Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Before and After

In late October, I added a post and a poll (Vote 4 Vanity) so that my fellow bloggerettes could help me decide which colors to paint a vanity table. Turned out it was a three-way tie between white, pale aqua, and stripes. Well, I finally got around to painting the table. Thank you for all of your input. I went with all three!

While the paint can was still open, I figured I'd paint a picture frame to match the table.

Some "shabbified" details.

Putting together a little cottage vignette.


Glitter & Bliss said...

I love your transformation!! You did an awesome job. I also love Rhode Island. I have wonderful friends that live there, and I visit as often as I can. You are a lucky girl to live around such beauty. Speaking of beauty, I also love your blog!!
Leslie from Oklahoma

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Elyse,

First off , that is GOR-GE-OUS!!

and second, im cracking myself up, because I wish it was for sale, lol !!! Its almost like everything you make fits perfect in my house :) I'll have to commission you to come to Long Island and re-paint all my stuff with your style and talents :)

Absolutely beautiful Elyse!! I adore the use of the stripes and the rose details are stunning and oh so cottagey too! and of course, the color is amazing too!!

Great work!! xox

~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

Anonymous said...

I am wondering where all of the "warehouse" goods went to? Can you help me with that trick at my house!!??

tam said...

I LOVE IT!!! I think you have mastered the cottage style!

Tracey said...

super cute!

I love it!!

Anonymous said...


This is awesome! I love what you have wrought!!!

Noticing a particular book in the vignette! :)

Bethany said...

This is gorgeous!
I could've sworn I wrote you a whole long response on your button entry or maybe it was another post?, but I don't see it now.
Did you get it or am I losing my mind?

cherry said...

I am so happy when I get to meet a new bloggy friend! You have such lovely eye candy here..and I can see you love to craft and decorate as much as I do! I will be back! cherry

Connie said...

Honey, I actually sucked in my breath when I saw your latest creation!! That's stunning and I'm lovin' it. I may do that to SOMETHING in this house, sweet chick.....

Tracey said...

Thank you soooo much for your sweet comments on my ragamuffin chandy! I used white rick rack, red sheer ribbon (50% Christmas ribbon!), and then 3 or 4 different printed cotton fabrics.....one of them is an old shirt my husband used to wear!! I used stretch cord (jewelry dept) and tied the strips of fabric that I cut with the pinking shears on it-the shorter the strips the poofier it will be. I am working on the big light fixture now and it is turning out divine!! Blue and brown!! Can't wait to show you guys!!


Raspberry Lemonade said...

Thank you for stopping by Raspberry Lemonade. Wow it's wierd I was just thinking of looking for bloggers who transform junk- back to life. After finding them I wanted to post shout outs, so that bloggers could get some ideas, for the holiday gifting. If you don't mind can I start with your Before and After post? Also I'll be grabbing your button! Please feel free to add me to your blog roll!

Liz Harrell said...

Totally adorable.

Squawkfox said...

Sooo pretty and delicate. Did you use painter's tape to get the stripes? Very creative.

Bee Haven Bev said...

Hello Elyse...I happened upon your blog through a friend. I truly enjoyed my visit. You have such a gift for transforming treasures. I will be back for more visits!!

Anonymous said...

I love it Elyse! The colors and stripes and crackle! 'Lovely'!
xo Roberta

Sugar Bear said...

Oh wow! It really came out great. I love the distressing.

Amy C said...

wow - it looks so fantastic, I think the frame is great too - beautiful blue.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hi Eleyse,
Thanks for stopping by the Shabby Art Boutique and leaving a comment.

Love your table re-do...it's so pretty.

Elise said...

First of all, I LOVE your name!! My mom almost put a "Y" in my name, but stuck with "I" instead. Oh, and your home is gorgeous!!


I am totally in love with the table!! You made it perfectly cottage!! Now what can I paint like that LOL.

Elise said...

Hey again!! I am sometimes called Lisie(never sure how to spell it), but not by family. One of my old roommates called me that and now my husband will sometimes call me Lisie. My family's nickname for me is Pooh, Pooh Bear, Pooh Doodle, etc. When I was a baby it was Little Elf Ears.
It seems our name is coming into vogue. I have seen more people having babies now and calling them Elise. Oh, and PB has had it in their catalog.

VA Boutique said...

Oh it looks absolutely beautiful, I love what you have done with it.

Betsy said...

What an amazing transformation. Love teh cottage look but the husband is not in to it.

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I love your solution to the three way tie. That was a happy accident because it looks so interesting. Very feminine, but not overly sweet, if that makes sense. I'm glad you posted to FFF...I just became a follower. :)

Kammy said...

Hello ~
That table turned out stinking cute !
Good job - I love stripes !

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Darling! The shape and colors and details are perfect.

Shannon said...

Very pretty. I love to color combo, it came together nicely. The table didnt really look that bad before, but looks like it has so much more of a purpose now.