Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gasp! Warmbiscuit.com

No school today for the boys which means a leisurely summer-vacation-kind-of-morning (so far, anyway ...) of sipping coffee and looking through my new Romantic Homes. On page 29 there is a photo which features very pretty fabric and thankfully its online resource: warmbiscuit.com. I had to get online and visit this site immediately. Even though I am a sewing-phobe, well, maybe more of a pattern-phobe (a fear I hope to conquer during school hours), these fabrics may just be the push I need to plan a simple project. The website also had lots of cute and cool d├Ęcor. A few fabric faves:

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Anonymous said...

If I were into fabric, I would probably gasp, too! Now get sewing, Lady!