Saturday, April 24, 2010

the bedroom post

For me, every room make-over begins with a spark of inspiration, usually from a magazine. During the entire decorating process I almost need to look at an ultimate inspiration photo daily over breakfast. I feel like a toddler who wants their favorite board book read to them over and over.

Page 36 of Cottage Style (Country Collectibles #56) became that daily picture for me. The "a bit of british" section written by Christina Strutt features photos from her latest book, At Home with Country. I even splurged on purchasing a pillow case and laundry bag from Christina's shop, Cabbages & Roses. {Thank you to my online customers for making that possible with your purchases!}

Here is how my bedroom looked before. I knew I wanted to brighten the space and paint the unfinished armoire.

And something had to be done about the clunky upstairs computer area.

In an earlier bedroom post I mentioned my original plan of using Benjamin Moore's Navajo White but a Home Depot ad about paint and primer in one intrigued me so I went with their close-match of Artist Canvas by Behr.

Tinkered Tip: I found Behr Premium Plus Ultra (paint+primer) to be easy enough to use. However, it goes on very thin. I used nearly 3 gallons to complete the room and that surprised me because I generally have a very light hand when applying paint.

Boy, was this ever an awkward room to paint. Grooves, low walls, slopes, and I had the big idea to fit-in painting the armoire while the room was tarped.

I gave the armoire a sloppy coat of Cherries Jubilee by Glidden. Looked a bit scary but I trusted my plan.


Days before I had GASPED over a pretty valance at the home of Whimsy by Victoria featured at Restyled Home. I went bonkers over the fabric and asked my amazingly talented friend Shellie if she could please sew a valance for me. I then contacted Victoria who sweetly and quickly provided me with info about the fabric, which I ordered from Quilt Home. So while I was painting, my Shellie was sewing. Excellent customer service from Quilt Home, by the way.

In between coats of interior paint, I was outside at the picnic table spray-painting hardware. This was a very Decorating Cents type of low-budget makeover: the best kind!

Two days later the room was painted and dry, Shellie had delivered my valance, even my order from Cabbages & Roses had arrived. Time to rethink the furniture arrangement, which included moving the big desk to the dumpster (!), moving the bed across the room, and bringing the Girlie Office desk upstairs.

My new bedroom!
The boys think it feels like they're at a hotel. (Me, too!)

I rubbed the corners of the armoire with a candle while it was red, then painted over it using the Artist Canvas of the walls, sanding here and there for a distressed look. The wax kept the new coat from totally adhering, making it easy to sand away and reveal the red underneath.

I spray-painted the pulls white but then decided the piece needed a pop of red. My bistro chair from Target's garden section.

White spray paint has almost magical powers.

We moved the armoire and painted the back of it to serve as a short wall, which now creates a little nook for the desk.

I still haven't found just the right quilt so I reversed the one already on the bed to it's white backing.

Thank you for hanging on through this long post.

As you can see I still haven't finished painting the door. Just one more coat to go. And yep, there's the boys' room, which I plan to post about next.

Happy weekend!



Theresa said...

Oh what a lovely room! You did a great job with it, love the creative nook addition. The red is perfect. Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Alison said...

Wow -- amazing re-do! I love the way it came out, and what a stroke of genius to distress the armoire the way you did. Love it!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

SCREAMING! I scream a lot when I come to visit you darling Elyse! You did a WoNdErFuL job on your master bedroom! It doesn't even look like the same room! So bright, cozy and cheerful! Now that is so clever what you did using the armoire as a wall! It made a little computer room for you! How lovely Elyse! I continue to be inspired by you! Your talents and sweet spirit are so uplifting! Your cottage is going to make print in no time! Congrates on all that is coming your way!


myletterstoemily said...

well done! the placement of the armoire
was brilliant. how did you ever think of

my plan for our downstairs bedrooms is
very similar to your lovely one. thank you
for the added inspiration!!!

Pearl said...

Amazing transformation I really like it. The colors are just great and how light and cheery you made it. Good job!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Love what you did Elyse, the room looks beautiful!

Lisa said...

A great transformation, Elyse! Your new valance is so pretty...I love the fabric! You created the sweetest study area. I love your armoire wall.:) Well done!
PS Thanks for the painting tip.

Glitter & Bliss said...

Love it!! I love the little nook area you created. What a great idea. Have a great weekend!!


WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a wonderful room all your (and your friends) hard work has produced. Love the simple colour scheme. Right up my street.

Diane Mars said...

You did a great job everything looks just perfect! And what a nice feeling to transform your bedroom. I bet you wake up in a very happy mood! Hugs, Diane

{oc cottage} said...

