Monday, April 1, 2013

paris: day 2

Image source: Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais
Well, it's about time I wrap up my series of posts on my trip with the second and final day in Paris. It was a quick-paced whirlwind of a trip for my sister Betsy and me, propelled by momentum and excitement. However, for my first time being so far from my boys, the length of the trip was just right.

Betsy and I decided to greet our full day in Paris with room service of le petit déjeuner which was quite wonderful even though it was not so petit.

Betsy insisted that our first stop be Le Bon Marché, a stunning department store designed by Gustav Eiffel. Imagine a bright and airy Nordstrom with a fabric section. I proudly ordered myself a meal at one of its cafes that had no cheese* but did have "caille" -- a word I could not locate until after I was back home: quail!

We spent hours leisurely strolling along the Champs Elysees ...

We nibbled macarons and sipped coffee and tea at Laduree ...

And enjoyed dinner before wishing the city of light a bonne nuit.

Back at our hotel I tapped away to share images and words by phone before attempting to close my suitcase and shut my eyes for a night of replaying brilliant moments such as musicians playing traditional French music on the Metro.

It was all like a wonderful dream.

Pre-trip Collage from this Post

It must be the writer in me that seeks to define what London and Paris meant during my brief visits. I loved them both. London was very much the kindred spirit, the long-lost, ruddy-faced best friend -- all warmth and smiles -- while Paris was like a crush -- where I wasn't completely at ease but smitten and attracted nonetheless.


*I just may be the one person you will ever meet who detests cheese.


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I went back and read all of the posts on your trip that I had missed. Oh, it sounds like the PERFECT trip...memories for a lifetime and you hit all of the best places! I have been in London and Paris before and came away with exactly the same impressions of the people and places as you. I love London and hope to return one day, they love us folks from the USA


vivian said...

what a wonderful adventure you had. I wish I liked to travel, as there are places Id like to see. but I really dont like flying!
And I cant not imagine hating cheese.. but I think I might be thinner if I did! lol!
have a lovely day.

Lucille said...

Hi Elyse! Wow! What a huge breakfast! That was one fantastic, unforgettable trip you and your sister shared. I just want to add that I read your wonderful article on Keeping it Natural in the last Romantic Country magazine. That is one of my favourite magazines.

Kit said...

What a glorious trip! I felt like I was there and I so wanted those pastries....LOL Glad you had such a wonderful time. Kit

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us Elyse as I probably won't ever get to experience it in person but love seeing it through other's eyes! So glad you were able to go.

What great plans to you have in the works now that your book is published?

Had 2 lovely Spring like days- even got out and cleaned out my veggie garden. Today it is back to winter- cold and little snowflakes swirling here and there not knowing quite were to land!

bee blessed

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...

Hello Elyse,

What a fabulous trip you had. I enjoyed looking at all your photos.

Yummy petit dejeneur you had! :o)


debi said...

Wow! You just never know about cheese, huh? :)

Thanks for sharing your dreamy trip with us Elyse. It's been fun to 'go along' with you. I especially love your description of both cities.

dancemom88 said...

Just landed back in the good 'ol U.S.of A. Sat. after 5 bitterly freezing cold days in Paris. As a first time visitor, I fell in love with the food, pastries and especially walking the streets eating a baguette. (I could only imagine the looks I'd get should I attempt that in some of our cities, lol!) That being said, your comment re: not feeling completely 'at ease' truly hit home. The history and architecture was amazing but so made me feel rather 'small' at times. I look forward to my next trip and continued exploration of a country that still has alot to reveal...hopefully in warmer weather when the window boxes are in bloom! (You are not the only one who detests cheese...especially the smelly variety ;) oxoxo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

We were in Paris 2 years ago and loved it. My husband and oldest son enjoyed Bon Marche while me and my youngest opted to take the subway back to the hotel where we were serenaded by the wonderful subway musicians. I just loved walking, walking, walking the streets of gay Paris. We went at a time that was cool and crisp in the evening. So beautiful! :) Tammy

Rose Brier Studio said...

ah elyse, how lovely you and betsy got to spend time together in paris. what a grand thing! while it may seem i have dropped off the face of the blogosphere, i think of you often and am so pleased by your success. maybe you and betsy will come visit me this summer. i'd love to see you again.
all the best,

Rose Brier Studio said...
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SLR said...

what a dream! Laduree...squeeeeee!!
I loved how you summed up london and paris at the end...i think that's exaactly how it would be for me too.