Friday, April 26, 2013

pink dresses

Lots to share and I'm always waiting for the perfect stretch of time to alter and watermark images but it slows things down so bear with me as I attempt to whip-out a blog post quickly already!

This week I was superhappy to be part of an authors event at Barnes & Noble along with other Rhode Island authors. It was my first-ever signing event and I was giddy with excitement and filled with gratitude at the many friends who attended, including long-time blogger friend: the multi-talented, sweet, warm and delightful Karen of A Scrapbook of Inspiration. (I'd share a pic but don't have 'em yet. Stay tuned!)

The Providence Journal
I have also been in the newspaper recently to promote Tinkered Treasures. A few years ago when my Fairy Godmother Fifi O'Neill visited my home for a photo shoot, she suggested I coordinate my outfit to match the room in which I was photographed and so as you can see I've kept that advice in mind when prepping for recent press efforts.

Valley Breeze & Observer
What a nice excuse to buy a pink dress! 

Photo by Marisa Bettencourt, M.Studios
But then again, who needs an excuse to buy a pink dress or one of any color for that matter? So, if you find yourself admiring a pretty dress, allow me to be that voice in your head that says: buy it!

Meanwhile, today I am happily in what I shall refer to as black lounge pants paired with a t-shirt and beat up sneakers.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

behind the scenes: illustrated steps

With my series of travel entries complete (I think), I'd like to share a bit of the process of creating my book Tinkered Treasures, which features more than 35 easy-to-make projects.

As I made projects, I was sure to stop and take photos of each important step. {At times I felt like I was making a stop-motion movie} From the many photos taken, I would create collages and send them to the editor assigned to my book ...

who would then forward them to talented illustrator Qian Wu to be illustrated.

How very surreal and very wonderful to see my own photographs illustrated so beautifully. During the proofing phase of the book, I needed to carefully review each depiction to make sure that it was correct, visually descriptive and corresponded well with the written instructions.

Qian Wu was among the many talented hands that went into creating this very lovely book of which I am so honored to have written.

happy tinkering


Monday, April 1, 2013

paris: day 2

Image source: Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais
Well, it's about time I wrap up my series of posts on my trip with the second and final day in Paris. It was a quick-paced whirlwind of a trip for my sister Betsy and me, propelled by momentum and excitement. However, for my first time being so far from my boys, the length of the trip was just right.

Betsy and I decided to greet our full day in Paris with room service of le petit déjeuner which was quite wonderful even though it was not so petit.

Betsy insisted that our first stop be Le Bon Marché, a stunning department store designed by Gustav Eiffel. Imagine a bright and airy Nordstrom with a fabric section. I proudly ordered myself a meal at one of its cafes that had no cheese* but did have "caille" -- a word I could not locate until after I was back home: quail!

We spent hours leisurely strolling along the Champs Elysees ...

We nibbled macarons and sipped coffee and tea at Laduree ...

And enjoyed dinner before wishing the city of light a bonne nuit.

Back at our hotel I tapped away to share images and words by phone before attempting to close my suitcase and shut my eyes for a night of replaying brilliant moments such as musicians playing traditional French music on the Metro.

It was all like a wonderful dream.

Pre-trip Collage from this Post

It must be the writer in me that seeks to define what London and Paris meant during my brief visits. I loved them both. London was very much the kindred spirit, the long-lost, ruddy-faced best friend -- all warmth and smiles -- while Paris was like a crush -- where I wasn't completely at ease but smitten and attracted nonetheless.


*I just may be the one person you will ever meet who detests cheese.