Tuesday, December 31, 2019

looking ahead

New Year's Eve is the perfect time to be reflective, right? I was sitting on the couch watching a live broadcast of fireworks in Boston, it had just turned 7pm and the station cut-in to also show London, where the clock just struck midnight. Happy New Year! I decided it would be fun to join the online conversation and post something to Instagram but didn't really have anything new to share from my phone's gallery (and the light is too dim to snap any pics) so I revisited the archives of my barely functioning home computer.

I found this photo and it kind of stopped me in my tracks. Created in 2011 around the height of my being active on this blog and working tirelessly to build a portfolio of published writing and craft tutorials to support a book proposal. In 2013 my first book Tinkered Treasures was published by CICO Books, followed in 2014 by Seaside Tinkered Treasures, and a few years later came "the IKEA book" in various versions by different publishers. All the while I continued to write home features for shelter magazines. It was a busy time of making and writing and writing about making. So much has happened to me professionally since I wrapped some pencils in photocopies of fabric, topped them with paper roses, and snapped some pics.

I think of the past year and realize I didn't tinker very much with paper and glue. I did spend a lot of time writing, which is a great thing. I also realized that I'm not sharing about making as much and decided to rename my Instagram account to reflect that I'm instead posting more about my life and work and the things I find beautiful – and so with Elyse Major already taken – you can find me on Instagram now at elyse.press.major  It felt strange letting go of my "brand name" but it also seems like a good move forward. The account is still Tinkered Treasures on Facebook. Baby steps, right?

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy year ahead! Thank you for reading!


Sunday, February 3, 2019

insta inadvertent decor diary

We're living in an age where our every move is documented in some form or another. Sometimes this is a useful thing; for example in a few moments I retraced that instant when I decided to paint my kitchen-dining room walls white.

I saw the above post and GASP... began following each account involved in the making of this bright and simple mudroom. As commented, I was smitten with the white walls, woven blinds, and overall simplicity.

Ever the fickle decorating pickle, I'd been switching accents around in my dining room, most notably the window treatments and table coverings. Shabby Chic valances and a lace window panel; roller blinds striped with Frog tape for the IKEA book paired with yardage of floral cotton; and finally black and white checked valances with a section of brown kraft paper. Despite the look from varying exposures, always the white table, always the smoke blue Isabella dining chairs, and always the Spring Morn-painted walls. I always adored the dining decor but suddenly it seemed fussy.

Even a room in Dollhouse no. 2 received a test make-over with a white accent wall and matchstick blinds fashioned from toothpicks. I was ready for this change. Down came the valances and wall decor of the real kitchen and dining room, and in came buckets of pure white; painting was completed toward the end of September.

So fresh, open and clean, I didn't want to return anything except for the dining set. Of course pieces did make it back, including the addition of the living room armoire which couldn't accommodate the size of a new-to-us TV.

All of the wall decor and miscellaneous items ended up in the Girlie Office during the painting process.

I found affordable woven Roman shades at Overstock and as documented on Instagram, they were all installed by mid-November. The chandelier still hangs but I've been thinking of replacing it with this industrial pendant lamp that was once in my youngest son's room.

I am really enjoying the streamline look so much so, that no wall decor has been returned to either the kitchen or dining room walls. Will the Fresh Cut Flowers enamel sign return? Will there be a mirror or a painting? I want the spaces to have a coastal-farmhouse vibe but in the meantime, am leaving it be and enjoying the simplicity and will likely be documenting any progress on Instagram.

Thanks for reading and Happy February!