Monday, June 11, 2012

immediate inspiration

It happened again. A quiet opportunity presented itself to indulge in a magazine. I poured a cup of coffee, opened the windows, fluffed the couch pillows just-so and relaxed to enjoy my new issue of Country Living, British Edition.

A quick browse at the newsstand had let me know this issue would be fabulous! There I was -- all comfy, in the calm of a weekend morning -- and then SCREECH!

The feature Bring out the bunting! immediately sparked something. Up I sprang from my cozy nest of pillows and paper to get busy!

I gathered scraps of oilcloth and even a pretty market bag from TJ Maxx.

Fashioned a little template (like I did here) and got snippy!

Then brought out the bunting and festooned my beyond-shabby shed

and equally shabby adjacent wheelbarrow hideaway.

Then it was back to the magazine (and very cold coffee).

Or was it? :)

Not quite. It was online to PicMonkey to make a collage.

Currently between deadlines! Off to do some blog visiting! If I have been missing visiting your blog (repeatedly), my sincere apologies. Please leave a comment on my Tinkered Treasures Facebook page with a link to a recent post and I'll be sure to pop on over!


My little cape cod house is featured at Stacey's blog, A Sort of Fairytale / Blogger Home Tour Series. Click here to visitLink!


NanaDiana said...

Elyse, You always follow up on the inspirations you see and do the cutest things imaginable. I love your banner-it is gorgeous and I LOVE the sweet sailboat- xo Diana

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Cute Cute Cute! The bunting looks darling on your shed! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jill said...

Your bunting is so adorable. So smart to make it out of oilcloth too. I squeeled a little when I saw that cute scooter in front of your "beyond shabby shed"! I just purchased a vintage one for my garden a few weeks ago-- in robin's egg blue! I really like how you put the pots on yours. So glad that you were able to take a wee break from your work and make something fun just for you! Sounds like you've been working so hard on your book.

Lucille said...

Elyse, you move like lightning, don't you. Cute banners and I love that little sailboat!

Unknown said...

I guess you never know when inspiration will hit. Love the little boat. Gotta make one of those this summer with my munchkins!

vivian said...

I love those screeching to a halt inspirational moments! Especially when they dont involve a trip to the craft store!
such fun!!

Theresa said...

Beautiful creation:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Good morning crafting QUEEN! This post confirms it! Yup, we're twins separated at birth, Elyse! Nestling into poofed pillows with opened windows, a cup of coffee and a magazine only to be interrupted with the urgency to create something wonderful...been there! Love your colorful bunting, shed and collage! Cindy

Kit said...

Oh my you do make me smile! You have given me the banner bite. I will have to make myself one for my patio!! And I have to look for that magazine too! Kit

Sandi said...

Love your bunting and I would love to see that issue of Country Living. A local bookstore used to carry the British edition , but I have not seen it for quite a while. Bummer!!

Rustique Gal said...

EEK! I love that magazine, and I'm in the mood for bunting too! Your oilcloth ones are a far cry from my grocery bag and paper napkin ones! I love oilcloth. gotta get some. I'm going to try to decorate my paper ones up and put words on them. Wish me luck!

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Hi Elyse... Haven't visited in a while. I see you in lots of magazines and I love all your gorgeous photos. Guess I have some catching up to do on your blog... sheepish grin...

♥Rebecca in CT

koralee said...

love that magazine...i get it in my mailbox! Isn't bunting wonderful!? Love to you my friend...xoxo

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Hi Elyse

I love this magazine too the first copy I bought was the may edition 9 years ago and it inspired me in the style I decided to decorate my cottage, love your bunting, you can never have enough bunting!!!

Take care


Art and Sand said...

I love your bunting. I have that TJMaxx bag and bought it just because of the print. I made my bunting out of fabric and am sorry to say it is quickly fading. I think I will have to use your oilcloth idea.

Keeping It Cozy said...

I love the bunting on your darling shed. I'm visiting from A Sort of Fairytale and so happy to find your blog... beautiful home, lovely blog and looking forward to reading more!

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Hi Elyse~~ LOve your home. I am your latest follower and found you over at A Sort of Fairytale.

thistlewoodfarm said...

Visiting from Stacey's blog! I love your blog and all your ideas! What a fun bunting project. Thanks for the inspiration.


Erin said...

Squee!! Love how your bunting turned out, Elyse! Santa bought me a subscription to CLBE but we've been out of town so I haven't had a chance to read the current issue. Can't wait to sit down with it as it looks like a fabulous one!

Take care,
Carolina Country Living

Anonymous said...

Elyse I have had the urge to make a bunting and I love the idea of using oil cloth!! So durable and the color wouldn't fade!! They both look adorable and so festive!!

It's funny how intentions would say rest and read but when we find something the sparks the imagination we have to get up and try our hands at it. I have to do it right away or the idea will be forever gone 10 minutes later!! So many great but lost ideas in that head of mine!!

bee blessed

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello sweetie! Cute post. I do the same and do something that inspired me then back to where I was! Life is wonderful! You made yourself a very darling banner! Love you, Maryjane xox

Suz said...

Love that bunting. I think you need to have Tinkering Weekend. It sounds so much fun...low stress and lots of pleasant tinkering!

magenta ♥rot said...

Wonderful inspiration.
I really like your blog.

Jessica Rodarte said...

I just love that you see something, and do it.
It's beautiful.

Amy C said...

YEAAAHHHHHH for you - I love that magazine A LOT!
My Mum gets it and when I go to England to visit I always delight through all the pages - I'll have to tell her to watch out for YOU!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Adorable bunting and super CUTE sailboat!! Love spontaneous inspiring moments! :) xo,Jenn