Thursday, January 30, 2014

seaside tinkered treasures: details and review copy info

I have one advance copy of seaside tinkered treasures in my hands and I have to tell you that it's beautiful! When you entrust your work in the extraordinarily capable hands at CICO Books, how could the result not be brilliant? After all, they publish Rachel Ashwell's books.

As soon as I wrapped Book 1 aka "Baby Girl" aka tinkered treasures, I began working on projects for a follow-up. I didn't know any better than to wait and was still in full tinker mode so why not? I knew from the get-go that I wanted projects to have a seaside theme and began working out ideas through a series of Camp Tinker blog posts.

At first I began creating in what I referred to as a "palette of feisty citrus hues" but I missed my "signature" faded pastels and floral motifs.

pre-shipped projects
So I returned to the colors and prints that make my heart sing!

Toward the final set of deadlines, I needed to tinker nearly non-stop and set-up a six foot table in my bedroom. (What a patient and supportive hubby!)

After the making came the writing. I asked stylist-author-hero Selina Lake, who I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with in London last February, if she would provide the foreword and she did! She wrote the loveliest text and is preparing for the release of her fifth book Outdoor Living in addition to the re-releases of her other books in paperback and different languages. Visit Selina's blog for all the swoonable deets.

seaside tinkered treasures is now available for pre-order at "all good booksellers" and will be released this March. My publisher is currently seeking blogs to be part of an online book tour. If you are interested, email for consideration to receive a review copy.

feel free to share with print and online editors
As with book 1, seaside tinkered treasures aka "baby sister" has an extensive suppliers list that includes many favorite brick-and-mortar and blogger-owned online shops.

To say that I am thrilled with book 2 is an understatement. I hope you will enjoy it, too!



Diane Mars said...

Congratulations, I cannot wait to see Book #2 you sure are a hardworking Mama, now lets hit best sellers list!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Elyse! Love the striped hut! ♥

NanaDiana said...

Congrats on your second "baby" Elyse! I am so excited for you. You so deserve this!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So exciting and seeing seaside now is helping get through the cold!

Theresa said...

I know it is amazing just like the first one:). Can't wait!!! Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!

Unknown said...

So exciting! Congrats!

Danielle said...

Yay, Elyse! I'm soooo pleased for you. As you know, I'm a beach girl at heart so can't wait to get my hands on a copy of your new baby! x