Wednesday, August 30, 2017

in pursuit of pip studio

Through international blogging friendships I've discovered all kinds of beautiful decor lines across the sea. There's Cabbages & Roses and Cath Kidston in the UK, Greengate in Denmark, Tilda in Norway, and Pip Studio in The Netherlands, among others.
My sister Betsy and I occasionally spot random Pip Studio products at HomeGoods: paper napkins, a tin tray, small porcelain bowls, all with the tell-tale vivid color combos, thin patterned borders, and over-sized motifs of birds and flowers. 

But alas, we're at the mercy of HomeGoods' limited and sporadic offerings, and shipping from the Pip website is around 57 Euros making it rather cost-prohibitive, even for a rationalized indulgence. Every now and then Betsy would say to me, "Imagine going to Amsterdam? To Pip Studio?"

Well, yadda yadda yadda, Betsy, our sister Dede and I, just returned from a whirlwind trip to Amsterdam. And guess what? There's no physical location of Pip Studio! A department store called De Bijenkorf in the main square of the city is the exclusive carrier and so of course, that's where we headed on Day 1.

We arrived in Amsterdam so excited but tired having ventured from plane to train to taxi to our hotel after a red-eye flight from Newark on zero sleep. 

Here I am, dressed in layers for hot, cold and anything in between. Our room wouldn't be available for hours and so we three sisters decided to trek to De Bijenkorf! We were tired, warm, and a little cranky, and when we make our way up the escalator to the Pip Studio display, we were underwhelmed by the porcelain-only selection. 

Around the corner there were also robes and duvet covers. Punch line: I don't wear a robe and am not a fan of duvet covers. No wallpaper or towels or quilts. Boo hoo.

We kind of shook our heads and had a chuckle and wearily walked back to the hotel to rest before heading to the Van Gogh Museum (quite an aggressive agenda). 

A few days later, we were well-rested and ready to revisit De Bijenkorf!

With a fresh set of eyes, we reconciled that the Pip Studio display sufficed. Betsy (center) didn't quite need the space in her suitcase as planned but she and I both bought a few special pieces. 

While we didn't find the Pip wares of our dreams, we did embark on an international trip that would make our parents proud. We navigated trams and cabs, took a canal cruise, enjoyed a half-day tour of the countryside, and so much more! It was a fabulous trip that I'll never forget. You can find many photos on my Instagram page but below are some favorites of the 500 I snapped! Top to bottom (captions isn't working properly): 1) There are bikes all over Amsterdam and shops that sell decorative bells and seat covers; 2) My favorite shop Juffrouw Splinter; 3) The salon/cafe of 't hotel where we stayed; 4) and the hotel exterior at dusk; 5) The windmills at Zaanse Schans 6) glossy-green exteriors in the area; 7) A narrow path in Voldendam; 8) Typical canal view; 9) Souvenirs! 10) Childhood fave Miffy aka Ninjte; 11) My souvenirs; 12) Flowers drying above and fresh varieties below at Bloemenmarkt.

Thank you for reading! Wishing you happy adventures and Pip Studio sightings at a HomeGoods near you!



kristen said...

I love Pip Studio. I have some of their bedding and china. I would be sad too if there was not a big selection somewhere in Amsterdam. Fun trip though.

Theresa said...

I'll be on the lookout, local of course:) Enjoy your day dear Elyse, HUGS!

Ruffles and Roses said...

Elyse ! wonderful you got to go to Amsterdam OMG lucky sisters you are
thanks for the envious post
hugs Lorraine

Kit said...

I just loved all the photos! Gorgeous. Glad you had a good trip. :) Kit