Thursday, December 17, 2015

cozy cocoa reads + makes

It's December and Winter hasn't quite shown up for the party but when it does, I'll be ready, craftily speaking anyway.

Along with hot cocoa, scissors and glue (and maybe a sweet treat or two), courtesy of RPS/CICO Books, I have three new books that are sure to keep me happy as a clam with their inspiring images and enjoyable text. Join me for cups of cocoa and cookies and I'll share some pretty peeks of all three!

Whenever I pick up Winter Living the word sumptuous comes to mind. There are pages that are as lush and luxurious as others are pared-down and simple. Selina Lake's sixth book is an inspirational guide to styling and decorating your home for winter. Sections cover a range of styles, colorways, and sensibilities but they all have her imprint, like the pink candle shown above, which to me is such a Selina-pink.

Once again, Selina has teamed-up with photographer Debi Treloar and the results are stunning. As always, the prolific stylist shares design tips, project ideas, and pleasant musings written in her sitting-right-there-with-you conversational style.

Who else would think to soften metal bistro chairs with faux fur or use sparklers to light up a table in the dark of winter?!

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If you are as smitten as I am with minty-fresh folkloric patterns, you are sure to enjoy Sew Scandinavian by Kajsa Kinsella. Before you jump into making a Dala horse or lingonberry motif, Kajsa sets the creative stage with tales and stories from her Swedish origins.

Like my first two books, Sew Scandinavian is published by CICO Books and follows a similar format of 35 projects with step-by-step images and snappy text. Even a sew-a-phobe like me is considering digging out a needle and thread for some of the simpler projects like these tiny Matchbox Pets!

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Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint® Workbook: A Practical Guide to Mixing Color and Making Style Choices is a journal divided into themed chapters. The ASCPWAPGTMCAMSC (aka Workbook) offers a sturdy spiral-bound place to scribble ideas. My favorite part is the pocketed card dividers which are perfect for keeping project clippings, swatches, even receipts, at the ready and organized.

The book also features tips and inspiration pics from Annie. The Workbook is a handy resource that will not only spark ideas but keep the process well-documented.

Winter Living, Selina Lake (RPS); Sew Scandinavian, Kajsa Kinsella; and
Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint Workbook (CICO Books)

Find all of these great titles at all good booksellers.

Okay, time for a hot cocoa refill.

Thank you for reading and happy tinkering!



Theresa said...

Scoot over... I am coming over for some hot chocolate:) Sounds so cozy in your home and I could have a wonderful time going thru your stack of books! Enjoy your day dear Elyse, BIG HUGS!

Kit said...

The books look wonderful! Lots of great ideas and the photos are lovely. :) Kit

Erin @ Belated Bloomer said...

These books and your cocoa look so scrumptious, Elyse! That Scandinavian Sews is particularly intriguing; and anything Selina Lake and Debi Treloar do is top notch. Thanks for sharing as I definitely didn't know Selina had a new book out! Merry Christmas and make your days be filled with lots of hot cocoa. ;)

Diane Mars said...

Elyse, Oh yes the "Queen of Christmas" added so much happiness to what was and has been a kinda
sucky Holiday... starting to feel a bit better but wow never really had such a terrible sad feeling like the one I felt having to put Charlie down. So very special & thoughtful eeeek she is so sweet.. I love her facial features and her hair is just perfect.. Thank you sweet friend~ Happy Holidays

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I have a stack of Christmas magazines still to read but thought I'd catch up on some of my favorite blogs this morning! How fun to have spent and evening with Karen and to have your own crafting night in such a beautiful setting! Hoping you had a sweet Christmas and all the very best for happiness and new dreams to come true for 2016!



Drew Watts said...

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