Well, Marty Stew's got nothing on you, Tink! LOVE IT! And your armoire...tres bitchen! Redriont!!!{that is my verification word and how fortuitous as it means "She is sassy and really rocks that red" in Esperanto! ;}

m ^..^

Katy Noelle said...

It looks so bright and fresh and pretty. Hoooooray! I love a good makeover. Red is so cheery in a bedroom - all of my British cottagey blogs have red comforters, pillows, curtains, etc.. Somehow, I just can't ever seem to do it myself; so, I just have to gasp and adore and live vicariously through you guys. btw, I'm the exact same about pictures and magazines and being glued to them in the morning to keep me going on my own projects. Congratulations on a job well done, eh?

Love, Katy

Anonymous said...

Love your fabric choices & the valance Shellie made! The room looks fantastic - you've done a beautiful job, Elyse! Yay!!!

GerryART said...

Elyse, you've worked wonders.
I'd book your room in a minute, if it were a hotel! ! !

Lorrie said...

Your room is cozy and pretty. I'm in the midst of redoing mine as well. In fact I'm on the computer waiting for the first coat of trim paint to dry.

That fabric is truly lovely. Glad you could find it.

It's me said...

wOWWWWWWWWW !! Elyse ..............this is so beautiful done !! i like it so much !!!

Thanks for share !

Happy sunny sunday....hugs from Ria

Tammy @ said...

Such a PRETTY ROOM! You really captured the feel of your inspiration room. The fabric is gorgeous and I just LOVE how you used the armoire to create an office nook!!! Beatiful job!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful! Great job, Elyse! ♥

Brenda Pruitt said...

What a wonderful idea to make "a wall" with the armoire. Served its purpose and with so much creativity! This is a room I would enjoy cozying up in!

Anonymous said...

Knew it would be so good when you revealed your room! Sure nuf, I was right!

Love how you positioned the armoire and the painting technique with red peaking through. The fabric for the valance is divine!! Love your yard long print above the desk too!

The paint colors - everything- just perfect! You did it again friend!

Used to love to watch Decorating Cents! Is that still on? (oops giving away that I don't watch tv anymore!- wish you could get some of the show on you tube or something though!)

You've been staring at the inspiration page- now I bet you sit in your new room and just stare at it- I would!

bee blessed

dalesdreams said...

Looks fabulous! :)

Prudence said...

WOW! what a transformation! It looks beautiful. You really do know what I've just done. Your project was huge.
great job.

Lisa said...

Oh my! You have been super super busy!! I love it!! But it is red and white which are my thing!! I was just showing Mom your article in the new Romantic Homes! It is fun to see you in a magazine!! Thanks for all your great ideas you share!!
Hugs, Lisa

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Youre case you forgot!Love ya Tinker,only you would include your morning cheerios and make it look tres chic!

Bethany said...

Wow Elyse,
This was so fun.
Sorry I haven't been around. Wow, you've been a busy girl. Love everything you did, esp the little nook. Everything looks fantastic.
Bed and Breakfast all the way.


Your bedroom looks so pretty, what a big difference from the before pic's!!

Angie Acapella said...

I can't believe the transformation! Red and white is my favorite and the fabrics you picked out were just lovely. And I would have never thought to turn that armoire sideways to give you that little office nook! So clever! Great makeover.

Beedeebabee said...

Oh I just love it Elyse! The creamy new walls and that valance Shellie made are just beautiful, plus I love, love, love, your new little nook. Everything!!! You did such a beautiful job! xo Paulette ;)

Dumpster Decorators said...

Your ceiling is fabulous, the white looks great.

Claudia said...

It is an amazing transformation, Elyse. You did such a great job - seeing the before and after photos really makes it hit home.

Do you sit in bed at night looking around the room with a smile on your face?

Are you still using the girly office?


stefanie said...

you just made your bedroom larger and the ceiling turned out bright and cherrie!!!

Melinda said...

Wow -- you are a busy one! I wished I could get fired up about painting!

Looks great!


Caroline said...

I love your bedroom makeover! You did an awesome job. Great idea to put the armoire in that position.

debi said...

Oh, I love the way your bedroom turned out! So much brighter and more open feeling. LOVE the touches of red, and your valance is gorgeous!
You did a great job on the armoire too!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

oh Elyse! its Darlin!!!! Everythings about it! it is better than a hotel room!!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a lovely transformation. Love what you did with the armoire. Everything looks so bright and cheerful and oh so welcoming after a long day. That little bistro chair might be my favorite. It just makes me smile! You've given me a great idea for an armoire of mine I want to paint black, but now I think the red undercoat with the wax would be even better.

VA Boutique said...

Oh this is such a lovely room, you have done such a pretty job.
I absolutely love the idea of the armoire being moved to create a little nook for the study area. Fab!

