Monday, May 5, 2014

souvenir love

Ship and heart-shaped box from Hilton Head, small square box from Cape Cod
I have always adored junky souvenir shops. My sisters still laugh about how as a young girl, I could enter a store with less than a quarter and still exit triumphantly with a purchase. And my boys know that I'm always a sucker for say, a Viewmaster-type toy that displays the main attractions of a tourist destination or a bottle containing shells, even a shark or gator tooth!

In my glory, Harbour Town, SC
My family and I just returned from visiting Hilton Head and Bluffton, South Carolina with a day trip to Savannah, Georgia. Forever the tinkerer with the heart of a nine year-old carrying a credit card, I found myself on a continuous quest for inspiration in ordinary and kitchsy stuff.

Who doesn't love receiving a post card weeks after you're home!
A coastal fave: T shirts to wear whilst tinkering
Back in the Day Bakery topped my list of Savannah must-sees but we nearly missed going as they closed at 5:00 p.m. (that day) and we lost track of time after a :90 trolley tour of the city. Dejected and lost at 4:55 p.m. my husband responded with, "Call and ask if they'll stay open for you to stop in! Tell them you're coming from Rhode Island!" So, I did and they did! In a whirlwind my sister-in-law Laura and I dashed in, bought cupcakes and cookies, a tea towel and a copy of owners Cheryl and Griffith Day's scrumptious book. I noticed the Days sitting at a sunny table and asked if they could please sign a copy (while I presented them with a gift of Seaside Tinkered Treasures). Boy, those treats were delicious and what a charming shop. What a BEAUTIFUL city!

Best souvenir!

Doesn't this unused/requested bag make a great bookmark? Souvenir times two!

Pretty packaging as souvenirs
Getting back to "the junk" -- I do like a good snow globe. Assembling this post I realized that mine are scattered throughout the house. I should change that.

I generally prefer glitter to white snow but that's not a fixed rule!
When I visited London, I wanted the small impulse buys from Cath Kidston found along the counter near the register.
An eraser or "rubber"
From Paris, a small Eiffel Tower was a must but post cards, a hotel business card, extra Metro tickets and snips of ribbon also came home.

Collage of a batch of projects prior to shipping to publisher
Seaside Tinkered Treasures was inspired by this love of souvenirs and many projects in this book are things I remember from childhood but can't quite find today, like the shell dolls on the cover.

 And just like those adored trinkets from childhood, makes won't cost much and are perfect for remembering special moments, wherever they take place.

Now, where's that miniature Liberty Bell? (Me and my sister Betsy)


Swanky Salvage Decor said...

I also love seaside souvenirs, especially if they involve shells. I found a darling shell doll just last week at an estate sale that I posted on my blog. I also have several shell boxes that I treasure. I love the cookbook that you got. I'll bet there are some wonderful recipes in there, and cool that you were able to get them to sign it for you!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Love this post!
Fond memories of summers on the cape and strolling through shops and getting to pick one little trinket was so exciting, still is!
A favorite is a little doll my friend brought me back from Alaska, I'll have to send you a photo some time!

Theresa said...

Savannah is one of my favorite places to visit and where my Granddaughter will be going to College:) Love your trinkets! I am a trinket shopper too! Have a blessed day dear Elyse, HUGS!

Into Vintage said...

Savannah is a wonderful place -- haven't been in years but would love to see it again. I too have a weakness for (kitschy) souvenirs. And baked goods! xo

Deborah said...

I love bringing back holiday souvenirs too :) and like you say they are also full of inspiration!
Have a happy weekend :)

Bee happy x

Terri said...

You must go to Long Beach, Washington! There is a big souvenir shop there that sells shell dolls!