Thursday, January 24, 2013

publicity is beginning!

The official release date of my book is February 14 but I know that copies are stocked and beginning to ship. In fact, in less than a week I hope to finally have a copy IN MY HANDS! {There's that GIDDYSPEAK again} My book. In my hands.

Publicity efforts are getting underway, too! I have a guest post at my publisher's blog and the first review of my book can be found at the Decor-Art Blog -- and it's the loveliest review a tinkerer could ever ask for.

I've been told that 5-Star reviews on Amazon are extremely helpful for sales and author rankings and all kinds of things that are very new to me so if you purchase a copy, I would so appreciate your taking the time to post a review at Amazon.

Feel like I should prepare a birth announcement! Bubble gum cigars?


NOTE: Please find continued promotion efforts like blogger book reviews and more here. Thanks!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

GIDDYSPEAK spoken here

February 14 is a very big day for me. It is the day that my book is released. It is the day that I fly to London for the very first time.

As much as I look forward to these milestone events happening, I am really enjoying this glorious period of waiting and wondering which I have been referring to as "the engagement."

From my publisher CICO Books' Spring Catalogue

I can barely wrap my mind around any of this sometimes and so it's nice to have this magical time to ponder and plan. Whenever I begin to talk about these things, my voice begins pretty normal but then somehow raises into some kind of GIDDYSPEAK! {Clapping is also likely}

I will be taking this Girlie Trip with my oldest sister Betsy. It will be brief but sweet. We'll stay in LONDON with my good friend who is living there temporarily (unless of course I barricade myself in a CATH KIDSTON!) and I will get to meet all of the wonderful people at CICO Books! After a few days, Betsy and I will head to PARIS! (All CAPS indicates GIDDYSPEAK taking over).

And just like a bride-to-be might pour over wedding magazines as thick as telephone books, I have been gazing dreamily at books (the one shown was recommended by the fabulous Shelly of Drooz Studio) and making notes on the comprehensive list of AMAZING tips and must-sees from curator of beauty Jessica of Such Pretty Things.

Blogging connects us to the MOST WONDERFUL people!!!

Thank you to everyone who responded to the book review offer. I'm hoping that my first copy (or three?) will arrive ANY DAY NOW!

Are you the type who gets giddy at times? I certainly am.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tweet, receive, review!

Calling all craft bloggers:

My publisher CICO Books has a limited supply of my book (WEEEEEEEE!) that they are offering to craft bloggers to review.

Visit CICO Books on Twitter and tweet to them that you are interested.

Again, this offer is good while supplies last.

{Gosh, I can't wait to see my book!!! When a copy arrives in the mail, I just may swaddle it in a blankie and carry it around all day!}


Monday, January 7, 2013

WDCP or wall-decor-commitment-phobia

My head is easily turned by pretty things and perhaps this is why I have a fear of commitment when it comes to pounding nails into walls. Especially walls that I myself have primed and painted, which is 99% of them and is a job I do not really enjoy. I'm reminded of this confirmed-wall-bachelorette status each time I purchase wall art and must decide where it will hang.

Some proof. Take note of the various things decorating this wall of the Girlie Office.

A few things are hung using painters tape, one bulletin board holds both a clock and a calendar, and just last night I hung a birdcage memory board by tying it to a light fixture.

The same fixture that is embellished with magnets. So to borrow a concept from comedian Jeff Foxworthy, if you do some of the following, you might just be wall-decor-commitment-phobic, too.

Do you hang art with removable hooks (left)? Do you frame fabric rather than cutting it?

Do you use tension rods? Adjustable bookcases?

Do you prop art on ledges rather than hang it?

Do you frame wallpaper rather than adhering it permanently?

Because if you do, you just might be WDCP (wall-decor-commitment-phobic) and I understand.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year

Why was the blogger's breakfast cold?
Because it was pretty.

Today is New Year's Day and wanting to kick things off in a healthy way, I began to cook some old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast.

To make it especially yummy I assembled a small buffet of mix-ins: raisins, golden raisins, brown sugar ... But when I cracked open a walnut, I discovered this perfect heart.

And like any good blogger worth my weight in glitter, I was compelled to capture the moment. Away went the plain dish and paper napkin as I scurried to stage the impromptu shoot.

So the oatmeal grew a bit mushy as I zoomed-in on my unexpected valentine.

But breakfast still turned out delightful as this moment reminded me not to save favorite dishes and flatware for "special" occasions but to use them any time.

I wish all of us a New Year filled with good health, love and happiness, creativity and wonder!