Saturday, September 24, 2011

crafting and gathering

When you like to tinker, you tend to save bits and pieces of almost anything with the thinking of "maybe I'll use this to make something someday ... "

I found my initial efforts of trying to keep this random assortment pretty organized (as in this older post photo) slipping through the cracks. It was becoming difficult to find what I needed when I needed it. The make-shift baker's rack-as-shelving in the Girlie Office closet just wasn't working.

Over the summer, The Hubs* installed some adjustable shelving. I quickly moved everything back in and it helped but still lacked organization. So you know what I did the other day?

Click to enlarge for a fun game of I-Spy!
Find 1 wreath; 3 corsage pins; 1 broken sea shell lady; the word "celebrate"

Yep. I dumped out every box in the closet to do a super-sort! Even my boys were shocked to witness the mess I had made but like I always say, sometimes it takes a mess to clean a mess. There I sat amongst scattered piles of bagged sequins, spools of thread, half sheets of stickers and much more with emptied photo boxes at the ready, determined to categorize my crafty chaos.

I soon determined categories worthy of titles and posted notes to each box.

I didn't want to invest in new boxes but still desired a tidy look so instead printed out uniform titles to label each box.

Much better. Now I feel more like a tinkerer and less like a hoarder (for the moment, anyway; in this closet, anyway)!

Can you relate?


*Is The Hubs a good reference for Jeff? Sounds better than Mr. Cottage or Mr. Troll. Hmmm?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

good golly! c&r winner announced

I am so happy to announce the winner of the Cabbages & Roses & Fabric & Book giveaway is dear, fun (and funny!) Holly of Cutie Pie Cottage (used to be Girls at Heart).

{As you know, winners are selected using}

Thank you to everyone who entered and Tweeted and voted and Shared!

I just know that Holly will make the best use of the lovely fabric and so enjoy swooning over this book (I have borrowed it from my library countless times ... I should just buy it already!).

Also, still waiting to hear from Trish who won a subscription to Cottages & Bungalows at this giveaway.

{Winners: Just email me!}

Happy Fall!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

cabbages & roses fabric & book giveaway

Do you have a clothesline? This breezy image courtesy of Cabbages & Roses sure makes me want one. Ever since learning about Cabbages & Roses on Fifi's blog, I have been swooning over their catalogs, blogging about them, even indulging in a small purchase. Recently I won C&R fabric from Laura at 52Flea and am happy that I can pay-it-forward by hosting a similar contest.

The giveaway celebrates the launch of Cabbages & Roses new line for Moda Fabrics. This is the first time that C&R fabric is available in the U.S.! The new line is called Northcote Range and is a beautiful vintage-inspired collection of florals, stripes and motifs. Here's what you could win ...

1 yard of this floral print

1 yard of this solid print

C&R founder Christina Strutt's beautiful book At Home with Country

To enter this giveaway simply leave a comment. A winner will be chosen at random on September 21, 2011.
  • For an additional entry, please share news of this giveaway in some way (Facebook, blog post, Twitter, email) and return with a comment letting me know
  • For a third and fourth unrelated/favor entry, please visit this link and vote for Old County Road School PTA to win a $50K grant to build a new playground. {Thank you}


Monday, September 12, 2011

beaucoup bouquets

The word bouquet is defined as "flowers picked and fastened together in a bunch." But as we You've Got Mail fans know, bouquets can consist of other gathered items such as "newly sharpened pencils." This notion had me snapping photos of other possible non-traditional "bouquets" around the house.

A bouquet of flatware

A bouquet of desk supplies

A bouquet of craft paint (Martha Stewart's new line at Michaels!)

A bouquet of note paper and cards

A bouquet of business cards

Do you have any bouquets of somethings around your home?

Well, off to do a bouquet of laundry ... ;)


Sunday, September 4, 2011

gather ye berries ...

Berry season is beginning to wind-down and I'm trying to make the best of the last of the season. As you may have guessed, it's not just the produce I enjoy.

I have always liked the simple containers commonly found at farm stands. Sweet as-is in their no-nonsense functionality, I decided it might be fun to print-out words on patterned paper and adhere them to the containers. I even gave one basket a coat of pink paint.

A quick stroke of glue stick to affix the paper to the basket followed by a coat of decoupage medium as a sealant was all it took to take these containers from the cart ...

to the table as holders of muffins and napkins.

What better way to celebrate the beginning of the end of summer ...

To make these muffins:
Corn muffin mix + fresh blueberries and raspberries