Monday, March 18, 2013

paris: day 1

Dear Blog, I went to Paris.

Sounds kind of silly doesn't it, but for the past five years this blog has been the closest thing to a diary I have ever kept. A dynamic journal with a search function, this weblog has become a part of my life: a place where I share, document and connect. Before I ramble endlessly about all that blogging continues to mean to me, I'll continue with tonight's dreamy entry.

Dear Blog, I went to Paris. One month ago ...

If you're just tuning in, you can catch the trip's backstory here but in a nutshell, once I decided to go to London there was no way I was skipping Paris. And Paris looks like this. Like a post card. Like a work of art. Like a dream.

Here is the shop where I needed to communicate with gestures that I would like some ribbon cut.

Silly me. I could barely keep my mercis from my bon jours but tried my best.
My traveling companion / beloved oldest sister Betsy, booked two nights for us at the elegant Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais where she had stayed years before after reading about it in a magazine. We took a taxi directly from the train, dropped off our luggage and began strolling le Marais section of Paris.

Every few steps I would look at Betsy, grab her arm and say, "We're in Paris! This is crazy!" and she'd always reply, "No. It's wonderful!"

Click to enlarge
 Our first night we just walked and walked and walked ...

Bon jour!
 We walked to Angelina to sip cups of rich hot chocolate amidst grand surroundings.

We walked to the Roue de Paris and took a spin for a brilliant aerial view of the city at night.

Skipping the Metro and taxis to explore!
We walked across the Seine River on the gilded Alexander III bridge, always keeping our eyes on our prized destination, our grounded North Star ...

Me and Betsy
GASP ... the Eiffel Tower.

Pinch me!
I didn't go up, I wanted only to gaze upon it. It's beautiful. It's magic. It's Paris.

No dinner? No problem. Il est merveilleux!
We returned to the vicinity of our hotel for dinner and wandered into Le Coude Fou. At once rustic and vibrant, the bistro features walls covered in art, chalkboards scrawled with long lists of wines, and tables of friends spilling over with lively conversation. With no translations on the menu, it was definitely a place for locals and me with my limited French, obviously only ordered wine and a cup of soup for dinner. C'est la vie! It was wonderful.

Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais
Who could sleep?

Stay tuned for the final day of our whirlwind trip. And always remember, it all begins with a thought, with an idea, with a dream!



NanaDiana said...

Oh-I feel just like like I was right there with you- What a wonderful dream come true, Elyse. I am so so happy that you got to do this! It looks perfect-like a postcard-like a dream! xo Diana

Art and Sand said...

I went to Paris with my sister. We took our daughters. It was a magical vacation and will remain til the end of my days on my Top Ten list.

Aren't the shops wonderful!

dancemom88 said... glad I just stumbled onto your about timing, lol! Leaving for Paris THIS Sunday with daughters (21 and 24) and husband. Have never been. Staying on left bank. Wrote down 'Angelina' and 'Le Coude Feu'! Will def stop very excited! oxoxo Susan

Katy Noelle said...

My blog is my diary, too! An uber diary! But, don't you know, I've made a solemn vow to make shorter blogposts and always think I've succeeded but alas... I marvel at your restraint! =P

I LOVE the map of 'le longue walk'!!! =D and I didn't know the (er, can't remember the name of it, now) pastry shop and followed the link with curiousity. You should have heard the gasp when the picture of the pastries popped up! ;) and I just love hearing about all of this!!! You must have been so tired, though! Did it feel like a waking dream, I wonder? Especially wandering around at night?! WHAT an adventure!! =D


Anonymous said...

BIG smile on my face as I read your post! I'm so happy you were able to go, elyse!

As many times as I have flown, it still amazes me how far you can go in a day! It makes me feel a little bit like a time traveler. :)

Melinda said...

What fun for you.

M :)

Lucille said...

Elyse, what a lovely relationship you and your sister share! That hotel room in the photo is so French. It's simple but yet elegant! You look so cute with your black top and the lace collar. Almost like a little girl! Paris is magical, isn't it? There is not another place in the world quite like it!

Kit said...

Yay! You did all the things I would do. I am living thru you and we are having a marvelous trip. Have you bought some lovely treasures? Kit

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures showing what a wonderful time you had:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Unknown said...

What gorgeous photos Elyse. This looks like a book too! Such a dreamy city and so many wonderful memories that you have forever.


debi said...

Elyse, I'm so happy you got to live the dream! Your photos are beautiful!

Kaylovesvintage said...

looks like you having a wonderful time

boomerang jane said...

Loving your trip to London & Paris. You retell it well with such wonderful photos.

Anonymous said...

Now that hotel looks like how I would imagine Paris to look! It looks coy, quaint and elegant all at the same time. Ah, maybe, one day I'll get to see "Gay Paree".