Saturday, October 10, 2009

treats and treasures

Thank you so very much to everyone who left a comment on my recent post, sewdown at the ol' cottage. I truly appreciate the support, advice, laughs, sharing, offers, links, and understanding about my patternphobia and reluctance.

I am happy to report that I have a project in mind and hope to get sewing (gulp) this week. I will be sure to keep you posted!

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This week I sent a Pay-it-Forward gift to Beth at THE imPERFECT HOUSEWIFE. She has such an easy-going and cute blog: sweet and full of easy recipes and fun.

After assembling Beth's little bag of treats I thought: something like this would be nice for my Etsy shop. So I gathered goodies for another little bag.

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I decided to name this item Treasures and the bag is filled with small treats like cabochons and beads, vintage trimming, scraps of paper, a small bunch of millinery flowers and some blank tags. Kind of like receiving a swap package. It was very fun to put together and so I plan on making more.

You know how I love packaging!

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I also sneaked in making some tags. I am new to tag-making but they're a great, small project and a nice way to use odds and ends. This was my first time using black glitter. Ooh la la!

About a month or so ago, Debi at Life in my Studio, and I discovered that we share the same birthday. When Debi asked if I'd like to do a birthday swap, you can easily guess my excited reply!

Of course, I had to create a button:

Illustration: Joan Walsh Anglund

Over the weekend, I am also hoping to do some apple picking, baking and raking. Let's hope the fickle New England weather cooperates. (Did I mention mountains of laundry to do, too?)

Happy weekend!



debi said...

Elyse, I thought for sure by now, you'd have something wonderful all sewn and ready to show us. hehe!
Can't wait to see what you're going to create.
I love your new Treasures bags...that's just the kind of thing I love to buy when I visit Etsy.
And your Halloween tags are adorable. I'm going to have to get me some black glitter. That looks so fun!
Hope you're having a great weekend.
Hugs, Debi

p.s. I'll be sending your package veeerrrrry sooooon!

luckygirlgifts said...

Congratulations to Beth!!
I love the little treasure bags.
Good luck with the sewing, and the laundry LOL!!
Have a super Sunday,
Cari b.

Julie Harward said...

I'll bet it's pretty there, have fun raking. Your tags are so cute and the packages too. How fun to share the birthday! Can't wait to see what you make with the new sewing machine!
Come say hi :D

Melinda said...


Very cute "treasures" nifty idea for a quick gift. Hope your weather is wamer than ours here in Kansas.
Have a nice Sunday!


Barbara Jean said...

fun package and great idea.
Maybe i could borrow that idea for my store?

Barbara jean

PS Sure wish i could make cute blog buttons like yours.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Elyse~Looove the cute tags. Youre so creative coming up with those little treasure bags and of course the birthday button. Now dont you worry a bit about that darn sewing machine if it bites you just unplug it! That'll show 'em whos boss. JK. No worries. Try something super easy like a pillow first. And remember were all rooting for you!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Elyse, your "pay it forward" gift is so sweet. I will go over and visit her blog.

Stay Cozy, Carrie

LiLi M. said...

I love the idea of such a sweet surprise bag and what a great idea to do the 'we share the same birthday swap', cute button! I love Joan Walsh Anglund, she evokes so many happy memories. My bff, who is my bff for over 45 (gulp!) years now, had a very small plantholder, flowerpot, I don't know the exact name you call it, of Joan, so cute, in her girls' room many many years ago. Thanks for such a pleasant post again! Have a nice Sunday and keep your laundry to Monday! Official laundryday here in the Netherlands±

Anonymous said...

Hi, Elyse! ♥

Your treat bags look like lots of little bits of sweet, girly fun! And how fun to share a birthday with another blogger! Cute button you made. I had seen it before and wondered WHEN your birthday is????

Be brave and fearless concerning the sewing! You can do it!

Theresa said...

You create such beauty! The bags and the tags are too cute! Have a blessed day:)

Unknown said...

Hello Elyse
Your friend Beth is a lucky one!!!
You send a pretty "Treasures" bag, and of course your tags are gorgeous.

Cottage Flair said...

The kits are great ... and packaged so nicely. I bet they will do well. I love little bits and pieces. I have to say I really enjoy your blog posts and photos.

Sandi said...

Oh Elyse. Such pretty goodies bags! I too love the little details such as packaging etc. Happy sewing!

Claudia said...

