Monday, March 30, 2009

Shopping Spree

I keep reading about wonderful shopping trips on other blogs and thought, I want to go shopping, too! So I did.

Flower Frog Quest
My first stop was my favorite antique shop to find a flower frog. Lori introduced me to these cool things and now I have my very own. I was so excited to find one. I love its worn, green look. It's currently holding one of the tags I bought from Maryjane's Etsy shop.

Country Store
Next door to the antiques shop is a wonderful country store. I bought this set of 3 frames and an S hook to hold them. The distressed frames hang by a lovely sage ribbon.

I am thinking of filling the frames with either sepia-toned photos, fabric or wallpaper.

The Good HomeGoods
A few days later I made a trip to "the good HomeGoods"–the one that always has great plates and everything else.

I really like how the roses on these delicate teacups and saucers have a modern twist. There were only 2 sets available. They are so pretty that I think I will probably hang the plates and use the teacups for something like displaying small collections. Too cute to conceal.

Being a fan of good packaging and things that sparkle, I couldn't resist buying some pure silver from The Little Pink Studio.

Photo credit: The Little Pink Studio
I love children's book illustrations (as you may have guessed) and so I especially like Cerri's cute logo. This pure silver will be pure fun to use and the bottle will look very cute on a shelf in the Girly Office.

I hope I stimulated the economy in a small way. I know I gave myself a little boost!


Friday, March 27, 2009

pink as . . .

Add Imagea pretty popsicle stick box covered in glittered roses

Pink as ribbons, rosettes, and beads

Pink as a page from a favorite story

The Color Kittens

• • • • • • • •

Find pink popsicle stick boxes and new garden-inspired treasures at my Etsy shop, tinkered treasures.

Happy Pink Saturday Eve!

Thinking warm, healing thoughts for Pink Saturday creator Beverly's mom, who recently injured her shoulder. Big hugs to Beverly, too!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

chalk & sky

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who commented on my Ideas Wanted! post (and new visitors–please feel free to continue!). Every comment was filled with inspiration, encouragement, compliments and suggestions! I have lots of ideas brewing now and will be sure to keep you updated when the project gets started. Hooray for Spring and the forming of to-do lists.

• • • • • • • •

Last night while poking around favorite blogs and websites, I saw this beautiful photo at Better Homes & Gardens

Not only do I love lilacs but I really love the color of the bottles–pale lavender. Whenever I am asked my favorite color, I rarely think of lavender but it probably ranks much higher than I realize. Especially when paired with pale blue.

Country Color Combinations
chalk & sky–what a beautiful color description. I love this photo!

my antique shop window backed with wallpaper samples ~ light gray walls

pretty lilac bath salts, blue foaming bath, sea glass ~ pale blue walls

my sweet violet

The Color Kittens
Purple as violets.
Purple as prunes.
Purple as shadows
On late afternoons.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ideas Wanted!

This is my beloved house.

My husband and I became first-time homeowners almost 3 years ago. This is a real dream come true especially with me being a "mostly" stay-at-home mom. Less than 1 month after moving in, our insurance company told us we needed to add hand rails to the cement steps at each entrance within 30 days or our coverage would be cancelled. We freaked out and my husband and his dad built steps with rails over the existing steps. They did an amazing job under the pressure of a tight deadline.

Ever since we've been debating whether to paint them, stain them, let them weather. Right now I feel that they stand out way too much. When I give directions, I say, "We're the house with THE STEPS!" I would like them to blend in. I am thinking of using a white stain pickling effect I saw once on HGTV. We will be adding some lattice to the sides of the steps. I want our Cape to look more Cape-y. Someday I would also love to add window boxes, have a curved path from the steps, and of course there's always the dream of the white picket fences with roses ...

All of my blog friends are so creative and full of inspired ideas. If you have any suggestions as to how to make the steps blend in more; how to Cape-ify my home more; colors for the door/shutters; any ideas; please feel free to share in a comment!

Until replacing the shed gets put on the to-do list (aka the budget), I try to make this little shabby shed as cute as I can.

Thanks for taking the time! I so look forward to reading any suggestions!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring's First Pink Saturday

Happy Spring and happy Pink Saturday to all! Thank you to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for coordinating another weekly celebration of all things pink!

A pink antiques shop I saw last weekend (on our drive to go maple sugaring = YUM!)

Pink flowers on plates I really really really want from Cath Kidston. Gasp ... sigh ... I just can't justify the cost (with shipping from London, etc.) -- does anyone know if Cath Kidston is sold in the U.S.?

One of a set of four plant markers with pink floral print at my Etsy shop

Pinky Tuscadero!

Have a wonderful weekend!


ps ~ just found out about a very cool giveaway. Pop over to Retro Cafè Art Gallery for details!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Creative Collaborations

One of the amazing things about blogging are the creative collaborations that happen whether planned or unplanned.

