Monday, October 27, 2008

Following Up

Here is some follow-up to a couple of my recent posts. First, the three dark blue mirrors (10/20: Mirror, Mirror . . . Mirror) have lightened up a bit. As you can see, two have been painted pink, stenciled and slightly glittered. The other has been painted in layers, distressed, and can be used for notes or photos with the addition of two clothespins.

And what about the sign that I made as a gift and then couldn't part with? (10/16: Trash to Tinkered Treasure) Thank you to everyone who voted for me to keep it for myself. I was going to, too, but have decided that today I will surprise my friend with it. (Hope she likes it!)


Anonymous said...

Will those mirrors be at the snowflake bazaar?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how those dramas would play out. Now I can sleep again! At least you have those nice mirrors to console you over the loss of the sign.

But what is this "Snowflake Bazaar?"

Elyse said...

thanks for asking! yes -- the mirrors will be for sale, and fmt -- i have added information about the bazaar. thanks loyal commentors! :)

Anonymous said...

Gostei da idéia do espelho que tambem pode ser um porta retrato.

I like the idea of the mirror that can also be a door portrait.