Friday, January 30, 2009

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Why yes, those binoculars are made from toilet paper rolls. Read on!

One spring as preschool was coming to a close, I thought, “What will my boys and I do all summer to keep busy and have fun?” Wanting to provide stimulating experiences without the expense of a formal program, I decided to start my own camp. Armed with a background in advertising and public relations, I was compelled to package the idea with a catchy name, a logo (note the "binoculars"), an itinerary, even a song! Over a power-lunch of burgers and milkshakes at a local restaurant, my boys and I decided we would name our venture Camp Cricket.

I wrote an article about how I went about creating this camp and other groups (including a winter afterschool club), and it is today's headline at titled: You Really Can Do-it-Yourself: Forming Camps and Clubs.

Visiting a local fire station

I'm thrilled about having this article posted today. I hope you will read it and that it will spark ideas for any of you with young children in your life.


As I was re-reading my post, I realized how similar some of this sounds to my newest adventure, Tinkered Treasures!


Anonymous said...

Toilet Paper roll binoculars rock!

Connie said...

Elyse my little cherub, thank you for the sweet comment! I put your little tinkered treasures logo on my post. Squeeeeeeal, it is a darling icon. I try to bring wit, humor and comedy to my whole life. You ought to live in this house for one day and I'd have ya in stitches, chickee. Just read tomorrow's pink saturday blog. I promise you will not be disappointed. If you are, I'll get ya a gift certificate to McDonalds. Just let me know, honey.......Hah.

XUE said...

how fun it must be, to attend a camp run by you!

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

What a wonderful thing to do for your are a super Mom....way to go...and I love the toiet paper binculars!!!!
Mo :-)

C. C. said...

Hi Elyse!

Neat-o on your camp! I am way too shy to do something like that! Thank you for your nice complement on my daughter's shoes. Yes, the boullion roses are done with an embroidery stitch. Somewhat fiddly to do, but a very lovely rose once you get the hang of it (especially when done with silk embroidery floss).

C. C.

Wendy said...

How fun! What a great thing you did! I bet your kiddos and all the others had a blast thanks to you!

Anonymous said...




ahh... camp cricket time


LaurieStar said...

Wow - a camp? Adventurous and amazing! I can't imagine all that energy involved - even t-shirts? Kudos to you! :)

Lori said...

Elyse, you sound like a wonderful mom...your camp idea is totally adorable...and i know all of the kiddos had lots of fun...

Amy C said...

wow totally awesome and inspiring - I bet the kids totally loved it.

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Oh that is so cute Elyse! you are so so so creative! and I bet you have the most fun doing it! what great little ideas and I'm sure the little ones loved it!!

Thanks for your sweetie pie comment :) you are a sweetie pie too! :) Have a fabulous day! I'm off to go see what's new in your Etsy shop! it looks gorgeous!

Hugs, Cyn

tam said...

How fun is that_very cool-congrats on that!~Smiles~Tam