Friday, May 29, 2009

of pink things and saturdays

happy 1st birthday to pink saturday!
To think that one year ago, Beverly had this inspired idea to celebrate all things pink and just last week had 150 participants! Way to go, Beverly and thank you for putting all of this together each week.

my winks of pinks

This pink patchwork bag was too cute (and too cheap at $7.99) to pass up!

This little pink bucket didn't sell on my Etsy site so I gave it a little makeover.

my wedding day
Fourteen years ago, I celebrated a special Saturday: my wedding. The beautiful day had many touches of pink from my junior bridesmaid's pink dress to tablecloths, votives and flowers.

This is a photo of a photo so please excuse the quality.

Happy Pink Saturday to all!

Be sure to stop by Cynthia's blog. She is having an awesome giveaway!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Spiderwort growing along our stone wall

Glorious isn't a word I use often but I'm using it today to describe the weather. It is my favorite kind of day: 67º, beautiful and bright, and with a slight chill in the breeze. Here in New England we generally go from cold to hot but today it's Spring and I'm loving it.

Over the long weekend, my husband began one of the many projects on our list: the boys' room. He "demo'ed" one of the walls which had a phoney-baloney built-in. A wall had been built around an old dresser. My husband put it outside on "Trash Eve" but I have other ideas ...

I am hoping that with a little love, lots of sanding and paint, this could be a cool potting bench. What do you think? I also rescued two drawers from the other built-in for possibilities.

The forecast predicts rain for the rest of the week. If that's the case I'll be tinkering with clothespins while I plot ideas for the potting bench and boys' room.

Hope you're enjoying some glorious weather where you live, too.


Friday, May 22, 2009

GASP: Cath!

Okay, the title of this post might seem a little cryptic but some of my blogging pals may know that: 1) I use the term GASP when I am really ga-ga over something; and 2) I have been pining over some dishes from Cath Kidston since first GASPing over them. I had never GASPed over dishes before but alas, after factoring in shipping and the pounds-to-dollars conversion, the plates were a bit costly for me.

And then it arrived: the check from Romantic Homes for my recently published essay! What better way to celebrate than by treating myself to the plates. Thanks to a few sales at my Etsy shop, I added a set of mugs and postcards to the order. In just days it arrived!

Like any good blogger, I had to photograph the process!

Eeeps! Even through the bubble wrap it's pretty!

And for a little Pink Saturday silliness, I put a rose sticker on a pink tissue box from Target. Cute! Not familiar with Pink Saturday? Read all about it here. Thanks, Beverly!

Happy Pink Saturday and have a happy and safe Memorial Day!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My kitchen windowsill

I spend a lot of time at my kitchen sink.

So of course I want it (need it) to be pretty.

I was ready to remove this soffit over the kitchen sink until I played around with adding a row of chandelier crystals and layers of curtains.

Small vessels make just-right vases for buttercups

and clippings.

Photo credit: So Shabby Pink

This little pot from So Shabby Pink helped kick-off bringing Shabby and Romantic elements into my kitchen. It was GASP at first sight!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Small weekend projects

This weekend I made a little time for some tinkering inside and outside.

~~ Inside ~~

I finally found some good, strong magnets to add to the backs of my clothespins. I had used magnets before that were so weak that they just slowly slid down the fridge. These new magnets are just right.

From now on I'll probably always back clothespins with magnets. These items will soon be available at my Etsy shop.

~~ Outside ~~

I know barely anything (okay, make that nothing) about gardening but bought some pretty annuals to plant in the plate garden today.

Click to enlarge

My eight year-old son and I planted bright yellow marigolds, pale pink double impatiens and some cute purpley things. I hope our little garden survives and thrives! I also planted some shasta daisy seeds.
{Advice welcome}


Friday, May 15, 2009

A very PBK Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!

I haven't participated in a couple of weeks. It seems the warmer the weather, the busier we all get. Please be sure to visit Beverly for the ever-growing list of pink-enthusiasts participating this week (say that three times fast)!

