Monday, August 1, 2016

selina's seventh: botanical style

getting botanical at the picnic table
I'll never forget sipping tea and signing books with Selina Lake at the Columbia Road Flower Market in East London, England. Perhaps it was on that day, amidst boxes of fresh daffodils and tulips that she was inspired to write her latest book, Botanical Style ... [Insert sound of record scratch here: ] Well, of course not, but how could I resist writing about a once in a lifetime moment like that!?

On that day Selina was on book four or five, and this Spring 2016 release makes lucky seven. I have each of her books and just like their author they are beautiful, approachable and wonderful.

Each time Selina releases a new book I think: this one is my favorite, and Botanical Style is no exception.

Exhibit A: simple yet extraordinary!
I can barely get through a few pages before I'm off to clip or group or hang ...
While her books are all unique, there are common threads, such as unexpected bursts of bold pinks paired with layers of subdued elements; settings that are beautiful and modest; and advice that makes you feel like you're sharing a cuppa while strolling the flower market.

Photos by Rachel Whiting are a visual treat.

Botanical Style, Inspirational decorating with nature, plants and florals by Selina Lake. Ryland Peters & Small is four seasons of pretty inspiration!

Wonder what book number eight will be?

Happy August!