Tuesday, July 24, 2012

summer reflection

Today a photographer came over to take my picture for the book jacket! I was so nervous and self-conscious at first but we clicked instantly and she really put me at ease.

What made it extra nice was that she liked my home so much and made me see it again through fresh eyes.

Recently I had compiled and taken photos to be part of my sweet blogging pal Stacey's A Sort Of Fairytale Blogger Home Tour series, and thought I'd share some of them here.

I like to think that graphic touches like the metal M keep things from being too feminine in a house with boys ...

and make up for spots like this which are admittedly pretty girlie.

Ball fringe fastened only with clothespins due to my fickle-pickle tendencies adds texture to the plain lamp shade.

As I told Stacey, I love beach cottage style where things are light, casual and utilitarian. At 2.3 miles from a pond, I like to consider my home A Sort Of Beach Cottage.

A tension rod and two cafe valances conceal all kinds of not-so-pretty remotes and things in the living room.

The shower curtain, a no-remorse splurge, really makes an impact in our home's one and only tiny bathroom.

Putting together content for Stacey pushed me to finally try framing fabric in embroidery hoops. Love this and it could not have been easier or faster. The fabric in the medium hoop is reversed for slight variation.

Took this photo a while ago for Cottages & Bungalows.

It's enjoyable to create a collage (using an online source like PicMonkey) to get a glimpse of your tastes, palette and motifs all at once.

When we moved into our house I used this jar of seaglass as my color inspiration.

Treasured Tips
- Trashy beaches are the best bet for finding sea glass. Found all of this in one day!
- Visit Stacey's delightful blog for all kinds of design inspiration.



Katy Noelle said...

Dear Elyse,

I'm so cheering for you - so excited about your book - your endeavors - your summer with your boys home!!! What a wonderful woman you are! =]

I've been silent, lately, but I want you to know - I still jump with joy to read your posts - I go and buy the magazine, every time you share that you're in one =D and, well.... in short! I'm a fan!!!

Love you! ;) =] and, Warmest wishes (though, for sure, it can stay 'cool' outside, please, eh?!)


Jessica said...

Elyse, your house it absolutely beautiful! It truly belongs in a magazine! So, so pretty!


Unknown said...

Hello Elyse!
How exciting...the book jacket :)
LOVE the peek into your home. Can I ask, what is the maker of those beautiful rose drapes (the ballonish valance)? I want them...and your whole house!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oooo-wee! (Said Jethro) I love looking at your home! I can hardly wait to have my own again!

I look forward to seeing your book pic, elyse! ♥

Unknown said...

Beautiful home, love all your things. Kx

debi said...

I love your sweet home! Every time I see pics of it, I want to redo everything in mine!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Such a pretty, cottagey home you have, Elyse. Delightful!
Congratulations on the book cover and progress - very exciting.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Hi! My name is, Susie. I don't know how I have never found your blog before today! It is wonderful. I do love all the pictures of your house. It is full of one inspiration after another. I really like the frame fabric in the embroidery hoops, what a clever way to display the pretty prints, and pull the fabric into a decorating piece! Maybe you can visit my blog some time. I am your newest follower, Thanks so much.

SLR said...

Oh how exciting, I bet the picture of you will be great! Loved having you over to my blog for the tour and equally loved seeing your home again here...I am just smitten with your style :)
Thank you for all the sweet mentions here, by the way!

NanaDiana said...

Congratulations on your cover shoot. I always love peeking at your home-it really makes me smile- xo Diana

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh this is so exciting, I can't wait until it is out! Your house is adorable!


Melinda said...

Looks so fresh and pretty!

M :)

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Elyse,
You have such a sweet cottage! I always enjoy visiting and seeing what you're up to. Though, I've been off the blog circuit for nearly 6 months, I always go to my favorites; you're one of them.
Thank you for sharing so much a part of you with all of us.
Congrats on your book!

Into Vintage said...

SO amazing to read you're having your photo taken for a book cover, you author, you!! I am beyond excited to see the book when it's published. :-)

Nany said...

Oh Elyse happy to read this....congrats...hugs...

Unknown said...

Every inch of your home spells cozy and lovely. Your house is so beautiful, and I think what makes it most enchanting is the attention you pay to each detail.

I love the first room, the colors make me want to move right in, and you should always feel proud of your enchanting cottage.

Between your beautiful portrait and the backdrop of your lovely home, everyone will want to buy this book.


Theresa said...

Beauty all around! I know that your guests can hardly believe how each and every space has your special touch and is SO YOU! I love the shower curtain:) I would love to have that one too!

Have a blessed day dear Elyse! HUGS!

koralee said...

Your home has always inspired me my friend....it is soooo lovely. xoxo

Sandi said...

Your home is beautiful Elyse!! Pleaes let us know when the book comes out!!

Shabby Sweet Tea said...

I am visiting for the first time and thrilled to be here. First thing, you have such a lovely name and I adore the spelling! Second, a book jacket?? Well congrats on that!I am very excited for you. Your beach (pond) cottage is precious.
Happy Friday!
Elyse @ Shabby Sweet Tea

boomerang jane said...

Hi Elyse.

Popping over from the other lovely Elyse's blog (Shabby Swwet Tea). How has it taken me so long to discover all these amazing blogs. I'm an interior designer by trade, but haven't practiced except for in my own home for a while. The creative juices are flowing again, and I'm so glad to have such wonderful inspiration with your blogs.

Loving your home. Had to giggle that I too, have a lamp (with crystal beading instead of the cute ball fringe) that is held together with pins AND I have that exact same white shutter, sanded like that in my bedroom. Love!

Cheers from Down Under
Kylee xx

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Elyse...how exciting having pictures take for your own book!

Your house looks so pretty!

Roberta said...

A picture for the book jacket...oh my!!! Good for you Elyse!! Everything is sooo pretty:) xo

Kit said...

I just loved visiting your home! If I could have a second home, I would decorate it just like yours. It is fresh and pretty. Kit

Jen Kershner said...

That is SO exciting Elyse! I'm so, so happy for you! Your hard work will soon pay off!

Anonymous said...

The blues are dreamy and what a special jumping out color for your beautiful photos! I enjoyed this!

Heaven's Walk said...

A book? Congrats to you, Elyse! How exciting! When will it be out? Loved seeing more photos of your sweet home! So very pretty! :)

xoxo laurie