Friday, January 16, 2009

A Fall Rerun

I still consider myself new to blogging. I created this blog and wrote my very first post in late August. I think it was the second day back to school for my boys. The whole concept of blogging came slowly to me: getting comments, leaving comments, adding links. Today I was reading some of my first posts and I enjoyed one in particular. Since it garnered 0 comments back in September, I thought it would be fun to re-run it. Here it is (with a few edits) ...

Working on an HGTV show in '95: Who knew?
I was searching through my box labeled "Old Photos" and found a stack of pictures that made me chuckle. Mostly underexposed, these "set photos" were taken with a disposable camera at the Connecticut home of Alexandra Stoddard, contemporary philosopher, author, interior designer and speaker. I was part of the crew that filmed her intro and closing segments for HGTV's Homes Across America.

This was back before I had cable TV and my Mom was describing my style as Early American Salvation Army. I operated the teleprompter and got to work closely with Alexandra. Her home was packed with beautiful pieces and she did things I'd never seen before, like hang mirrors outside and display paintings of all sizes in rows from ceiling to floor. Brilliant fresh flowers were everywhere!

When we would break for lunch and walk to a nearby restaurant by the water, Alexandra would have us fascinated with her fabulous stories which would include famous names and places. When I was on Oprah ... While Robert Redford was swimming at the hotel pool ...

Alexandra was always warm, encouraging and inspiring and at the end of each shooting week (there were two) she would sign one of her books and include a ribbon bookmark as a thank you gift to me.

The photos included in this post are not from the disposable camera but they are of the beautiful home in Connecticut she has created.


Anonymous said...

I have always loved her work. Grace notes were a favorite. I have a signed book by her. It was my birthday and I ordered it for myself. When it arrived, it was wrapped in the most delightful paper with a huge ribbon bow and personally autographed.

tam said...

Oh you lucky girl you! What a fun experience you had! That was really fun to read. I LOVE HGTV I am so hooked on all of the decorating and real estate shows drives my family crazzzzy! LoL!
Thanks for sharing that wonderful experience!
Have a nice weekend girl!!!~Smiles~Tam!

Lisa Marie said...

wow how exciting working for HGTV, that sounds like a fabulous job. That was really great read, thanks for the re post, hugs, Lisa

Connie said...

I recognized Alexandra Stoddards kitchen the minute I pulled you up, sweetpea. She is my favorite designer and all around "how to live" person! I even wrote her once and received a lovely postcard from her. She always returns correspondence.

Happy pink saturday, chickadee,

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I have always admired her. I bet it was fun to work with HGTV! Lovely to hear that she is as beautiful person in person as she seems!

Anonymous said...

hello... mi nombre es adryus te deje un meme en mi sitio pasa a recogerlo por
felicitaciones por tu blog... me encanto
besos y happy 2009

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

That was so great to read, I adore her style and have that book sitting in my bedroom on a coffee table! that must have been a thrill, how exciting! and that was too funny about what your Mom said too :) Im giggling! I had all my Moms "early American" furniture for so long :) and still have some pieces too! :) Thanks for sharing!

lol, We should start a "first post" party, hehe, I think I had zero comments too :) lol, or maybe one , and it was probably a mercy one from my Mother, LOL :)

well off to Micheal's now to stock up on some craft stuff! Have a great day sweetie! and thanks for my bookmark too! I have it in between the pages "nights in rodanthe" by Nicolas Sparks :) good book :)


Cathy said...

What a great post. You were so lucky to have worked with Alexandra. She has become quite famous!

Maybe they will be saying that about us one of these days! lol

Thank you for stopping by to send me well wishes on my birthday. It was a wonderful day.

xo Cathy

Libby Buttons said...

O I just found your blog. What a fabulous site! Going straight to your etsy shop now.

Wendy said...

How fun is that? I love HGTV! And Homes Across America is such a great show. (Glad to see this post getting some comments this time around). ;-)

Glitter & Bliss said...

How awesome are you? That is so wonderful. She is so talented, and I do believe that it takes a talented person to recognize talent. Rah!!! Rah!!! Rah!!! to you. :) We had so much fun at Dallas Market. I will post about it tomorrow. We have been home for 10 min., and I am pooped!!! Hugs to you... Leslie

Lori said...

geez Elyse, i had no idea you were rubbing shoulders with famous peeps:) great post!!!

zabrina said...

Great experience. Thanks for sharing that, I did not know about her work!!
Thanks for visiting my blog too!


Wow that is so interesting!! I didn/t know I was speaking with someone famous, LOL. That job must have been so much fun, a dream job!! I see you got alot more comments this time (;

Eli said...

Hi Elyse, I'm Elisabetta from Italy.
I enjoy a lot reading your blog. I love your Cottage and crafts. A blogger/friend of mine has just given me two awards and I have thought that would be nice to introduce myself passing them to you. If you wish you can find them at my blog or at
Have a nice week

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

I have all her books...pages highlighted and written on! I love her! How wonderful to have met her in person on the set! Wow, you are so cool Elyse! Thank you so much for the cute bookmark. You are such a sweet gal!



When you get a chance, stop by I have an award for ya (;

Glitter & Bliss said...

You are such a doll. I just read your sweet comment. I am so stressed, but very thankful for our little opportunity. I sent your necklace off this morning. Sis and I called it one of our favorites. It turned out really pretty. I loved making it for you. I hope you enjoy it!! Rah!!! Rah!!! Rah!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Oh wow! That must have been a wonderful experience.

Sarah said...

Thanks for refreshing my memory about her! I need to look up more of her homes!
Vintage Lily

Kathianne said...

I was inspired to see that when you first posted this article (and it was great!) you received 0 comments, but you reposted it and here I am making comment number 27! That is amazing- in a few short months you have gathered quite a following. That is inspirational to those of us who are just starting. And, it also shows how you are doing a wonderful job. Keep at it!