Monday, November 2, 2015

tinkering is tinkering no matter what size

Whether I'm crafting something large or small, my go-to supplies are pretty much the same: foam brushes, low-tack (painter's) tape, decoupage medium, a glue stick, paint and paper.

Lately I've been tinkering some large-scale items. I had the idea to turn a children's wardrobe and chair into a desk suite. You might even call this endeavor an Ikea Hack.

Click on image to enlarge for detail
I found color inspiration from a package of floral/khaki PiP Studio napkins -- a superfind discovered at a HomeGoods store. At the time, the vibrant choice seemed bold for me but looking at it now, it's pretty much aligned with my favored colorway. I had small pots of interior paint mixed to match the colors of the napkin.

The hubs helped by using the existing shelf as a template, and cut a second as a work space from a sheet of plywood and installed it at desk level.

I covered the top-back of the MÄLARÖ chair and inside-back of the SUNDVIK wardrobe with open napkins, adhering with glue stick and sealing very gently with brush strokes of decoupage medium aka Mod Podge. I first tried using spray-mount but found that it was just too fumacious (and the wardrobe was too bulky to bring outside for that step).

I was going for a paint-dipped effect for the chair legs. I might re-do them using spray paint for better adherence to the metal legs.

I painted the inside of the wardrobe the khaki of the napkin background and once dry, began to outfit the piece with other Ikea items such as these SOCKERKAKA baking cups thumb-tacked to the inside door as small supply catch-alls.

Using hook-and-loop tape, I mounted SKURAR metal candle dishes for use as a magnetic board and a mini chalk board (with a cut circle of chalkboard oilcloth affixed with glue) for messages.

Hardware source: Primrose and Company and Sea Rose Cottage
The idea is that for a small space, everything can close when work is done.

But when open for business, provides a compact space that is charming and inspiring.

Isn't the mini chandelier so fun?! It's meant for a locker, is battery-operated and is secured using hook-and-loop adhesive.

No matter what size project you're tackling, just remember that it doesn't have to be perfect. Enjoy the process. Mistakes can be disguised and will add character -- and stories -- to your one of a kind treasure!


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Cindy said...

Super cute!! How did you get the image from the napkin on the inside of the armoire?

Cindy said...

Super cute!! How did you get the image from the napkin on the inside of the armoire?

Elyse said...

thank you for your comment!

actual napkins are affixed to the surface like wallpaper. posted using glue stick and sealed using light, gently applied coats of decoupage medium / mod podge.

not difficult but a little time consuming.


Kit said...

Oh my! This is by far, so gorgeous. What a cute place to work at. Great job! Kit

debi said...

oh, this is so sweet! love the colors, and the idea.

Theresa said...

You are always having fun:) Love seeing your beautiful creations! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

permanent magenta said...

Absolutely charming, all the parts and the whole!

permanent magenta said...
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