Sunday, April 26, 2020

let's make little drawers

Hello! I hope that everyone is doing well! The Sunday Let's Make series continues with a project from the Tinkering Archives.

When I first blogged about this tinkering endeavor, I named the project and blog post le petit tiroir – which very roughly translates to the little drawer in Google French.

You will need:
Small matchbox
Paper/fabric scraps
Ribbon, trimming

How to:
While the book outlines a series of five steps {click to enlarge image}, basically you are wrapping the outside cover of a matchbox with paper of fabric. You may also line the inside "drawer" with paper or fabric, and dot the "drawer" front with a flat bead or other embellishment. A large matchbox will also work.

This trio is part of the set created for my first book. I like to tie a piece of vintage seam binding into a bow and tuck something inside, like a sprig of millinery flowers; the top matchbox is adorned with one of my Nana's clip-on earrings.

I love how the matchboxes were styled and even landed the book cover.

Print-out little messages to tuck inside, especially if giving as part of a gift. The little drawers make nice boxes for gifting earrings...

or pretty beads and other tiny presents!

Other paper ideas:
Comic book
Gift wrap
Take-out menu
Magazine page
Scrapbook paper

Happy tinkering + please stay safe at home + well!


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