Sunday, November 29, 2009

pretty shopping: trellis

I hope everyone had a delicious and happy Thanksgiving. We visited my sisters and their families in southern New Jersey where between awesome meals we had fun walking around historic Philadelphia and rocking out to The Beatles Rock Band game.

Naturally the sisters took a little detour for some pretty shopping ...

This is Trellis Antiques & Interiors in Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Trellis has wonderful books, pretty paper selections from F.G.&Co., vintage items,

and many inspiring displays using cloches.

Okay, well many post-trip duties await!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

pretty easy pie

This post is a bit of a re-tooling from last fall's Easy as Pie but I think it's worth sharing, especially during prime pie baking season.

{I use a very simple and yummy pumpkin pie recipe from Libby's. I also use a refrigerated pre-made crust.}

When the pie has about fifteen minutes left in the oven, I begin to cut shapes from the 2nd pie crust included in the box. I found these small leaf cookie cutters a few years ago at Target.

Click to enlarge

Once the shapes are cut, I place them on a baking sheet covered with foil and sprayed lightly with cooking spray. I like to draw lines on the leaves with a knife and make dots with a tooth pick; then I sprinkle on cinnamon.

Right about now the pie is usually done and out of the oven so in goes my baking sheet. It usually takes 6-8 minutes for the leaves to bake.

When the pie has cooled slightly, I gently insert the leaf cut-outs.

Tomorrow I'll be baking this pie among other things as we get ready for my favorite meal of the year, Thanksgiving!

From my cottage to yours, a very happy, healthy and delicious Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a special order

Well, friends, my clothespin doll craze continues ...

Please bear with me as I share my glee over completing the special order of six dolls with doll kits for Terri at the glittered nest.
{love that blog name}

Three dolls with brown hair and three with blond

All dolled-up with the goal of making six little girls swoon over them

I enjoy designing so naturally putting together a booklet was in order

I also love assembling little packages (as you may already know)

This wonderfully shabby box from Cindy has been serving as my tool box

I also included some extra odds and ends for Terri (who I'm guessing will host a doll making party). With the special order on its way, I am now moving on to playing with holiday colors ...

Thank you again for hanging in there for this long post!


Monday, November 16, 2009

pink + mint + red

Each time I visit Torie Jayne's blog, I just GASP over the decorating ideas she compiles and presents.

This photo makes me want to wrap my table in oilcloth and add little pops of red. (How would I adhere the cloth so that it could be removable? Secret duct tape?)

Love these bright color combinations from PiP Studio (another pick from Torie Jayne)

But back to pink + mint + red . . .

I nearly fell over (or off a tiny chair) when I saw these ornaments yesterday at the Martha Stewart section of Kmart. They are part of the Festive Confections line.

GASP! How completely adorable! I like the tripling of the satin roses.
Note to self: Add satin roses to Michaels shopping list

As sweet as these "novelty ornaments" would be on a tree, I plan to display them someplace in my kitchen or dining room. Maybe hung on the wall or from the chandelier by ribbons? Any ideas are welcome and appreciated, as always!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

doll delight

Have you ever enjoyed making something so much that you almost can't stop?

I have been making little clothespin dolls and I sneak in small applications throughout the day.

Here is how it all began ... again ...

For the I thought of you swap, Debi sent me a box of vintage clothespins so for our birthday swap, I made Debi a little doll using one of the clothespins and included a photo on my presents revealed! blog post. Recently blogging friend Teri saw the doll and asked if I could make dolls and doll kits for her to give as presents. How fun!

So the little assembly line began ...

But I wanted to experiment on other dolls. Things like: how to get the hair right, how to make their clothes, how to draw their faces ...

Now I can't stop! I plan to make more for my online shops.

I made this one when I was about 12. My sister Dede found it and gave it to me to illustrate that I have always been creative.
(Sweetie Dede)

Teri, here is a sneak peek at the girls. They are awaiting their tulle skirts and embellishments. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

I actually posted earlier today to announce Aimee as the winner of my giveaway. While I have a free moment, I couldn't help but post again. Thank you for indulging me! I'm not very good with will power these days -- dolls, posts, cookies -- what's a girl to do? Enjoy!


giveaway winner announced

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my giveaway. Your comments about what I make for my shops were not only helpful, they were encouraging! I have just selected a winner using Congratulations to cutie pie Aimee from The Daily Apron.

Visit Aimee's blog and be amazed at how this busy mom of six can find time to make pancakes from scratch and cheerfully decorate her home, all while looking so adorable. Inspiring!

Thank you again so much for visiting and commenting -- it always brightens my day!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

my new lollishop giveaway

During my recent visit to Cape Cod there was a must-stop at Chatham Candy Manor for chocolate covered cranberries. The boxes the shop uses are the perfect pink.

I asked for an empty box.

And I have filled it with no-calorie treats for a giveaway to officially announce the opening of my Lollishop, Tinkered Treasures. My Lollishop has all of the same things my Etsy shop does; I just wanted to give it a try because I really like the way Lollishops promotes itself and its vendors.

All you need to do to enter is ...

Visit my Lollishop

And leave a comment at this post about what you like best: is it the things I tinker with, like the Pretty Organized sets, or things I assemble, like the treasure bags?

I have been busy stocking up my little shops and your helpful comment will be my marketing research.

Again, to enter my giveaway just leave a comment on this post. I will use to select a winner on Thursday, November 12.

Thanks for playing!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my new toy

The other day while meandering around Michaels, I noticed flocking powder for the very first time.

I applied it as I would glitter and like the subtle fuzzy layer it adds.

What other craft goodies am I still unaware of? Any favorites to share?