Thursday, September 11, 2008

Working on an HGTV Show in '95: Who Knew?

I was searching through my box labeled "Old Photos" and found a stack of pictures that made me chuckle. Mostly underexposed, these "set photos" were taken with a disposable camera at the Connecticut home of Alexandra Stoddard. I was part of the crew that filmed her intro and closing segments for HGTV's Homes Across America. This was back before I had cable TV and my Mom was describing my style as Early American Salvation Army. I operated the teleprompter and got to work closely with Alexandra. Her home was packed with beautiful pieces and she did things I'd never seen before, like hang mirrors outside and display paintings of all sizes in rows. Brilliant fresh flowers were everywhere! She was always warm and inspiring and at the end of each shooting week (there were two) she would sign one of her books and include a ribbon bookmark as a thank you gift to me. The photos included are not from my blurry stack. Origins linked to the images. (How poetic!)

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