Saturday, July 11, 2020

let's make a jar lid wreath

Happy Saturday! Welcome to my Let's Make series {posted a day early} where I've resumed blogging to share easy projects while we're all spending so much time at home. As you may have noticed, in my home we consume a lot of Bonne Maman preserves. (This is not a sponsored post but imagine!?) Not only are the preserves so yummy and very much like homemade but the jars are perfect for storing things, the labels are easily removed, and the lids are gingham! Because of this sweet "total package" I tend to keep each emptied jar and lid and while I've been using the containers as vases, the lids have started stacking up. It was time to tinker!

I decided to make a wreath. I first tried overlapping the lids and hot-gluing them together but the glue didn't hold and things got messy. Still, next, I tried hot-gluing lids to an embroidery hoop which served as a round base – didn't work. I then tried fashioning a web of tape to the back of the wreath shape – didn't work. 

I decided to try super glue aka Loctite Instant Adhesive QuickTite. It was my first time using the stuff and as a messy crafter, I was nervous about gluing my fingers together. While I did get it all over my fingertips (which washed away in a couple of days) it did indeed bond the lids together. 

You will need:
6-12 jar lids
Loctite Instant Adhesive QuickTite
Painter's tape

Rather than overlapping all lids, I made a daisy shape and it worked, so I glued another = two daisies.

I placed one daisy over the other and rotated it slightly. When it was positioned how I wanted it, I taped the two daisies in place with painter's tape – knowing I wanted to flip it all over for gluing so that any gluey spots would be hidden. I used painter's tape so that it would be easy to remove.

{I'm not one for perfection with my crafting and that's why I refer to it as tinkering}

I added glue to spots where lids connected, pressed gently, and rotated to glue the next spot.

Once all the gluing was done, I removed the tape from the front. It worked! The little metal wreath was complete, shown hanging from a trip of fabric.

The gingham makes it charming for the summertime but also for holiday decorating. But let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Happy tinkering + please stay safe at home + well!


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