Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I thank my blogging friend Terri of Sweet Nest, for encouraging me to think outside the box ... matchbox, that is!

Based on my holiday les petits tiroirs, Terri asked if I would create a set to use as an Advent calendar. What fun!

Since taking these photos, I have added ribbons to each matchbox as Terri plans to hang them from a small tree in her living room.

Last year at this time, Terri asked me to make clothespin doll kits for a doll-making party. Thank you Terri, for helping me to take my tinkering to the next level! (Say that three times fast!)

Something very yummy is always going on at Terri's blog or her website, Sweet Nest Desserts. Speaking of yummy ...

Warmest wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! It's my very favorite meal of the year!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

clock = cukoo

GASP! I am going a little cukoo over this clock. Okay, maybe a lot cukoo . . .

Back story
The current issue of Romantic Homes is especially lovely. This month I find myself turning each time to pages 36 - 51 to swoon over Karon and Simon Hamilton's home in Herefordshire, England. Karon's cozy home is filled with pale blues, pops of red, polka dots and cheerful patterns. Turns out she owns a shop called Berry Red and of course I had to investigate.

Berry Red has an entire Greengate collection -- purveyors of if you are crazy for Cath Kidston - you'll go bananas over this, too eye candy (that seems to sell everywhere but the U.S. = Grrrr!). {FYI: Greengate site}

Oil cloth!

I just sent an email to Berry Red to inquire about shipping. If S&H is not too ridiculous, tinkered treasures might be funding a little splurge.

Time will tell!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

getting punchy

What took me so long to discover the fun of the paper punch?

I have but two punches but they are making crafting with paper so much fun.

I have been making les petits tiroirs for the upcoming bazaar and have also added a bunch of sets to my Etsy shop, tinkered treasures.

red and pear

The small matchboxes make sweet holders for little gifts and stocking stuffers,

chanukah gelt

and Chanukah gelt (money or chocolate coins given to children on the festival of Chanukah).

treats and wishes

Well, I have lots of paper to clean up!

Wishing everyone a happy weekend.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

michaels + coupon =

Okay, so, today I was lured to Michaels by the always-coveted 50% off coupon.

Turns out that Martha stuff is 25% off so it quickly became one of those must wander through the entire store kinds of outings ...

{The cashier recognized me from being there often. Is that bad?}

I found a cute pack of unbreakable ornaments for $4.99 and thought it might be time to switch-out the hankies hung from the kitchen window from springtime ...

to something festive and shiny!

click to enlarge

Now, I haven't pulled out any decorations from the attic yet (I know ... it's not even Thanksgiving) but couldn't resist hanging these up immediately. All I needed to do was remove the handkerchiefs and use the existing clips to hang the ornaments. Easy peasy. As time goes on, I may embellish a bit, or simply keep simple.

And a warm thank you to my bloggy pal M from tales from an oc cottage, for the perfect-pink tea kettle I won in her recent giveaway. Hot cocoa has never tasted better!



Could these be any cuter?

Dear Cath Kidston, Do you ever offer 50% off?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

the girls are back

I continue to use any snippets of downtime to tinker treasures for my vendor table next month. I'm so glad I decided to make some clothespin girls. I nearly forgot how enjoyable these little dolls are to make! {This pal above looks weary from carrying the present! She might need an adjustment.}

For some I used my favored palette of pastels ...

{One of my very favorite posts was the clothespin doll wedding}

and for others I went with traditional holiday colors ...

You can be sure that this is a no-sew project!

The bazaar will mark the 1st anniversary of my les petits tiroirs. I made a first batch last year to offer something very inexpensive at my table, after all, most of the bazaar's shoppers are children buying gifts.

I've also been packaging odds and ends and bits and bobs into little Treasure Kits (or maybe paquets de trésor ... everything sounds pretty in French to me ...).

I am also working on tags and packaging things better.

Each "session" finds me making quite the mess. It's a lovely mess though, and always fun! {Especially with Pandora radio on!}

If you are interested in purchasing something you have seen in a photo, just send me an email, or a conversation through tinkered treasures, and I will be happy to let you know the item's availability.

Well, I have about thirty minutes until it's time to make dinner. Will I:
(a) tidy up the Girlie Office?
(b) resume tinkering?
(c) enjoy some blog visiting?

Think I'll go with c. Happy weekend!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

the princess and the t

Can the princess rest upon a stack of fabric from Sharon?

Once upon a time in blogland, there was a Popcorn Princess and a Tinkerer, and even though the friends lived on opposite coasts of the country and had never met in person, the two felt very much like neighbors.

As you may have experienced yourself, there are many blogging connections that transform into real friendships. Sharon, the popcorn-loving mompreneur from My Life at Pansy Cottage & Garden, and I often remark that we feel like neighbors. We've shared long phone calls, each have young boys, reward ourselves with popcorn ... So when Sharon told me she was clearing out some of her fabric stash and asked if I would want any, I said sure -- it seemed like saying yes to a cup of sugar.

However, when the FedEx truck delivered a heavy box to my doorstep, I knew this was more than a cup of sugar (and more like the 10 lb. bag)!

Sharon packed the box with stacks of fabric and goodies (like clothespins !) and even included a gift card to Panera (for my birthday). Someday at some art event I know that Sharon and I will be laughing over coffee and muffins (and popcorn) and I'll be sure to treat and to give her a giant hug for what you'll see next:

How dreamy is this pillow!? This has got to be one of the most thoughtful presents I have ever received in my life.

Roses & Birds Collection

Sharon is the proprietress of Pansy Cottage & Garden by Sharon Hughes where she offers nearly two dozen collections of pillows, aprons and more, featuring cottage and French motifs (featured in May's Romantic Homes). Sharon not only sells online but participates in many shows and events, such as the Tell Me 'Bout the Good Ole Days Boutique this November 5th and 6th in Redlands, CA.

If you haven't visited Sharon's sweet and funny blog, it details her many adventures, whether that means prepping for Glitterfest or de-skunkifying her dog. Hope you'll pop over to visit Sharon at her blog. You can tell her "Tinker" sent you!


Lately it's been difficult for me to find the time to blog and I miss visiting everyone. If you have a moment, please take my poll about when you find time to blog. Thanks!