Wednesday, December 16, 2009

being a copy cath

Did you know that you can order fabric swatches for free at
Cath Kidston? GASP

I am still stuck on the way this table looks, wrapped like a present in cheery, durable oilcloth. Turns out, oilcloth can be a little pricey so I thought I'd see if Target had anything to play around with to try out a similar look. Good ol' Target: vinyl tablecloths for $5.99.

I trimmed the oblong tablecloth and wrapped my table top, securing the sides underneath with masking tape. What do you think?

For anyone noticing and wondering about the red plate in the background . . .

It holds what's left of our gingerbread house.
For I-Spy fans: Can you spot Rudolph's girlfriend Clarice?

Moving on . . .

M from Tales from an OC Cottage had the most amazing post about filling make-your-own ornaments with paper. I thought how this could make a lovely teacher's gift.

and added strips of scrapbooking paper and printed text in red and green.

It's fun to see how one idea can spark another. This happens all the time with blogging and it's just the coolest!



Sharon said...

The table is so cute, love her fabrics and the ornament is so sweet.
Great ideas!

Melinda said...

I tried to make the paper filled ornament but I didn't like the way it came out. Might of been that the ornament was too big maybe if used a smaller one I'd like it.


Connie said...

While perusing Joanns fabrics today with Love Bunny in tow I saw some plain ornaments, sugar. It was a toss up whether to buy them or not. I didn't because I have so many I'm not even using this year that I passed them up. HOWEVER, after Christmas sales may find me joyfully buying them to do something different, chickee! Darling idea.

Now, if you want to see a white, pink and roses Christmas tree, just pop over tomorrow and see mine. I think you'll love it. I am also showing how to make a tree topper such as you've probably never seen before, sweetpea.

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Unknown said...

I ♥ what you did with the table! It's darling! The ornament is so cute and festive with the scrapbook paper strips in it!
Merry CHristmas to you and yours!
~TattingChic ♥

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I just came in from Target. Wish I had seen your post before I went! You are so creative. My kids want to make a gingerbread house too. I'm hoping to talk them out of it, they are so trickky to stand up :-P

stefanie said...

cute teacher gift, I think they like when their gifts are handmade. Free swatches,oooooo

Stephenie said...

I love your table, it looks so cute.. I love the print on that table cloth.. i also like what you did with the ornaments...I like the colors of the paper you filled the ornament with.. Blogland really is such an inspiring place..

Unknown said...

Oh! I love your tablecloth, looks great! I love the ornament too, so pretty! Have a sweet day!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I love what you did to your table. How creative and pretty is this. I guess I need to get busy and dress up my place
Love your post

North West London Girl said...

The table cloth looks fabulous and at a great price too. Those baubles are tricky to make but you have inspired me to have another go. Merry Christmas x

LiLi M. said...

Yep that is one thing I like about blogland too! But the best part is making friends I think! Enjoy the holiday season!

Lori said...

your table looks great Elyse...i need one of those to put on my dining room table, that is where i create...and i have pretty much ruined it with glue blobs and xacto knife the ornament, cute idea to make them for teachers!!!

Theresa said...

Too cute, that table all wrapped up and pretty like a package! Love the Christmas ornament idea:) Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day dear Elyse!!!!!

Claudia said...

The table with the tablecloth added looks so cute and cheery - that Cath Kidston has such great ideas. Why don't we have a store here in the US?
I saw M's ornament (and swooned, being a big Jane Austen fan) - perfect idea for the teacher..where do you get the clear glass ornaments, if that doesn't sound too dumb?

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to tape the table cloth down, Elyse! I love that look, too! I don't think I've seen oil cloth in person but I do like the looks of it in Cath's catalog.

I thought about asking for those fabric swatches! I know I'll never order from her, though. COULD I justify it If I ordered them, made something and then hollered out CATH! on my blog, thus giving her possible customers??? ☺

Love your ornament with the colored words and paper! So cheerful. Somehow i missed that post by M. So many great posts by everyone this month! ♥

seblynnana said...

You are so crafty

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your table looks great! Love the teacher gift ornaments. Have never seen those types of ornaments to fill around here. Blessings, :) Tammy

Julie Harward said...


Anonymous said...

My head is spinning. Free fabric from Cath...And I love your oil cloth solution - very pretty...And Claice is hiding, cause I can't find her...and I LOVE the paper ornament idea - I put seed pods & dried hydrangea blossoms in mine, but the paper idea is brilliant!

Always so fun to visit you, Elyse!

The imPerfect Housewife said...

Great job with the table cover!! I saw Clarice peeking out - too cute. Those ornaments...I can even do that - way to go!!! What a totally great idea ~ ♥

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, I've got to order some of those swatches! I just received my catalog a week or so ago, and I love her stuff. Yes, we "spark" off one another all the time. And that's what makes blogging so very sweet! Your table looks wonderful!

Unknown said...

Hi Elyse!!
Oh I just LOVE what you did with your table!! It looks darling and so festive! Great job, you are so creative. I love those ornaments too and have some down stairs that I was going to do something similar with, only with beads and sheet music. I wish I had done it now, yours are so cute!!

We leave for Disney March 25th. I am so glad I booked the restaurants, per your advice because some were already filling up! Thank you so much again for that advice :)
Love ya,

debi said...

Oh Elyse! I LOVE your table! That looks so pretty! I'm looking around my house to see what I could do that on. LOL
And your ornaments...what an awesome idea for teacher gifts...or anybody gifts. I love it!
Merry Christmas to you and your gingerbread eating family!
Hugs, Debi

The Old Parsonage said...

Hi Elyse

Just popping in to wish you a marvelous Christmas!

Love CK! And your take on the tablecloth looks wonderful!


Natasha Burns said...

Love the table Elyse! I have an oilcloth tablecloth attached to our outdoor table under cover on our patio. Since it's an outdoor table, I first used double sided tape to hold it down underneath. but that didn't hold so well, so i just got the staple gun out. LOL!
If the masking tape doesn't hold so well, maybe you could use little flat round thumb tacks?
Love the paper filled ornaments! I just bought a few packets of those and wondered what I should put in them. I was thinking feathers but thought that was rather boring. Papers is a cool idea!

Miss Rhea said...

Your table looks great ! I too love her fabrics, they are so cheerful !! :)

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

such a cute table! love the ornament idea too...I have clear glass ornaments I haven't used up but now I know what to do with them!
a wonderful Christmas to you & yours Elyse!


maría cecilia said...

Elyse, I wish you and your family a very happy christmas, and may next year brings much happiness and blessings to you all.
Muchos cariños
Maria Cecilia

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Look at you clever Elyse! I love your Target tablecloth which looks so cute on your table! I thought it was from a magazine picture when I first looked at it!!! Loving the Cath YOU!

Love you my darling!

koralee said...

You are amazingly creative...this idea with the table cloth is so sweet. I love yours. Cute idea with the ornaments. Happy weekend to you my friend.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Your table turned out great! laurie

Unknown said...

The table looks fantastic! Yay, Target! Your house looks so lovely and inviting!

I love the paper filled ornament, too! I may have to copy Elyse!

{oc cottage} said...

And I see Bumble & Yukon Cornelius too! I have the whole set of plastic characters! HUGE part of my childhood!
Your ornie picture looks awesome! So bright! And HOW cheery did your ornie turn out! LOVE THAT!

m ^..^

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

Great ideas, I love the way the table looks. So sweet! I hope you have a very happy holiday!