Monday, August 31, 2009

miniature makeover

While milling around at Michaels the other night, I bought this unfinished miniature piece of furniture. I thought it would be fun to shabbify and if it turned out nicely, give as a gift to a friend who is furnishing her doll house. Do you think it needs anything else or is it finished? I'm undecided.

Okay, time to get offline. There is lots to do to get ready for tomorrow. Gulp.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

nancy & elyse

Last night my best friend since high school and I had a girls’ night out. We had a leisurely dinner, did a cruise through Michaels and HomeGoods and then the pièce de résistance wasn’t dessert (which we actually skipped), it was seeing Julie & Julia. We both realized it had been a while since either of us had seen a movie that didn’t include a talking animal.

I really enjoyed Julie & Julia. Amy Adams was delightful and Meryl Streep was amazing. The period sets, locations and costumes were great. Many sweet laughs and of course BLOGGING! Very enjoyable!

Today I find myself thinking about the movie and remembering something fun that I want to share. After college I worked for a couple of years doing film and video production. Some of the coolest and worst experiences I ever had! One job was to be an on-set P.A. (production assistant aka gofer) at the home of Nancy Verde Barr, cookbook author and executive chef to Julia Child from 1980 to 1998, among her other credits, for the filming of a Food Network show.

This was over a dozen years ago but I remember Nancy’s home being beautiful and just like Julia’s kitchen, there were copper pots and pans. The show was about hosting a dinner party and Nancy added special touches like using small framed photos of each guest as their place card. Nancy demonstrated how to crush a head of garlic with the flat part of a large chopping knife.

As the lowly P.A. I was busy running back and forth to local markets for ingredients like smoked salmon and asparagus. I remember one of Nancy's assistants was very arrogant with me and so one of the grips would refer to her as Fred Flintstone to make me smile. Ah, memories!

bon appetit & xo

Friday, August 28, 2009

my blogthday giveaway winner announced

Today is the 1st birthday of my blog or as I like to call it, my blogthday.

Thank you so much to everyone for your sweet, well-wishes and for entering my giveaway.

And now without further adieu – the winner (selected using is Janice at The Faded Cottage! Congratulations, Sweetie! Janice’s blog features beautiful images like this (below) and today is her weekly swoonfest: Chippy Paint Fridays

This (first) year of blogging has been a truly amazing experience: one of friendship, support, generosity, encouragement, and inspiration. Blogging has really become part of my life. cottage is like my own little online clubhouse where I can relax, chat, share, unselfconsciously swoon and gasp, and be inspired! I thank you all and appreciate each comment and visit so much.


Cheri of It’s So Very Cheri creates pretty nests using vintage pages and fills them with painted eggs and handmade, layered tags. Cheri recently had a giveaway and I was among the lucky winners. I have two boys so Cheri placed two eggs in my basket. Adorable. And a perfect match for my living room, too! Thank you, Cheri, so very much!


I was contacted to participate in a virtual book tour with TLC Book Tours. My review of the novel House and Home will be posted on my blog September 1. I even was able to interview author Kathleen McCleary and all be included in my post. Hope you’ll come by!

Thank you all again for making my 1st blogthday a happy one!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a shared "vintage vision"

I had been a strict Pottery Barn devotee for years. Long before becoming a magazine addict, Pottery Barn catalogs were my strict go-to guides for decorating. Even if pieces weren’t from Pottery Barn, they had the look and feel.

When we bought our house and were packing to move in, I nearly fainted over the above Pottery Barn layout featuring a small space dining area. It had to be. With the exception of the table (because we had a pedestal table already and my tall husband was growing tired of knocking-knees at meals) I bought it all.

"Before" with the Pottery Barn set

Once we settled into our new home I hung blue paint chips all over the walls to determine the right shade. And then it happened …

Country Decorating Ideas Presents #91 • Romantic Country

I bought this lovely magazine and it featured the most beautiful kitchen and dining area in an article entitled, Vintage Vision.

I couldn’t get the green Depression glass hardware out of my mind. I swooned over the same two pages for months over breakfast. I decided I would get the hardware in blue but when viewing it online, I didn’t have the same reaction as I had to the green. Green?


This changed everything.

I painted directly over the mossy cabinets and then sanded them for a distressed finish.

I ordered the hardware from the source listed in the magazine: House of Antique Hardware.

I painted the walls a pale green and everything else white ...

including the ceiling fan (to which I also added decals).

Plates were displayed

Floral fabrics were hung and crystals were added

And through the article showcasing Elizabeth Holguin's beautiful home, I was even lead to one of the first blogs I'd ever seen, The Shabby Romantic (although I think it has ceased).

Amazing how one magazine article lead me to so many things including shabby style and blogging (which then lead me to reawakened creativity, my Etsy shop, and many new treasured friendships). Warmest appreciation for the editorial inspiration of the Fabulous Fifi!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

first sign of fall

My new Cath Kidston Autumn magazine/catalog just arrived!

click here to view it or click here to order it free!

I guess I'm too big for this. Maybe it could hold craft or office supplies? It is so sweet.

Okay, better go because we're planning to go here and there's lots to do ...


Friday, August 21, 2009

a story for pink saturday

Once upon a summer, there were two bloggers. One liked to tinker while the other liked to sew. After many comments admiring each other's handiwork the bold tinkerer uttered the magical words ...

Would you like to swap some of your hearts for some of my clothespins?

The two friends happily agreed to send each other packages once the busy-ness of the season began to wane. And they did.

Here is what I received today from the very dear and multi-talented Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.


Claudia packaged everything like a dream. Pinks and blues, prettiest papers, and sweet surprises!

~ SIGH ~

Receiving this was a real bright spot in a very worrisome day. My six year-old spent the day at the ER for breathing problems due to an upper respiratory infection. He is fine and home now. Thanks so much also to Sharon for being such a sweetie while I was online and nervous.

I truly adore it all!

I think I shall name the little figure Millie for Mockingbird Hill. What do you think?

And the friends blogged happily ever after ...

Claudia is planning a little swap post of her own. Please tell her Millie sends her love and wishes her a very happy Pink Saturday!


Please visit Beverly for more tales of Pink Saturday finds and friendship!
There is still time to enter my 1st blogthday giveaway. Click here for details.