Saturday, March 21, 2020

let's make things


If this is your first visit, I'm Elyse. I started this blog, initially called "cottage" in August of 2008. At the time, this was the extent of social media for me but I took to blogging quickly as I thought of this space as my own little magazine – a place to share about the craft and DIY home projects I was doing and play at writing in what I called "magazine-ese" style (that succinct writing used in captions). Before long I had this lovely group of online friends near and far. We all found each other somehow, sharing our love for vintage cupcake ballerinas and floral prints. Soon with the encouragement of many, I was selling on Etsy, did a couple of craft fairs, and was submitting tutorial ideas and pitching stories to my favorite magazines. Once I saw my first piece in print – I had the bug, that publishing bug – and it hasn't let up since. Fast-forward, I have written two craft books, co-authored a book of IKEA hacks, have contributed many articles and projects to magazines, even made friends with some of the editors I idolize. Today, I'm the editor-in-chief of a family of Rhode Island magazines. So why all the exposition? I plan to begin blogging again and want to introduce myself. Now, more than ever, I think people want to create things and all of my projects have humble beginnings – a soup can, scraps of paper and fabric, leftover paint. Starting soon I will blog easy step-by-step projects. This isn't a fancy website, I'm not doing YouTube videos, I don't have any sponsors. It's just me, paper, scissors, and glue, hoping to share some creativity and beauty for your little corner of the world.


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