Thursday, September 27, 2012

of popsicle stick boxes and blogging

I've been meaning to publish a new post but generally blog at night and have just been too sleepy to figure out Blogger's new "improvements." Well, tonight I'm sleepy but determined so please bear with any formatting issues or rambling!

I actually thought it would be easy to re-run an old post but as I perused my archives I discovered something: This very week four years ago I wrote a post entitled Ooh La La: Popsicle Stick Boxes. In that single paragraph I shared my enjoyment of cobbling these little boxes, how I was about to be a first-time vendor at a craft show, and would anyone ever buy one of these things?

Four years later I am excitedly putting the finishing touches on a book I have written of over thirty-five craft projects (backstory here) of all types of things I adore tinkering, set to publish in February.

With blogging, you just never know what sort of untapped passion you might uncover or discover. Perhaps it's finding that you have a natural eye for styling, photographing, making things, decorating, writing, connecting with others, and countless other wonderful things.

The online landscape has changed dramatically since I first clicked the orange "publish" button. Back then there were no "mom bloggers" earning six-digit incomes, no Pinterest or tagging images, no Facebook -- just a platform where many of us logged-on to share and stumble upon like-minded individuals with whom we literally clicked, often becoming special, supportive (and longtime) friends.

To me, there is still nothing quite like blogging.

I wish you happy blogging, always



Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

These are so sweet. I love the forget-me-nots.

Tammy said...

Pretty amazing how so much has changed and how your creative life has flourished and blossomed through blogging. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Lorrie said...

Lovely post, Elise. Blogging has changed so much. So happy for your book deal.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

The popsicle stick box is darling. Congrats on your up-coming book!
Erica :)

Diane Mars said...

You've come along way baby! Hugs & Kisses to continued success~

lilybets said...

What a beautiful decorations,my favourites,I love roses !

Deborah said...

Gorgeous treasures, have a happy weekend sweetie :)

Bee happy x

Theresa said...

Sweet! I love blogging, it is my journal! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Hearts Turned said...

Beautifully said, Elyse...can't imagine NOT having the blogworld in my life anymore!

I'm so thrilled for you and your new book--can't wait to see it! Such a testament to having a dream and achieving it, my friend!

Wishing you a lovely tinkering day!


Anonymous said...

We've all grown so much through blogging!

Wish I could remember what post of yours I saw first... All I know for sure is that I've been visiting your blog for a long time and I've been inspired and entertained.

But most of all,I've been blessed to see your growth. ♥

Lucille said...

Your Popsicle box is adorable. I'm looking forward to your book!

It would be nice if you could remove the word verification process that we have to go through when commenting on your blog. It's very annoying and time consuming, especially when one comments on many blogs. You know, time is always a factor.

The plus factor for you is you would probably get more comments.

Many bloggers have removed it.

Katy Noelle said...

Your words are resonating with me and a very real way! Everything from the tiredness at night (LingOL!) to the meeting of friends with similar minds and interests on our blogs (something that I needed so badly!)

I've been cheering you on from this corner of the world - even though you don't hear from me, often - you're in my heart. So, here's one screaming fan! =]


Katy Noelle said...

and, it's just interesting.... you have been so much in my mind - last night and this morning. How funny to see a post form you pop up - yay! =]

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Elyse,
I can't wait to peruse your book. Is this book an ebook or will we get to touch it and turn the page after page? I'm so excited for you!
You're right about blogging, it has changed so quickly. I noticed some people are so busy posting on FB and Pinterest, they haven't posted on their blog for months. I love it all, though blog hopping is still my favorite.
warm hugs to you,
Wayna aka CreativeGrammie

Kit said...

You know when I saw the photo of the popsicle sticks, I just had to see what you were up to. That is why I love your blog. So many great projects! :) Kit

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

i am so looking forward to your book and am still cheerleading you alllllll of the way! and yes, there is something to be said about blogging...and i am so happy to know YOU through it all, too. i still smile when i look at the little birdhouse you made for me.


Sommerhusstil said...

Så fintttttttttttt :O) Klem Betina

koralee said...

I so love your blog and your creative ideas and am so happy for you ..just can't wait for your sweet book!

SLR said...

you are so right about blogging and it's many opportunities. i started my blog to connect with like minded others and never in my dreams did i think i would be published in anything...yet as you know, it's been happening! your popsicle boxes are darling as is everything you lay your hands on. so very excited about getting your book in my hands!!

SLR said...

p.s. photo shoot was today and went so well!

shabbyfufu said...

Oh I know....I do miss the good early days of blogging sometimes.


Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Thanks for your kind words about our painted sub floor stairway! Quick and cheap! Thinking about you A LOT lately and your book milestones. You're living the dream that I hope one day will be mine to live, too! Just don't know how to get started. How did you find a publisher? So much to consider and so much work, right? I hope all is well with you and your family as the weather gets colder and the holidays approach...