Sunday, March 22, 2020

let's decorate a tin can

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well! No need to read three to four paragraphs before we get started. Let's tinker a can! This is a project that I've been doing for a long time. It's simple and doesn't require many supplies and chances are good that you have an empty can just waiting in your recycling bin. Use your completed project to hold flowers, pencils, and more!

You will need:
Foam paint brush
Glue pen
Glue stick
Image on paper
Mod Podge
Tin can
This series is from my archives and is kind of backwards! 
Start at bottom-right, and keep going right until you get to the top-left.

Progresso soup cans are great for this project because they have flip-top lids which don't leave behind jagged edges. If you do use a can that required opening, be sure to hammer or tamp down sharp points or even cover them over with electrical tape. Make sure the can is clean and dry. I generally peel off labels and run through the dishwasher but a good soak and rinse should do the trick.

What kind of paint do you have? If you have acrylic craft paint or even leftover house interior paint, apply to the can exterior with a brush. If you're using spray paint, be sure to use outdoors on a still day. No paint? Wrap the can with paper! See Paper Collage variation further below.

I generally download or scan floral fabrics or wallpaper, then enlarge my favorite part, and print out. Next, carefully trim with scissors. Apply glue stick to the back of your cut-out and press on to the can. Seal image with a light coat or two of Mod Podge on a dry foam brush. Allow to dry. No patience for this part? Find a nice sticker.

Use a glue pen to draw fine lines where you will sprinkle glitter – one color at a time.


That time Matthew Mead photographed a tinkered can

The back cover of Tinkered Treasures

Paper collage variation

Happy tinkering + please stay safe at home + well!


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