Tuesday, December 17, 2013

tinkered rapping

'Twas days before Christmas and with so much to do
Still I couldn't help tinker and share it with you.
Let's start with some gingham and rip it to strips
To add festive touches --
Keep reading for tips!

Gather some greens from a tree or the ground
Prop in a vase and with gingham surround

Let flatware shine in a jarring display

Refuel with hot coffee and continue away ...

Hang holiday cards from the rungs of a ladder
Or even a hook, it doesn't quite matter

Tie even the short strips wherever you can -- a chandelier arm or the chain of a fan

Festoon all around you with leftover tags
Place bottle brush trees amidst bright knotted rags

Unexpected details are sure to delight

Add broken ornaments and give them new life

So, back to the list to get some more done
But tinkering is playing and playing is fun!
And playing reminds us to laugh and to pause
To enjoy all that's little
Perhaps that's my cause ...

enjoy the season!


Monday, December 9, 2013

nina campbell interiors

Ever drive by a fabulous house or even a manse or mansion and think: Who lives here? or what is it like inside?! This is how I felt page after chic page of designer Nina Campbell's latest book, Nina Campbell Interiors. Like I was peeking into another world.

This lovely book allows the reader to tag-along with Nina as she travels from New York to China, Jordan and more on missions to decorate magnificent homes for her international client list. Along the way, Nina shares interesting details large and small.

What I enjoy most about this book is that all of the rooms depicted, no matter how exquisite, seem like places one could imagine themselves relaxing comfortably with a book.
Or sitting down to enjoy a meal. Elbows off the table, of course.

Regardless of scale, spaces feel liveable, organized, unfussy, unstuffy, colorful and lively.

Nina Campbell Interiors by Nina Campbell (photography by Simon Brown) is published by CICO Books and is available from Ryland Peters & Small.

I hope to share some peeks of what I've been up to lately, too!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

creative family home

Happy December!

This blog post has two purposes: share an update on the {s l o w} progress made on the boys' playroom/study room (see blogcountability) and tell you about a cool book called Creative Family Home.

Robot print source: Sandy MacDonald Studio
Taken on a rare tidy day, the room is coming along nicely. Let's see what's been done since I posted a list back in August:

a chalkboard wall: thinking of painting an accent wall instead framed artwork of the boys and of comics covers: check! paint or decoupage the wood bookcase: using the white piece (sans bins) instead more lighting: still to-do hooks! shelves!: need more add a window treatment to the existing white blinds: undecided did I say hooks? see above a sleep-sofa: check! TV or computer? stay tuned

Of course, the space isn't being utilized by the boys as much as I'd hoped and that's where Creative Family Home comes in ... inspiration!

Creative Family Home by designer, stylist and writer Ashlyn Gibson, is a lovely, hardcover book filled with brilliant photographs by Rachel Whiting (the 'tear sheets' section of Rachel's website is a GASPthology of favorite magazine covers).  

This book isn't just about decorating rooms for children but how their presence in a home can create a playful and cheerful vibe throughout. {I figure that line was worth highlighting!}

They had me a tee pees and Playmobil ... The vivid pages offer peeks of real homes that include please-touch accents such as ladders, hula hoops, an indoor swing and more.

Clever storage ideas are shown like this greeting card rack turned showcase for flat books, prints and post cards.

Pins, Pez dispensers, drawings and crafts are all on parade in this book sure to spark ideas on how family members can express themselves while keeping a home that is stylish and enjoyed by all.

Creative Family Home by Ashlyn Gibson (photography by Rachel Whiting) is published by Ryland Peters & Small and is available from www.rylandpeters.com.