Sunday, July 12, 2009

color my world

Last month artist Karen Harvey Cox had a giveaway at her blog, A Scrapbook of Inspiration. The prize was an original watercolor of the flower of your choice.

I did not win.

In Karen's post declaring the winner, she relayed the sweet custom started when her daughters were small of giving the girls not celebrating a birthday an unbirthday gift on their sisters' special day.

Karen then surprised us non-winners by offering to paint a mini watercolor of our favorite flower as an "ungiveaway gift." Another amazing tale of generosity and creativity in blogland.

I wrote to Karen and told her that I love her paintings of flower boxes because they look so happy.

Karen painted a watercolor of my plate garden and literally-named Shabby Shed. I have never received anything like this in my life. Hand painted ... for me ... of something I adore!

In her card to me Karen wrote, "I know nothing happier than your garden." My gosh, I am touched, awed, moved. Boy, I'm so happy I took up blogging. I can't imagine receiving this kind of heartfelt connection from ... golf! Just teasing, golfers

Karen also has a lovely shop on Etsy where you can buy her beautiful watercolors. Here are two favorites:

I am now on the quest for the perfect frame for my original watercolor, about 5.5" x 7.5". I am imagining reclaimed chippy wood and have been doing searches online and onland (HomeGoods, TJ Maxx). If you have any ideas, suggestions or links, please send!

Wishing you a happy unbirthday today.


note: added 7/12
I just ordered this frame from Fragment Freaks. It's an 8x10 and I will use/make a matte! Thank you for the great suggestions and Amy also for the ringing endorsement of Fragment Freaks. My 1st Ebay purchase!


Coloradolady said...

THis is amazing. Oh, how I love this and she is right, your garden is very happy!! I love it.

LiLi M. said...

ooh how special! Made for you of one of your places and made as beautiful as only Karen can do! How awesome! I won a pink begonias watercolor at Karen's blog last year, so I know that in real life her art work is even much more beautiful. Something to cherish forever! Compliments to Karen!

Lisa said...

Oh How very Lovely! You are lucky! And I agree you garden is HAPPY!! I know you enjoy it!! Your sweet pic will just be the perfect thing in your sweet cottage! Enjoy! If I see any frames I'll be sure to let you know!
Hugs, Lisa

Lori said...

oh, Elyse!!! i can picture you doing a happy dance when this came in the mail...that was SUCH a sweet and generous thing that Karen did...truly amazing really...she captured your shed and flowers beautifully...what a gift from the heart!!!

Unknown said...

Oh Elyse,
What a wonderful wonderful post you have created. I am so glad that you liked it. Your tribute is incredible, how nice. Nicer still I received your pink package in the mail yesterday. OMG Elyse, I don't think I have ever received such a thankful gesture. I love it!

Thank you again. It was my pleasure. I continue to paint away. I just got up to the Hollyhocks. There's tons more to paint, but I am enjoying every moment.

Maybe you should create one of your shabby chic frames for the painting. I love your frames.


Unknown said...

OH ELYSE!!!!!!!!! THat is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! And it must mean so much to you, I love it! How sweet of Karen.

This is my FARORITE place to by frames!!!!!
The best shabby frames ever!!

Love ya sweetie,

Unknown said...

BUY frames I mean, geez, you would think I could type THAT word right, LOL!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

This link is a little easier :)

Unknown said...

You could do an 8x10 and matte it will some pretty paper :)

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh my, Elyse! What a precious gift Karen gave you! What a sweet of a heart she has...kinda reminds me of someone else I know, YOU! Blessings come full circle! What a beautiful picture Karen painted! What talent!


stefanie said...

wow, how generous of her, its beautiful, and i know you'll apreciate it for along time.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I love your sweet painting by Karen! I was one of the lucky ungiveaway winners too! I just posted a picture of mine. Karen is such a wonderful person!

Bethany said...

Lucky you. That is the neatest thing. She did such a lovely job too of capturing your little plate garden. What a treat. Really perfect. WOW!

The imPerfect Housewife said...