That swap is going to be full of treasures, I'm sure. Your "Treasures" bag is so sweet - I have first-hand knowledge of the kinds of treats in store for someone who buys one!

I have to rake, clean, clean, and clean again. My sister is coming to visit for a few days this week!


Lisa said...

Elyse, you have been a little whirlwind! I love the sweet goody bags and your darling tags. So cute!

Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Oh no, cleaning!!! We are back to finishing the basement now that harvest is mostly done. There is white drywall dust everywhere AND mounds of laundry. Yikes. I love the creations, by the way.

stefanie said...

cute treasures for your shop!!! hope you are having a wonderful weekend

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Elyse, I'm so grateful to have received all my goodies in the mail! They arrived Friday, but I waited until I had a block of time to gently unwrap every piece of PINK tissue paper and take it all in! My daughter can attest to this. She couldn't understand why and how I could wait to open each little package! I'm honored to receive some of your sweet tags (Love the black netting on the witch's apron and the glitter on her hat. . . great little details) My tinkered PINK soup can will stay on my desk next to my PINK lap top so I think of you each day! I can't wait to put all my PINK pens and pencils in the sweet tin! Thanks so much. I know you already received your mouse pad, but your other goodies should arrive this week. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Hi Sweetie!
Good luck with your sewing venture! I know it will be perfect and I look forward to seeing it!

I love the idea of the goodie packs! I am always on the lookout for more supplies :) I love your tags too, so cute!!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Floss said...

Oh, what a lovely little bag of treasure that would be! I can't wait to see what you sew...

Vicki/Jake said...

Kinda new to you and love what I see! You're a very talented Lady and I'll for sure be back to see what you're sewing machine did...

Whistle while you work (O:

Lori said...

Elyse, your little "treasures" bag is so cute!!! i love little bits of things like that gathered and placed on a pretty looks really sweet...i can't wait to see what you stitch up!!! oh, love your tags too...i just recently bought some black glitter and i love how it looks!!!

The imPerfect Housewife said...

Total freak-out here on my part. Number one, I LOVE my little treasures that you sent! It just dawned on I supposed to make something with it and then pass it on??? Oh do tell. Also, I'm doing a post in a couple days on Joan Walsh Anglund - what a coinkidink!!! She's my favorite ~ ahh great minds think alike. ♥

Lisa said...

So when is the big birthday! I have Birthday cards waiting for you two sweeties!! Your new stuff is just great! I will run right over and look!
Good luck sewing!
Hugs, Lisa said...

Wow I love your first attempt at card making, well done. I got my new Janome yetsrerday for my birthday.....I had to laugh as I thought of your last post when I opened it up.

icandy... said...

Oh my, Elyse!
Precious treasures... is that an old Hansel and Gretal illustration on those tags? How cute~ Beth is such a lucky recipient of such a sweet package!!
Happy day!

{oc cottage} said...

Can't wait to see what you will sew!!!
Lots of fun "Kathleen" skirts to go with your flats!!

m ^..^

RR said...

thankyou for taking the time to visit my blog,im so pleased you like my bunnies!i have been inundated with custom orders so my shops a little lacking =(
im getting on with some christmas inspired bunnies soon which i am very excited about!

i absolutely adore those treasure bags!simply gorgeous!

hope your having a lovely day


Unknown said...

Your little bag of "treats" is just too pretty!!

:) T

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you understand that I'm just getting around to catching up on blogs...

PLEASE, call me/email me about your plans. I'm DYING to know what you are doing.

And for support, too! I know a little bit about sewing...



Cathy said...

Elyse, What great little "treasures" packages. And... I'm loving those new tags.

I also think the birthday idea swap is awesome. I would love to do a birthday swap. Hmmm, going to have to find someone who has my same birthday. Great idea.

xo Cath

koralee said...

All your items are lovely! Thanks for reminding me I have to put a few packages together for a pay it forward too...I am off to visit your shop and so excited to do so! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

I love your "treasures" bags and the idea of paying it forward is always wonderful. Your packaging is sublime! I'd have a hard time opening the goodies for fear of wrecking the lovely package.

Congrats, btw, on your Facebook feature! I'll have to go check it out. I think you are wise to not dive into FB. Between my blog, FB, Twitter, Flickr and my websites, I find it hard to create new products!

The Old Parsonage said...

Hi Elyse

I love the tags - the glitter is wonderful! And a Happy Birthday to you my friend!


Amy C said...

whaoo, I can't wait to see you project..........