Sunday, August 12, 2012

camp tinker: picket fence vase

Well, Campers, with just weeks until school starts I want to post at least one more installment of my Camp Tinker blog post series. Today's easy-peasy project will be a Picket Fence Vase.

As usual, the supply list is short and the steps aim to be simple.

Begin with a tin can that is empty, clean and dry. The object is to cover the can with an even row of craft sticks. I found the best way to do this was to mark the can with zig-zags of glue, arrange sticks and then secure with an elastic band.

Once the glue has dried and all sticks are secure, gently remove the elastic and apply a coat (or two) of white paint to all visible areas of the craft sticks. Use any white paint you have on hand: craft, latex, or spray.

Allow paint to dry. Suggested activity: Make popcorn and watch the original version of The Parent Trap.

Once paint is completely dry, decorating may begin! Because I was modeling my can after a picket fence, I printed-out an image for reference.

My plan was to draw brambly rose bushes peeking in and out of "fence posts." I kept my design simple (curvy brown lines, leaves) and practiced on paper before marking the actual can.

If you plan to apply a coat of decoupage medium to seal your artwork afterward, be sure to only use permanent markers as any non-permanent markings will be brushed away. Believe me. :)

To finish my project I added paper rose embellishments in a nearly-random fashion, trying to mimic my picket fence photo.

If you make this or any of the projects from Camp Tinker, please feel free to share them on the Tinkered Treasures Facebook page.

{fill and enjoy!}

Happy continued summer, Campers!



Art and Sand said...

Too cute! And, what a great idea to watch the original Parent Trap. Both movies featured great houses.

Heirloom treasures said...

Oh I so love this,as soon as I get the sticks I will be trying it.

Shannon said...

Too cute and I love that movie. It's been too long since the last time I saw it. I might have to buy that so my girls can watch it soon ;)

lilybets said...

This is a gorgeus project,it looks lovely!

Nany said...

wow.....Dear Elyse....oh Lord thanks for your blog and pretty inspiration you ALWAYS give....I'm seriously(again) my craft area....trying to keep materials as possible in baskets and cans...but my...spray paint fly away and no more $$$ til here it is ...your excellent inspiration....thanks again...big hugs from sunny Puerto Rico

Anonymous said...

So cute and easy! Thanks, Elyse!!

Theresa said...

So cute! I will try this with the Grandkids:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Hearts Turned said...

What fun, Elyse! Adorable summer project...and your movie-watching suggestion was perfection! (Love that movie!)

Hope your last weeks of summer are glorious, dear friend!


stefanie said...

sooooooo sweet!

Kit said...

So clever and you are right the original Parent Trap! Love Brian Keith. :) Kit

Anonymous said...

How cute...thinking this would be a good project for kids to make for Mother's Day.
I absolutely love the original Parent fact, I watched it this weekend since I saved it on DVR...ha, ha and the girl made a popsicle lamp.

Vicki said...

Hi, Elyse, my friend,
Such a cute project and easy, too! Thank you for sharing this great idea. I love the original Parent Trap by the way, and Pollyanna is another favorite. Have a happy, delightful day~Vicki

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Cute crafts and the original Parent Trap...I'll be right over!

Anonymous said...

Oh Elyse...I adore this project. you are such an inspiration.

thanks for sharing. Now...i know I have some craftsticks around here somewhere!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Unknown said...

Very cute idea!!

janice15 said...

I just love this is just too cute, going to give it a try...Janice

SLR said...

darling! you re always just so darn should write a book...oops you already are ;)

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