Monday, July 29, 2013

souvenirs on a dime

I remember being small and at the sea shore with my family. There would always be that part of the day left-over for wandering in and out of souvenir shops. I vividly recall having very little money to spend on trinkets. My family still teases me that I once entered a gift shop with only ten cents and still exited with a bag! (it was a scrap of fabric!) I just returned from a day trip to Cape Cod where I still love to search for the junkiest of souvenir shacks, and I offer to you some easy-to-make souvenirs on a dime.

One empty taffy box from Cape Cod Salt Water Taffy gets snipped into book marks

and post cards.

Collected sand fills a honey bottle and is labeled with an office tag

Fill a jam jar with beach glass or paint and hang a small shell from a bottle. Not near the sea? Fill a canning jar with Epsom salt and enjoy its prismatic effect in a window.

Use colorful containers to corral supplies ...

If you like these ideas, you're really going to swoon over my second book, coming Spring 2014. Speaking of which, I have been writing so much that when my family and I went to a lobster-themed gift shop (The Lobster Claw), I actually said out-loud, "What a lovely curated collection of crustacean." {Yikes!}

happy summer wishes




Hello Elyse,

Your new book theme sounds fabulous!


Wendy said...

Looking forward to your new book!!

NanaDiana said...

LOL- You have taken to having quite a command of the king's english there, Elyse. lol Can't wait to see your new book. xo Diana

Stevie said...

I love yor souvenir ideas. They're very creative!

Scrap for Joy said...

Every time we go to the beach I always want to gather it all up and bring it home. You've given me lots of ideas to actually do that! We go to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware every year (in September) and while there is no beach glass to find, I love the idea about bringing home some sand in an interesting bottle and make something with containers that are unique to the area. Thanks for the inspiration!!
My sister and her family are at the Cape right now for 2 weeks and when I see the photos on Facebook I long to go back there.
I'm sure Amazon will notify me as soon as the preorder is available for your next know I'll be ordering!

Unknown said...

Wonderful ideas, I love the idea of making those book marks. Can't wait to see the second book.


Jessica Rodarte said...

A second book? Really?!! Congratulations, Elyse!! I still need to pick up the first one. I need to catch up. :)
Being a penny pincher through and through, I like these ideas for inexpensive souvenirs. Anything in a jar makes me a happy lady.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

you sure think outside of the box....tee hee!

way to go on book TWO!!!
you go girl!

happy summer!!


Kit said...

This made me smile big time! Thanks, Kit

Amy C said...

Yeaaaah for you and huge congrats on your SECOND book
Love these fun and creative crafty tips, you are so awesome!

SLR said...

love all these little treasured ideas! you are the master of making the mundane, the everyday, CUTE!