For bloggers who may not have young children in their lives, today's Pink Saturday post highlights the beautifully shabby and cottagey things that Pottery Barn Kids offers. Items can be pricey but sales are great or many times you can get ideas and copy them at places like Target and HomeGoods.

I might want this!

Very cute

I know a couple of bloggers who will go bonkers over the bunny hardware (Amy and Kathy, what do you think?)

Another great childrens' catalog/online store with similar things is Land of Nod.

Happy PS 2 U!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hooray for rust, paint, and dolls!

I was going to begin tonight's post by saying that it's been a hectic week but then it occured to me -- IT'S ONLY TUESDAY! (LOL) I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day. My guys made my day very special and I'm happy to report that all of my meals were either out or take-out!

• • • • •

For a few months I have been looking around for a wire shelf. Something a little rusty, maybe some chipped paint, to hold my jelly jars of supplies. Once an antique shop owner asked me what I was looking for and I joked, "I think I'm looking for something that doesn't exist!" And then I saw it holding flower pots outside at The Greenery . . .

As you can see, I bought it . . .

Then dry-brushed it pale aqua (because everything looks amazing when it's painted pale aqua), making sure to keep hints of rust showing. I finished the project by spraying it with a clear coat to seal it all in.

On Mother's Day my husband hung it up in the Girlie Office and yesterday I moved the jars in (or on?).

I love the chicken wire backing . . .

• • • • • •

On a recent post at Laurie Star, the talented Laurie shows the most adorable clothespin dolls she made with her daughter. GASP! So cute and I noticed that one named Jane was for sale at her Etsy shop. No hesitation whatsoever and now the little Jane doll is mine, cheering by my side.

I love all of the thoughtful details from head to toe, front and back.

Along with my doll, Laurie also sent me pretty earrings and one of her Funky Flower pins. Be sure to check out all of Laurie's cute and colorful things at her Etsy shop, Trinkets NH. Tell her Jane sent you!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope everyone enjoys their special day today. Will you be cooking dinner tonight? (I hope not to be!)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Show and Tell

Hello friends! It feels like it's been a long time. I am back from my sisters-weekend at the Jersey shore and have lots to show and tell. However, first I have exciting news to share. I recently won a generous blog makeover from the wonderfully talented, Amber at The Shabbee Chick! So fun (and funny) because I had been attempting my own redesign but wasn't quite getting the look I wanted. Thank you, Amber! Check out her blog and portfolio -- you'll love it! Look at her button with the bespectacled chick. So me!

Okay, so my oldest sister Betsy orchestrated quite the shopping tour de force which began with my first-ever trip to Anthropologie. I think I spent 20 minutes just looking at their unique selection of hardware! Next it was time for lunch at Terrain at Styers, a very cool garden center and greenhouse cafè. Delicious everything! Beautiful plants and pots everywhere.

Back in the car we headed to a small shop called Primrose. Owner Michelle Joy has been featured in a Country Living that I linger over so her store was a must-see. If I had a truck with me, I would've been carting home pink shutters and more.

The next day we headed to a shop called The Dutch Rose where I bought this handmade item crafted from an outdoor faucet. How fun for me because the June issue of Romantic Homes was for sale and it was the first time seeing my article in a store. My sister Dede bought a copy. Also fun was discovering that the owner Susan, likes to blog (see link above).

Continuing along we stopped at one of our perennial faves Nest, where I bought this wire garland at 50% off. I think it has possibilities inside or outside.

And what visit to the Garden State would be complete without time to wander around the always-GASP-awesome The Painted Cottage? The mirror was made from old floorboards!!!

Betsy said, "this has you written all over it." I agree!

These were the price tags! How clever is this? Tea-stained and stamped paint chips! I am so in awe of Valerie, the artist/owner that I get very shy around her.

Thanks for hanging on for this super-long post. I'm sure I'll keep you posted once I find places for all my new treasures! I'm looking forward to visiting everyone's blog to see what's new!