced to it by a book cover.

Similar to how many people don't understand my extreme dislike of cheese (yup, I detest it and order my pizza sans yellow stuff with extra sauce and pepperoni), I often need to explain why the fondness of EDST, shorter days, and winter in general. So, here goes...

Have you ever received a present as needed and desired as a glorious extra hour? Sixty wonderful guilt-free no-strings-attached minutes. And it's a gift that keeps on giving the whole day through. At each check-in with a clock I'll smile, and for those few devices that still need adjusting manually, I'll get to those later, after all, I have time.

via Pinterest: Marcy Cottage, Lake Placid, NY

The Shorter Day
During my workday I'll witness both sunrise and sunset, and most evenings will travel the back-roads home to enjoy the cozy amber glow emitting from the multitudes of rectangles amidst silhouettes of trees against the ink-blue sky. With the heat blasting at my feet and the windows rolled down, the promise of changing into flannel pajamas is just miles away.
The Cold
Ahh, the brisk chilly air... an even better pairing for hot coffee than a slice of birthday cake. Some outdoor evenings smell of burning wood from a neighbor's chimney. Look up and the cold dark sky is cleared of clouds and bright with stars; below, crisp leaves and twigs swirl at my feet. Boot and tights and sweaters in varying shades of charcoal grey replace flimsy prints and flip-flops, and plaid become the new floral.

Stay Inside
And just like I hear my mom's voice telling me to go outside and play on a warm, sunny day, I'm to stay inside because it's bitter bitter cold out there. And perhaps this is my favorite part of all, being indoors to bake something sweet, leaf through magazines, binge-watch TV shows with my guys, and of course, tinker or write the weekend away!

Happy EDST to you!