Monday, December 21, 2009

you've got comments

If you have visited my blog a few times, you probably know that I love the movie You've Got Mail. What you might not know is that many times after watching the film I schedule a hair appointment and bring a print-out of Meg as Kathleen Kelly.

I should've worn a cardigan! (It's been a while since my hair was this short but I am liking the change and it takes less time to blow dry.) Anyway . . . Below you will find one of my favorite posts from last winter. Hope you don't mind the rerun.


the personality of the ornaments

Greetings from snowy Rhode Island! Saturday we took down our Christmas tree. My boys turned the somewhat daunting task into a game by sorting out their favorite ornaments. I did the same and realized that I am gathering quite a cute collection of little snowmen. Being a blogger, of course I had to take a quick break to snap some photos!

It's funny because looking at each snowman individually in these pictures, they seem to have their own personalities. This guy above looks very friendly: "Good to meet'cha!"

(Okay, I hope I am not sounding too crazy. Maybe I should've waited to do this post until after breakfast!)

mild mannered and welcoming

sweet and bashful

a nice kid


shy and would sound like winnie-the-pooh

a bit goofy but funny

Okay, time to eat! xo

[Original post date: 1/12/08]


Unknown said...

Elyse, you are a doll!! The hair style suits you so well :) It is funny because I got my hair cut on Friday. I was so upset because I had to get FOUR inches cut off!!!!! That is what I get for waiting to get a trim for so long, lol! I look terrible in short hair. You are so lucky to be able to pull it off so well :) Mine is to the middle of my back and takes forever to blow dry!

I love the post about the snowmen ornaments, just so adorable!!
Love ya,

Char said...

I came in to see what you have been up to, very busy lady I can see Elyse!! Merry Christmas to you sweetie and have a great New Year!! char

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

oh how cute! one of my all time favorite movies which i just watched...i adore meg ryan! i saw your title 'you've got comments' and was immediately drawn in:)
merry white christmas to you! hope your enjoying all that snow in RI!

caroline joy said...

Great movie -- she had great hair and clothes too! I love snowmen, and especially the one that would "sound like Winnie the Pooh". Too cute :)

Unknown said...

What a darling cut, Elyse. It shows off your eyes.

The snowmen are cute as can be ... it doesn't take much to realize all of a sudden a 'collection' has accrued quickly, does it.

Merry Christmas,
TTFN ~Marydon

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Love your new hair do. I bet it is easier to keep.
Your snowmen post is so cute. You have a great collection going.
Just stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas

Theresa said...

Elyse, You are a cutiepie! I love your hair and if I had not seen Meg Ryan first, I would have thought it was you:) I love that movie too! I so enjoyed your re-gift of the post! Sometimes they are just good enough to see twice! Have a blessed day!

Diva Kreszl said...

love the new hairdo...very cute and sassy! I've always loved that movie too and Meg Ryan is one of my favorites.

Claudia said...

How cute your haircut is! I love that movie - I just watched it the other day. I always want Meg Ryan's wardrobe, too! And her apartment, which is so, so wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Cute hair!

I love that movie as well. She is so cute! I often try to get Meg Ryan hair, but it is not the Kathleen Kelly style so much, I don't think. Besides my hair is super curly, so it never works like hers.

Erin :)

Hearts Turned said...

SUCH a cute haircut, Elyse--fits you perfectly! I love that movie--haven't seen it in a while--time to watch it again!

Your snowmen are adorable--hope you're having a wonderful Christmas week with your family!

Donna said...

I remember this post! I like it then, and I still do.
Merry Christmas,

stefanie said...

Love the new do!!!! Looks great on you!!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Elyse, I LOVE your new hair~cut! It's so cute and so are you! A very flattering picture! I know what you mean about You've Got Mail! I can watch that over and over! Remember we talked about Kathleen's "linen" dress and sweater?! We need to be on the hunt for that dress, or better yet, sew one! LOL! Get your sewing machine out again Elyse...I will look for the linen fabric!


Lisa said...

LOVE your hair! I cut mine short a few months ago and LOVE IT! Easy is not enough to describe!
LOVE You've got mail! I need that movie. I've been watching it a lot on tv lately.
I have snowmen #2 and #6!! I have a HUGE snowman collection. They are the best!!
Merry Christmas!
Hugs, Lisa

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Love the WTP one. Wherever did you get him?

Cute hair, btw.

Lisa xo

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Elyse; How cute are all those snowmen... each one looks like it has its own personality.. And! I love your hair cut how pretty you look...

Merry Christmas...


Barbara Jacksier said...

"You've got comments"... isn't that what we all adore? Well, I have two
1- Your hair looks super -very Meg!
2- Great ornaments and commentary.

cottage farm villa said...

Elyse.....your hair looks GREAT!!! I think short looks beautiful on you!!

I remember this post from last darn cute!

Unknown said...

Oh, that's cute! You are lucky that you look good in the hairdo of your hair "idol"! That's awesome.

You know what? I do think I remember that picture from last year? Has it been that long? OMGosh! LOL!

Merry Christmas!

aimee said...

i love the hair! i also love youve got mail :) it is just the cutest movie. great snowmen!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Elyse, you look so pretty! Love your hair. That was a great post from last year and I missed it the first time so thanks for the rerun! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Twyla

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Now that I'm in my 40's, I tend to keep my hair shorter too. I always loved Meg's short hairstyles and always refer to her when I go for a hair cut. I am doing the shaggy thing now as it is so easy to blow and go. I don't like hairstyles that take a lot of primping. Your little snowmen are adorable! All with such contrasting personalities! Wishing you a day of blessings :) Tammy

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Elyse, you look pretty with the new hairdo!..

Jen Kershner said...

Guess what? I do the same thing! I have Meg Ryan pics from all stages of hair that I save on my computer and take in with me. I'm so glad I have a friend that is equally crazy! That hairstyle looks GREAT on you! I watched the movie last night so hopefully I can resist the urge to cut my hair. Be strong, right?

Love your snowmen. They are a favorite of mine too!

Anonymous said...

Fav movie, and your haircut looks fantastic!
Love the little snowmen, and as I looked at each one, I came up with my own little name-the-personality guess before reading yours. I guessed pretty much the same as you - I may have actually dated some of these guys. :)
Have a Happy Day!

Unknown said...

Love your hair and love your snowmen. Happy holidays and A Merry Chistmas to you and yours,

Brenda Pruitt said...

I do like your new "do", Elyse! Very becoming!

Kimberly said...

CUTE HAIR!!!!! ( Meg and I have been friends since her as the world turns days )
I just love how your mind works even if it is before breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Love the 'do but I also L O V E that movie too....a nice one to pull out at Christmas time.

{oc cottage} said...

You would NEVER know that you had one kink in that hair of yours! It looks fab! Will you be changing your blog name to "The Blog Around The Corner"? ;}

m ^..^

Hudson Goods said...

Elyse, if you ever want to go the cafe from You've Got Mail where she is supposed to meet him, it's Lola's on West 83rd!