Thursday, January 17, 2013

GIDDYSPEAK spoken here

February 14 is a very big day for me. It is the day that my book is released. It is the day that I fly to London for the very first time.

As much as I look forward to these milestone events happening, I am really enjoying this glorious period of waiting and wondering which I have been referring to as "the engagement."

From my publisher CICO Books' Spring Catalogue

I can barely wrap my mind around any of this sometimes and so it's nice to have this magical time to ponder and plan. Whenever I begin to talk about these things, my voice begins pretty normal but then somehow raises into some kind of GIDDYSPEAK! {Clapping is also likely}

I will be taking this Girlie Trip with my oldest sister Betsy. It will be brief but sweet. We'll stay in LONDON with my good friend who is living there temporarily (unless of course I barricade myself in a CATH KIDSTON!) and I will get to meet all of the wonderful people at CICO Books! After a few days, Betsy and I will head to PARIS! (All CAPS indicates GIDDYSPEAK taking over).

And just like a bride-to-be might pour over wedding magazines as thick as telephone books, I have been gazing dreamily at books (the one shown was recommended by the fabulous Shelly of Drooz Studio) and making notes on the comprehensive list of AMAZING tips and must-sees from curator of beauty Jessica of Such Pretty Things.

Blogging connects us to the MOST WONDERFUL people!!!

Thank you to everyone who responded to the book review offer. I'm hoping that my first copy (or three?) will arrive ANY DAY NOW!

Are you the type who gets giddy at times? I certainly am.



debi said...

I don't know Elyse, if I had your calendar right now, I think I'd be past giddytalk and on to peeing my pants! I'm SO excited for you!!!

Lucille said...

So happy for you! Your hard work is paying off!

Heirloom treasures said...

Wow,hope you have a fabulous time. I certainly do get giddy and silly That's what us girls do :)

vivian said...

so exciting! I like the term Giddyspeak. I havent been overly excited about anything in a while, but when I do.. I think I may fall into some similar type of language.
enjoy this time of planning and anticipation!

Scrap for Joy said...

Sweet Elyse~ In the blog world, it is always interesting how we can feel so connected to "friends" we've never actually met in person. I have been reading your blog for several years and I have, in my craft studio, picture frames, decorated cans and clothes pins and lovely petit trois made by you. I pre-ordered Tinkered Treasures the day it was possible to do so and I have been in my little corner of Pittsburgh, PA cheering you on as you have been taking these giant leaps. You are incredibly talented and plucky and you have worked hard with your crafting and writing to arrive at this threshold. Now you're you have the opportunity to travel abroad (visiting the CK Mecca-squee!) and go on to more adventures. Bravo Elyse! You are a perfect example of someone who has dreamed a dream and worked hard to bring it to reality. We have never met but I am very happy for you and your accomplishments. I will be reading in Pittsburgh, silently cheering for you.

Anonymous said...

this is all so very exciting. you will LOVE cath kidston. take lots of money and extra bags ( can buy them in her shop). Paris is'll love that as well. Take lots and lots of photos!
Congratulations! said...

So happy for you - cannot wait to hear about your European adventure and get a copy of my own book!

Katy Noelle said...

Oh, Elyse.... I wish that I could say that I was giddy-giggling with you but, unfortunately, though it may cast a less than girly light on myself - I am giddy-guffawing with you! yup! Straight out laughter of joy! I was wondering what was up with all of the allusions to the Paris hotel on FB! I've missed a step somewhere but HOLY SMOKE! Not only is your book coming out but you are in for some serious fun, too! Oh, Elyse! Giddy-giggles and giddy-hugs - I would be clapping my hands and bobbing up and down with you if I wasn't typing! Love you and your sweet family!

What do the men think? How are they taking it all? Oh, I'm just laughing!!! My guys usually coolly raise one eyebrow and say, "that's nice, Mom!"

and, Elyse - it's all just looking beautiful! I'm so excited!!!


Kit said...

OMG!!! I am so thrilled for you. What an exciting time for you. You have done it! Congrats! Kit

Jeanne said...

I can only imagine how excited you are. I'm so happy you are taking time to enjoy the journey. I know how long you have wanted to write a book and get it published and here it is. You are truly an inspiration to all of us and proof that if you put your hopes and wishes out into the universe, they will come true, Enjoy and have a fun trip!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So, so thrilled for you Elyse!
As for the Paris kids gave it to me for Christmas, love it!

R's Rue said...

So excited for you!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness, Elyse!!! I'm giddy for you!!! Congratulations, sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

How very exciting!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! I'd be floating!
Have a wonderful time, Elyse!

Art and Sand said...

GIDDY speak is totally acceptable. The first (and only ) time I visited London and Paris, I had a stiff neck from twisting and turning and looking at everything.

Can't wait until I can get a copy.

Susan Shull said...

Giddyspeak spoken here, for sure! Have a wonderful time on your trip and with your book launch.

Unknown said...

How exciting Elyse. London, Paris...a dream. One that you deserve. I hope that you have a wonderful trip.

Can't wait to see your photos.


Anonymous said...

Oh elyse! I might would be jealous if I liked to travel! Ha!

I hope you'll have a wonderful trip and take lots of pics at Cath's store! ♥

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...

Hello Elyse,

It's going to be wonderful!
Congrats again in your book!

Can't wait to see it!


Unknown said... lucky girl!! I would love to take a trip to London and Paris. Congrats on your book...Like I've wrote before- I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Unknown said...

Elyse you are really so lucky to have such an amazing trip yo London and Paris. Also the title of your book made the people actually crazy to read that and no doubt that is a real treasure
for you :)