Sunday, February 8, 2015

field trip: valentine workshop with matthew mead

"Do you mind if I take a photograph of the bathroom?"

Yup, I had to ask.

Yesterday my friend Nancy and I took a road trip to Matthew Mead's studio in New Hampshire to attend one of his Valentine's workshops and yes, even the bathroom was breathtaking.

Our project was the decoupage wall plate and the skill-level was just-right for encouraging lively conversation.
I would've been happy playing tic-tac-toe because the real treat for me was to see Matthew's studio and listen to stories from his brilliant career. I met Matthew and his wife Jenny once before over the summer when they were shooting and styling around Cape Cod.

Our hosts served the most beautifully presented array of snacks including this chocolate pretzel tart from his Autumn with Matthew Mead publication (2011).

I actually said, "Matthew Mead is serving us desserts from his books!" How crazy-awesome!

As you may know, Matthew was style editor of the much-loved CountryHome magazine. I told him about my very favorite issue which featured plastic chairs slip-covered in Annette Tatum fabrics on the cover and how it inspired my playing in the backyard blog post. Turns out that was all him and he still has the slipcovers!

Some of his collections were on display by color in open shelving, from giant bowls to the teeniest vessels in vibrant greens, yellows, white and glass.

See some beautiful styling up-close...
I found myself in awe not only in his talent but inspired by his relaxed, sincere and friendly demeanor.

And of course I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other workshop attendees and making my plate.

Look for Matthew's newest publication (featuring my friend Danielle) on newsstands soon and check-in with him on Facebook to learn about upcoming workshops and events.

While we crafted, Jenny prepared heart-shaped brownies for each of us to take home. So delicious.

Happy workshop alums!

 Oh, one more pic from the bathroom...


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