Sunday, July 31, 2011

whip-up charm in a jiffy

When waiting for guests to arrive, do you ever do last minute puttering and fluffing? Well, that's what I was doing recently while watching for my sisters (think: puppy at window). I grabbed a pretty piece of blue gingham from Victoria that I had trimmed.

I began to snip and tie and within minutes had infused a little country charm into my dining room.

A little here ...

and a little there.

Which leads me to a summer breakfast favorite:
Corn blueberry muffins filled with strawberry preserves

{And these are as easy to whip-up as tying bows}

Good ol' Jiffy corn muffin mix {about fifty cents a box!}
1 egg*
1/3 cup milk**
1 cup fresh blueberries
1/2 cup strawberry preserves (tinkered or store-bought)
* I use Egg Beaters
**I use skim milk

Follow box directions
- Add blueberries; fold-in gently
- Fill muffins cups half-way (about 2 full tablespoons); add a nice dollop of preserves; add more batter to cover until muffin cups are 1/2 full
- Follow box for bake time
- Makes about 6 muffins

Jiffy offers a free recipe booklet. I just ordered one -- and look -- blue gingham!

{July really flew by in a jiffy, didn't it? Slow-down summer! Slow-down!}



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

love the blue gingham...and i REALLY LOVE the JIFFY box....

in the pantry here too !


happy to stop by
kary and teddy

Cassandra said...

Oh this is so sweet! It is amazing how a little sweet something here and there is often the perfect touch! :)

Victoria Hayden said...


Such a cute idea!! I love all the litte fluffing you did with the pretty blue and white fabric! The perfect little touch! I too am a Jiffy girl, I have a corn spoon bread I make with it and it is our families favorite!! Those blueberry muffins look so yummy...I will be trying this recipe! Thank you for sharing and so happy you you love the fabric! ;)

Hugs and love sweet friend,

Theresa said...

Hmmmm, would have never thought of using corn bread mix with blueberries and jam:) Thanks for the recipe!

Love the gingham ribbons! You made beauty in a jiffy for sure!

Have a blessed day dear Elyse, HUGS!

Jessica Rodarte said...

You whip-up charm like no other! What a great idea.
And, I am so making those corn muffins. They look easy peasy to make, and so yummy.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Elyse~
Love this recipe, yum! Have a fab day!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I have a blueberry corn muffin recipe that I make from scratch. Might have to think about topping it off next time with a bit of strawberry preserves. Guests or not, I need to be fluffing something, instead I continue to take it easy. The summer has just flown by. Have a great new week. Tammy

Unknown said...

super cute gingham on the light, great idea... and MUFFINS my favorite are Blueberry Muffins. We don't get Jiffy mix here in the UK, so anytime you want to post me some warm freashly made muffins..........if they get through customs! Kx

Sky said...

Too cute. LOVE gingham.

Anonymous said...

Loved your "think puppy at the window" comment when mentioning your sisters. Oh they are such a blessing! I got to spend a few days with my older sis last week- She is one of the big things I miss about moving to Colorado.

That recipe is so unusual I must try it!

bee blessed

{oc cottage} said...

Waaaaaaay too cute! Way!

m ^..^

NanaDiana said...

Just darling, Elyse! I love the little touches of gingham. And, I use Jiffy corn muffin mix all the time and doctor it up by adding sone sour cream and a small can of drained kernel corn in it. Soooo good! xo Diana

koralee said...

Adorable...I have done this before with my curtains...tied little blue ribbons on the rods.

Love the gingham. xoxo

hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

so adorable... i haven't fluffed in so long. mrs. c is putting me to shame this summer : (

Unknown said...

Elyse, I love your colors, and that touch of ribbon is always such a lovely thing. Thank you for the reminder about corn muffins, my favorite kind.

Happy Monday.


Creative Design said...

I love Jiffy Corn Muffin mix and I love your post today!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

That's what I'm saying, 'slow down summer'! My favorite season! I have always loved blue gingham. My favorite dress as a little girl was blue gingham. Thanks for the Jiffy infor. I Love the stuff! Have a nice week! Twyla

Stevie said...

Ooh goodness the blue gingham added such a sweet touch! YUM, I am going to have to try making the muffins. Happy August! xoxoxo

Erica said...


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Bring Pretty Back said...

Elyse- How sweet is that blue gingham! And so easy to do to add a little charm! I think JIFFY corn muffins are the BEST! I have tried other brands bit none are as good. I can't wait to try your recipe because to be truthful - I have always just made them as is!
Thank you for the recipe,
Have a PRETTY day!

Sugar Pink Boutique said...

I love the gingham ribbons that's a perfect touch you have such creative ideas! My Great Grandma, Grandma, Mom and I use Jiffy corn muffin mix. We love it it's the best one out there. I am drooling over your recipe and will be making those this weekend! Thank you so much for sharing!! Hugs, Jennifer xoxo

debi said...

No one can add a touch of sweet quite like you! Love it!

Katy Noelle said...

Oh, very, very, very clever you!

I have to confess that I love whipping up Jiffy muffin mixes for the boys in the morning. Homemade is fun but, it's hard to think about such things when the coffee hasn't 'sunk in', yet! ...and, as I'm typing this, I'm getting a little thrill. I haven't had a kitchen table for almost a year, now. It's been one project after another and, after the puppies, my kitchen floor where the table goes was 'done in' - disintegrating, no less! RIGHT NOW, my dear, sweet, beloved, wonderful, kind, hunk of a husband is laying down a new floor (temporary tiles but....NEW!) table!!! I'll have to make muffins to celebrate and, here, we've come 'round full circle! Rejoice with me, Elyse!!!!