Karen Harvey Cox of A Scrapbook of Inspiration asked if she could buy a frame from my Etsy shop, paint something to put inside and then sell it at her Etsy shop. I was thrilled. Karen painted over a print of one of her own watercolor paintings using pearlized paint and then added some glitter. Beautiful! She even named it Elyse's Inspiration and it is now available at Karen's Etsy shop.

Photo by Karen Harvey Cox

Lori of My Faerie Window made me a very cool collage.

I wanted to display it in an equally cool way. I remembered seeing an amazing project that Jen Kershner at {The Cottage Nest} had made at the paper arts event, Silver Bella.

Photo by Jen Kershner

Inspired by Jen's piece (shown above) I put together my own to showcase my collage from Lori.

The collage is held to the chicken wire with tied ribbon so that Lori's piece is complete intact. I am so happy with how it turned out.
• • •
And, just for fun: a belated St. Patrick's day chuckle. Trying to be the fun mom, I made green milk (milk + green food coloring) for my boys yesterday morning. As you can see breakfast was devoured but the milk went untouched. Oh well ...


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Do you like to repurpose things? I think it is so cool to find something intended for one use and then cleverly use it for something else completely different: repurposing!

Purpose: Jelly jar light fixture

Repurpose: Inexpensive vase (about $5 or less each at most home improvement stores)

Purpose: Fabric-covered brads for scrapbooking. These are Amy Butler (ooh la la!)

Repurpose: Nail-head cover

Purpose: Curtain panel (Target's Simply Shabby Chic line)

Repurpose: Tablecloth (and a valance used as a runner)

Purpose: Tension rod for cafè curtains
Repurpose: Holder of spools within bookcase shelves
Purpose: Scrapbook paper
Repurpose: Backing the exposed areas of a bookcase

Fun find
Very cute felt coasters for $1/pack of 4 at Michaels. They are available in Spring colors like green, pink, yellow, lilac and blue! I can't get enough of them! Maybe they can be repurposed as stamps?

I would enjoy hearing about something that you have repurposed!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Pink Saturday ~ Swap Stuff ~ Cheeper Chicks

Happy Pink Saturday! Isn't this pink cake pedestal so pretty? I found it online at MoleHillFarm (but will probably begin searching HomeGoods for something similar).
I recently swapped with Lori from My Faerie Window. I gush (sincerely) all about it in my last post. I want to show you what I sent to Lori and since much of it is pink, I figure it counts as a Pink Saturday post.

Lori told me that she likes my clothespins so I made her a bunch in her favorite colors. She said that was all she wanted. That's all? No way!

I glittered-up the L for Lily of the Valley fairy illustration by Cicely Mary Barker and decorated a frame in which to display it. The frame is painted a pale pink and embellished with floral papers, flowers and beads; it hangs from a pink ribbon.

{Note: If you are interested in a framed fairy print with your own first initial, just click Request Custom Item at my Etsy shop, Tinkered Treasures}

I remembered that Lori had once commented about liking my cabbage roses on aqua glass paperweights, so there was another goodie for her!
And now to close my Pink Saturday post, if you visit my Etsy shop you will notice that I have reduced the prices on my baskets and birdhouses.
Now, even cheeper!

A warm thank you to Beverly for all of the work she does to make our Saturdays as pink as they can be!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wow Wow Wednesday!

Despite a rainy dismal day outside things are feeling warm inside thanks to some extra special deliveries I just received.

Lori from My Faerie Window graciously agreed to do a swap with me. Her creations are truly amazing, so sweet, and filled with extraordinary detail and materials. When she told me I should be expecting my box today, I waited for the mailman like a puppy! Make that a puppy with a digital camera!

GASP! I love pretty packaging. Even a card with my name is attached to the bag with a small brad. So clever! I could hardly wait to open it. GASP!

How adorable is this? They're aren't words!

Lori calls these "felties" and I have no idea how she even makes them. I'm guessing faeries take care of things while she sleeps. Pale blue is my favorite color.

And another pretty package with a felted heart and millinery flowers on top!

Inside were Lori's wonderful collages and I love her business card!!! Check out more of Lori's creations at her shop ~ here!

Next came my order from MaryJane's new Etsy shop. MaryJane of The Beehive Cottage was my very first Etsy customer. As soon as I saw that she opened a shop, I couldn't wait to buy from her. Look at these beautiful tags! I love the images and the ribbon!

And MaryJane being the sweetie that she is, also surprised me with a beautiful journal that she made.

I love the details, the ribbon, the images ... the thoughtfulness

I have never received anything like this before and just adore it.

MaryJane is about to receive her own special delivery. Here's a sneak peek (inspired by her trailer ButtonWillow).

Borrowed some Playmobil props from my youngest son for the chick pic! Serving suggestion only.

Hope you're all having a Wow Wow Wednesday, too!