Monday, November 28, 2011

giving thanks and getting ideas

Greetings! I spent a lovely and yummy Thanksgiving with family and stayed at my sister's new-to-her/dream-come-true lakeside cabin and just had to snap pics to share no matter what the lighting (so please bear with dark photos). Also, I am writing this as quickly as possible before running to meet my boys at the bus ... Catch as catch can!

My sister Betsy's cabin is quite adorable and she is having the bestest time ever "feathering" it.

Her bedroom has a view of the lake. {Note her own Anthro splurge on bedding}

My sister's cabin is decorated the way I think cabins should be -- with slipcovers, cheap finds (Betsy loves auctions) and GASP-induced splurges.

In the kitchen, Betsy had the upper cabinets removed and added beadboard and open shelving in their place.

Cabin Fever: Glasses from Dollar Tree, shelving brackets from Anthropologie, and a pretty decanter filled with dishwashing liquid!

Mirrors and mercury glass on the mantle

A small chandelier over the table

The day after Thanksgiving we visited Groff's Mill Pond Nursery to swoon over beautiful displays of decorations.

Love this idea of branches in mason jars filled with moss and natural items.

Inspiration on every shelf!

Wasn't it just summer ... yesterday?

Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving, too!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

stirring things up

Ever spend time at someone's house and it gives you the urge to try new things around your own home? It happens to me when I visit blogs and it happened recently in person after visiting Christine Chitnis' (Lavender and Limes) very cool home which features lovely blends of patterns, textures and tones, as evidenced in this shower curtain below with which I was instantly smitten!

Yep. Smitten with this Flamenco Shower Curtain from Anthropologie. I began to rationalize ...

The existing shower curtain
- Shows wear
- is discontinued
- Haven't found anything else that I like as much
- Price of current shower curtain x years of use = new shower curtain
- Oldest sister Betsy (a big Anthro fan) says to go for the new one

Today I headed to Anthropologie where there was only 1 left in aqua (surely a sign). While clutching to the shower curtain (mine!), I also found these Spoonful of Sugar knobs on clearance.

On to the small cabinet they went ...

Which of course, kicked off moving around furniture.

The dining room is generally set-up like this and it's pretty tight.

Experimenting, I pushed the table against a window/wall, diner-style.

It's a little different but it just might work.

I've been home alone today and am curious to see what everyone will think about these little changes, purchases and rationales! :)


Friday, November 11, 2011


Greetings! I know it's been a while. Probably the longest between posts since I began blogging. Things have been busy!

I am happy to have a Make It tutorial in December's sparkling issue of Romantic Homes. M's blog {OC Cottage} is in there along with Tiffany's site The Fancy Farmgirl, too!

I have all kinds of other stuff brewing ...

An Artisan profile of Margaret Owen coming up in Romantic Homes. {Learn about Margaret's Moroccan Sketchbook workshop in Marrakesh here}

Photo by Bronwyn of Casapinka

as well as a tour of Margaret's cheerful and very cool home for Cottages & Bungalows! This was my first time acting as stylist-photographer-writer and it was so much fun. {I'll share more when it's on newsstands this spring.}

Weeks later I did a "house tour" shoot of blogging pal Hilary's amazing farmhouse for Romantic Homes. {Again, so much to share later!}

There are two more Make It pieces coming up in 2012. Above is a sneeky peek of a Valentine's Day project.

And around the house, we finally started on some exterior projects.
(No, not the door yet ...)

And of course, keeping the boys busy, too!


As many of you know, writing for magazines has been a dreamy dream of mine that I have been working at for some time now. It amazes and delights me that it is happening. It's busy but boy, I am thrilled.

Recently I came across this construction paper bookmark I made when I was little.

Of course, it has "my logo" on the back (a big Miffy fan). I feel like my young self would be happy to see me still making things. I know my little self would GASP at my stash of crafting treasures! I do! :)

Still making book marks, too.

{A very special thank you to Karen for this gift of a post. I hope you'll visit her blog -- each post is assembled so thoughtfully and showcases the different mediums with which Karen works -- when she's not enjoying lovely New England towns, that is!}

So speaking of brewing, looks like a quiet moment for hot tea and blog visiting!!!