That was your gift and you WEREN'T the winner??? Is that just the sweetest thing in the world?? Homemade gifts - does it get any better than that?? Very cool ~

Claudia said...

Oh, you will treasure this I am sure! What a lovely and thoughtful gesture on Karen's part. And your plate garden and shed are so beautiful they are the perfect subject!

Unknown said...

Oh, how awesome to get a watercolor from Karen! I love her blog! She does the most amazing work! I think it was so generous of her to paint for those of us who didn't win, too! You painting is lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Elyse! Since this is an odd size frame have you thought about getting artist frames you assemble available in AC Moore and Michaels; in the wood section they have smaller size wood appliques you could add if you wanted the shabby chic look to dress it up. then you could paint/distress it yourself? Just a thought. I'll be on the lookout for this size frame since I seem to live in all the stores!lol Adorable painting too!!!! Sincerely, Jeannette (makes me want to get out my watercolor supplies and paint again!)

Anonymous said...

When I saw the painting, I remember your plate garden on your previous post. I think it's beautiful and very sweet too :-) This will be a nice, special addition to your home.

(Also, I read about your painting in the rain. It's really neat seeing what results the rain will create on those colors)

{oc cottage} said...

That painting is too cute!!!! WOW! What a treasure!

m ^..^

Angie Acapella said...

Some folks are just amazing! How very thoughful of her to bless you like that! If we all were this loving and giving, wouldn't the world be a much nicer place to live?

Unknown said...

WHoohoo!!!! Elyse, I LOVE that frame!! It is PERFECT! Fragment Freaks frames are so perfectly shabby, I have them hanging on my walls and just love them! I also love eBay! So glad I could help! I cannot wait to see your finished painting, I know it will be gorgeous!!

Love ya,

Karen Valentine said...

Just one more reason to make me think our community of bloggers are some of the most generous wonderful women in the world!!! What a fabulous gift!!!!

My Desert Cottage

Brenda Pruitt said...

It's beautiful! And what a treasure to be able to look at both in different forms! I checked out that site. What a unique place!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

You are one blessed girl, Elyse! I love your original watercolor! Charming! I must admit I'm looking forward to seeing what adorable setting you come up with using the Vintage Cottage sign you purchased from me. I have a custom tea towel order thanks to YOU and your creative pink swap post!

Kathi said...

Gorgeous painting! Great artist!

Anita said...

What a beautiful little watercolor! And great choice of frame! Thanks for your advice on adding vintage wallpaper or something to the back of my window! Great idea!!!

Lisa said...

What an amazing artist and what an amazing gift! I know you were thrilled!

shabbyscraps said...

This is oh so very special. I can se why you resaure it so!
xoxo, TIffany

Unknown said...

so beautiful, what a talented lady! Thanks for entering the drawing on Aged Vintage papier... Although I could not publish the comment because you need to also put a link of your favorite item for the donators website. Please hop on over again and re-enter. Hurry it ends tomorrow :-)
Have a wonderful day

Amy Sutter said...

oops, here is the blog to re-enter (for the comment above from Amy)

debi said...

What a perfect thing to have a painting of...I just love your plate garden!

Kim-Fille de Fleur said...

Elyse, Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I was happy to see you blog often and will be adding you to my list of favorites ( I still have not figured this out!) I loved your blog before but what made it over the top for me was when you were talking about the flower shop and the monkey appeared in the middle of everything! FUNNY
Love you and your blog. I am going to take some time with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and read you from the beginning! I can not wait! Thanks for sharing your life and perspective!

Rue said...

Hi Elyse :)

What a beautiful painting! Karen is one of the most generous and talented gals in Blogland :)

The frame is perfect for it!


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

What a wonderful prize. I loved the photo of your little building and now to have a watercolor of it is so special. Great frame, too.

AP Mommy said...

Wow that is amazingly well done and the frame will complement it nicely!

cottage farm villa said...


I have missed so much lately, unable to visit. This watercolor of your paint garden is absolutely wonderful!! How excited you must have been to receive this!!