Monday, December 1, 2008

A Visit to The Painted Cottage

I am back from my Thanksgiving trip. Full of turkey, memories, and photos! I must have taken sixty photos at The Painted Cottage between the studio, cafè and home store. Don't worry: I've narrowed it down to about seven pics (but that may change next time I'm re-reading my own post)! I am hoping to capture the inspired feeling I get when I walk through the Studio and workspace.

I can only hope that this photo, taken on the first floor of the studio (yes, there are 2nd floors in both the Studio and Home stores) gives a sense of the many amazing things for sale.

This exposed painted brick wall is so beautiful: it makes me want to build one inside my home!

Pale shades of aqua and pink are everywhere, as are mosaics, pillows, chandeliers, painted furniture, architectural finds, pretty hardware ...

The fabrics make me want to overcome my fear of patterns and finally use my "new" sewing machine (last year's Christmas gift from my husband)

More furniture upstairs at the Studio

Views of the workspace. GASP! Paint, fabrics, furniture, dishes!

Main level of the Home store (located in the Woolworth's building. See previous post for exterior)

Artist and co-owner, Valerie Boothroyd with her beaming fan: me! How cool and busy is Valerie? Well, she seated my party for lunch at the cafè and then was at the Home store willing to be in this photo afterward! Thank you. :)


shabbyscraps said...

Lovely blog Eylse! And holy cow, you look like my sister in law's Twin!!!
xoxox, Tiffany

Shell in your Pocket said...

Oh my that is a dream!!! Where is it???? I love those pillows..I love it all!
-sandy toes


Oh my gosh it looks like Heaven to me!!! Show us more, I could look at the pic's all day.LOL. I soooo wish I lived closer to that store, but it is probably a good thing that I don't, but what good inspiration! I hope your family enjoyed your holiday.
P.S. I have that brick wall in my house!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful tour of this great shop, Elyse! Everything is gorgeous, and the photos turned out great. I love shopping with you.

Anonymous said...


And if it helps to boost your interest in sewing, I have a few of those fabrics in my stash -- you can use some if you like ;)


Jen Kershner said...

What a place of beauty that is! Thanks for the tour.

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Elyse!

wow, that really is some store! Id be popping in there weekly if they were closer! and, lol, I'd have to restrain myself from taking it ALL home too :)!! what a beautiful shop! her pieces are stunning and all that white furniture? omg, I want it all! I love exposed brick too, it makes everything so cottagey!

Thanks for sharing the tour! its inspirational for sure! Im painting my dining table soon so I clicked on some pics to see the details :) I have a feeling my dining table is going to look like your blue and white side table that you painted, I love that too!

Have a great day sweetie! xox

Amy C said...

Oh what a fun place. I love the fabrics.

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a darling place to go shop. It's my kind of store for sure. I could spend hours in there.



Hi Elyse,
Thanks so much for the award, I'm honored (: I have really enjoyed your blog and your decorating style, thanks again! I'll have to look for the rose mint candies, after you mentioned them, I do think my Nana had those also.

Liz Harrell said...

Oh wow. Were you just ready to paint every stick of furniture in your house? That's always how I react when I visit shops like that. So inspiring!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Oh my, beautiful photos of beautiful things! Shabby chic style just takes my breath away! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by to see my Turkey Day decor including my son's special art!

Glitter & Bliss said...

Oh looks like heaven. I love the pink tree. It looks like you had a great time. I'm sooo glad.

Anonymous said...

There is a time for every purpose under heaven and now is your time to write the article about Valerie and the store. The photos are lovely!


Vintage Rose Collection said...

Your items look fabulous, wish you the best of luck on your show.. Wish I could shop too..
Happy Holidays from my home to yours!