Terri said...

Elyse, you did a fabulous job painting this room! I would never have thought to paint the ceiling white. It opened up the whole room. you definitely have a nack for redecorating. Have a beautiful Sunday. Terri

koralee said... have been so busy...I love all your ideas my dear..your grade today is an A++...can I come stay? xoxo

Unknown said...

It looks perfect Elyse!! I love the armoire so mch! And the pops of red in the room are so cottage perfect!! Great job. I just did a post on creating nooks and crannies, so I love what you did with the computer area!! So perfect!!!
Congratulations on a job well done!! Cant wait to see the boys room!!

Polish family said...

That's a pleasure to look at :) Beautiful! Best greetings from Polish family :) Magda with Lusia and Arthur.

Jen Kershner said...

I love me a good before and after post and this one did not disappoint. You did an amazing job! I bet you want to be in there all the time now. I know that's how I am after I redo a room.

Kim-Fille de Fleur said...

Elise, You did a great Job! Very clean and cottage fresh. I love the new furniture placement too! Good tips about painting I never heard that candle wax tip! After all these years of painting too.........
Thanks for stopping by to read my little saga, I had never gotten so personal before and the response was really nice. I am glad you got your little treat I can not wait to see what you do with it, I know you will put it all to good use and create a tinkered masterpiece!
Kim said...

I feel your pain, painting all those grooves in the ceiling!! But wow, totally worth it. How pretty!

(love the nook too!)

Amy C said...

WOW and WOW and WOOOOOW again, I love what you did, what a transformation, it looks so light and airy and such a great place to hang out.
I do love white walls it makes everything seem so spacious and its always so fun to add colors and patterns to white.
Pure awesomeness!!

Ana said...

Hi Elyse,
Your room turned out beautifully...Love all the touches of red and love the idea of using the armoire as a wall to create a little office space. Clever! Enjoy your new room. Have a wonderful new week.

Hugs and Kisses,

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your bedroom is definitely brighter and so lovely! I saw p. 36 in the Cottage Style magazine (which unbelievably I actually found in this corner of the world) and immediately thought of you -- and that was weeks ago. Love how you created a cozy little nook for your computer area. Look forward to seeing the boys room. That's definitely on my list of things to do. Have a great week. :) Tammy

Lori said...

that looks totally gorgeous Elyse...i love how light and bright your bedroom looks did a wonderful job!!!

Hearts Turned said...

Love your room, Elyse! Looks so dreamy and restful! Way to go finding perfect inspiration!

Hope you're having a wonderful day! said...

It looks a treasure Elyse. I love the white paint everywhere.

Rustique Gal said...

Elyse, So pretty! Isn't it amazing what paint can do? I love your new arrangement too. Enjoy!

Natasha Burns said...

eeeek!!! i want to come sleep in there!!!! can i please, rockstar?! xo

luckygirlgifts said...

I love your new room. It totally looks like a hotel room.
You are awesome.
Have a lovely week,
Cari b.

Unknown said...

What a lovely room Elyse,

You did a beautiful job with this room. Such a pleasure to have a new bedroom.


shabbyfufu said...

Just beautiful Elyse! You made the room so bright and cheery for sure. As for paint, I am a diehard Benjamin Moore user. I just don't find the store brands at Home Depot and Lowes to be as covering or lasting and they seem thinner? ~xo~ Janet

Pieces of Dreams said...

How wonderful, Elyse! Everything looks so wonderful. Love the white revealing the red and those adorable curtains...Much better than a hotel!!! Great Job, Karen

Bethany said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I will definitely be back to visit your sweet blog and etsy shop.

Deb said...

I just love it Elyse, you did an awesome job! Love the valance and now it is my inspiration for my bathroom pretty!

Sky said...

One word. Lovely!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

WOAHHHHHhhh!! Looks so super FAB!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my've been one very busy girlie....I love the boys' room and yours too! So fresh and yummy. I love the re-do results....not so much the DOING...but don't you just want to lean on the door jamb and admire your work? LOVELY...


Carrie Ann Eddleman said...

Your bedroom is lovely, what a great job. I love how you used the armoir to give yourself a private little office nook. I'm a new follower, can't wait to see more. Take Care, Carrie

Elle Jay Bee said...

Gorgeous, simply beautiful! Very Cath Kidston-esque. Well done!!


Nishant said...

Oh what a lovely room!
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Victoria Hayden said...

It turned out beautiful!! I love all the fabrics, patterns and colors you used! I am so happy you were able to find the the valance! Great job Elyse!!


hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

that is the cutest cottage room ever... i love how your beds in your home are tucked beneath the eves... so cute!